Design Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep Better

How we function from day to day has a lot to do with how well we sleep. If we don’t get good sleep, then it can affect our mood. And in the long-term, it can really affect our health. So if you’re someone that rarely gets a good night’s sleep, then you should start thinking about the ways that you could improve your sleep. It will be beneficial in a number of ways.

One way that can influence your sleep is how your bedroom is set out. The layout and style, as well as accessories, can all have an influence. So one of the first places to make some changes could be in your bedroom. If you’re not sure where to start, but do struggle to sleep well, then here are some ideas for you. They can be worth a try, right? Anything for a better night’s sleep.


Declutter Your Bedroom

One of the first things to do is to declutter your bedroom. When you have a messy room, it can lead to a bit of an increased heart rate or anxiety. Cluttered environments have more of an effect on you than you might think. So make a start by having a sort and a clear out of your bedroom. Put clothes away that just get left on the floor or a chair. Tidy away trinkets or things that are out on display but rarely used. If they are just there gathering dust then it means that they are serving a very small purpose, so will be fine to be cleared away or stored elsewhere. If you have a dresser or a bedside table, then keep that as clear as possible. It can be hard to sit by lots of mess, let alone sleep. A clear space means a clear mind. And a clear mind is one way to get better sleep. So it is a no-brainer to have a declutter.

Have a Notebook

Again, if you have a bedside table or dresser, then keeping a notebook or and pen in a drawer close to you can be really handy. If your mind is running a mile a minute as soon as you get into bed, then it can be hard to switch off. Writing down how you are feeling, or things that you need to do the next day or remember means that you help to clear your mind. It is no good trying to just keep it all in your mind. It can take over and mean disrupted sleep, especially if you are someone that likes to plan and have things organized. So have a notebook handy and close by, and it will help for sure.

Lower Your Lights

As the evening turns to night, the light outside will get darker. So it is important to have the light in your home, especially your bedroom do the same. If you have your main bright lights on, then it means that it will be too bright and not prepare your body for sleep. So after a certain time each evening, you should switch to things like floor or table lamps. When you’re getting ready for bed, use sidelights or a bedside table lamp, rather than the lights that are in the main room. It will help your body to wind down and realize that it is nearly time to be sleeping.


Make Changes To Your Bed

It can come as no surprise that how well you sleep can be influenced by your bed. First of all, if you are interested in the practice of feng-shui, then even the position of your bed can have an influence on how you sleep. Ideally, the bed should be against a solid wall. The practice of feng-shui also dictates that the bed shouldn’t be in line with your door, where possible. So you want to walk into your bedroom and be physically closest to the foot of the bed, not walk in and be right by the headboard. Speaking of which, a bed with a large headboard is meant to be better to help you to sleep too. If you have a large bed with space for storage underneath, then it might be a good idea to have a clear out under there. The thinking behind that is that the space might harbor bad memories or feelings under there. You need to clear to sleep with a clear mind. So that could be worth a try?

Other things like bedding can have an impact on your sleep too. The temperature has a massive effect on how well you sleep, so that is worth looking at too. If your sheets are an unnatural fiber, then it can lead to you getting warmer than you should. Being too hot is a sure fire way to have a disrupted night’s sleep. So looking at getting some of the best split king sheets could mean a more relaxed and cooler nights sleep. Think about your comforter too. In summer, you don’t want to have a thick comforter that is more suited to winter. Equally, when the cooler weather comes back, you don’t want to get too cold overnight. Otherwise you’ll wake up feeling too cold which is no good. So take a look at your bed and think about what changes you could make to it.


Embrace Earth and Earth Tones

So when you hear about bringing the earth into the bedroom, I am not talking about getting lots of soil and spreading it on the floor! But, what I am talking about is things like stones and clay. They can be really grounding and relaxing to have in a room. So you could get a little display to have by your bed or by the window, for instance. You could also think about changing up the color of your bedroom. If it is quite a bright color at the moment, then you might be surprised just how much the color of the room can affect how well you sleep. Having colors like nudes, tan, and brown, are all calming colors. They can bring in a peaceful edge to your bedroom environment. If you’re in a peaceful and uncluttered environment, then it makes sense that it will be easier to sleep in that kind of environment. So if sleep is a massive issue for you, then it could be worth looking at.

Establish Good Habits

We are creatures of habit, so it makes sense that being in certain habits will help us as we try to improve the quality of our sleep. One of the best things to do is to go to bed at roughly the same time each day and wake up at the same time each day too. You then get your body into quite a natural rhythm, and your body clock will reset. Even at the weekend, or when you have a day off, try to keep the routine going. If you need a nap after lunch on those days then do so (but keep it brief). Then you will be able to have the constant internal clock that will help you to optimize the sleep that you do get. Try not to force anything, though. You should be thinking about choosing a bedtime when you do feel sleepy. You don’t want to choose an earlier bedtime and spend an hour getting frustrated because you can’t sleep. So that is something to bear in mind.

Keep Your Room Tech-Free

The temptation to be on devices when in bed is very real. But that is bad for our sleep in many ways. First of all, the bright light from our phone or tablet screens can be detrimental and prepare our body for being more awake (you read the point about lowering the lights, right)? So that is no good when we’re trying to wind down. Second, of all, you might see something that upsets you or stops you from sleeping as it makes you angry. So just avoid those triggers where possible. You do have that notebook to write things down, but you might need more than that to make sure that you sleep well. So the best thing to do is just to avoid using them late at night. A lot of people justify that they need it for the alarm. But for the benefit of good sleep, it is worth getting an old-school alarm clock to have by your bedside. Then just keep your phone plugged in on loud in a different room, so you can still hear it in the case of any emergencies.

Have you got any tried and tested tricks that work for you to help to improve your sleep? It can be quite shocking just how many things can disrupt it, can’t it? But improving your sleep is so important for all aspects of your life and even your health. So it is worthwhile taking the time to assess your situation and think about what you can do to improve it.

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