Doing The Plank: The Benefits Of Choosing Wood Flooring

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There is a perennial decorating favorite of many interior designers, and that is opting for wood flooring over other materials. Wood flooring guaranteed a feeling of space and adds a timeless quality to each room you use it in. Today we’re going to take a look at the benefits of choosing wood flooring for your house.

1.)  Timeless and Durable

One of the great benefits of choosing wood flooring is that it will always look classic. Whether you opt for light or dark gray, natural browns or deep mochas, the look when laid is ageless. The material is also durable meaning your flooring will last for decades. Over a number of years, carpet gets tired and worn. But wood just gets better with age.

2.) Aesthetically Pleasing

We’ve already talked about the timeless quality of wood flooring, but let’s go one step further and say how aesthetically pleasing it is. For example, if you take a look at engineered timber flooring by Carpet One you’ll see how all the different color choices can bring a stylish look to your house. Wood floors work well in period style homes but equally as well in rustic cottages It can add character to each and every room. Wood can give a hip edge to industrial style homes and lofts and add a contemporary feel to traditional homes. It gives a boutique hotel style feel to bedrooms and a classic feel to kitchens. They look super chic in bathrooms and just as elegant in living areas.

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3.)  Hygienic and Easy To Clean

Wood flooring is a good choice in the home if you have pets or share your space with allergy sufferers, Carpet can trap in dust mites, dander, and dust. Whereas wood flooring is much more hygienic. It also eliminates any of the odors that carpet traps. Simply give your wood floor a polish and your whole room will smell fresh. This type of material is also easy to clean. A quick brush and a sweep and you’re done. And if you get mud or food spillages on wood it’s much easier to wash away than on carpet.

4.)  Environmentally Friendly

Wood flooring is also environmentally friendly as long as you choose the right supplier. Sustainable forest management means wood can be harvested without serious impact on the environment. Wood floorings also use less water and energy to make than other flooring choices. And is a renewable, biodegradable, natural, re-useable material. When you decide to switch your wood floor, it can be recycled or burned for fuel. Wood is also known as being carbon neutral. This means that as it grows it producing oxygen, and as it is used it stores carbon. All good for the environment.

Wood flooring is a great choice for your home interior if you want something that makes an impact and will always stay stylish. Beautiful solid wood can also increase the value of your property. And if you do want the added luxury of soft material under your feet you can always add a sumptuous silk rug as the perfect contrast.

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