Habits That We All Do In The Home, But Don’t Know Why!

Our homes are the perfect place for us to relax and feel safe. You are surrounded by people you love and people who know you better than anyone, so you don’t have to put up your guard or be someone else. You can be exactly who you want to be, namely yourself. For the most part, that is amazing. After all, if we cannot relax we will soon burn out. Yet, it leads us to be too comfortable, so we do things we normally wouldn’t in public. Why? I have no idea, and I am sure you don’t either!

Sing in The Shower

Anytime I am in the bathroom, I get the urge to belt out a tune. Sometimes, I don’t even like the song I am singing, I just sing it because I am in the bathroom! If I was in any other room in the house, I wouldn’t think twice about keeping my mouth shut tight. But, in the bathroom, singing becomes an impulse and for some strange reason I love it. On a list of 100 awesome bathroom habits, singing would be my number one.

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Dance While Hoovering

No, just me?! Be honest, we all love to have a boogie while we drag the vacuum around the house. There is something about having the Hoover in hand that turns us into the late Patrick Swayze, and before you know it the hips are out of control! Once the vacuum stops and the hoovering is over, we revert back to our normal self and act as if nothing has happened. But, for ten minutes of every day, we let our hips rule our heads and it is amazing. Even if it is a little odd!


Read on The Toilet

The toilet is not meant for reading, so why do we insist on taking a good book to the bathroom? For some people, the only time they get for themselves is in the bathroom and they want to make the most of it. For others, they cannot put their book down and take it anywhere and everywhere. Whatever the reason, the end result is still the same.

Eat in Bed

Okay, this one might be for us men, but girls you should give it a go because it is amazing! Most women won’t understand why men love a good snack in bed, and for good reason: we men don’t have much of a clue either. Personally, I could not be more comfortable than when I am in bed enjoying a sandwich. The TV’s on, the covers are warm and toasty, and the pillows are light and fluffy. What more could you want when you have something to eat?

Walk Around Naked

no one is home, having some ‘me’ time without any clothes is liberating. Still, you never have the urge to drop your pants at any other time in the day, so why do it when as soon as the front door shuts? That is one of life’s many mysteries. What isn’t, however, is how good it feels!

Judging by the habits above, maybe some of us get too comfortable at home!

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