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The bathroom is often an underrated room. Many homeowners do not think too much about its décor as long as it is clean and functional, even if they’ve spent a lot of time and money making their kitchen, living room and bedrooms as beautiful and comfortable as can be. This is such as shame because the bathroom is one of the best places to relax, unwind and spend some quiet time, and it’s so much better to do that when your bathroom’s up to the standard of a luxury hotel or spa.

If you would like to bring more luxury to your bathroom, here are some quick tips to get you started:

Dare to Go Dark

When thinking about a color scheme for your bathroom, don’t be afraid to consider dark colors like black and purple. These colors can create a warm, calming atmosphere in the bathroom, while also creating a sense of opulence and luxury that you don’t often see in private bathrooms. They will also make your bathroom stand out from the rest.

Set in Stone

When it comes to bathroom tiles, instead of going for cheaper ceramic models, choose more upmarket versions, such as marble, if you want to recreate the beat that luxury hotel bathrooms have to offer and ensure that your bathroom does not look cheap. Once your bathroom’s been tiled, be sure to clean and treat it with anti-mold products regularly, as nothing will bring down the tone of your bathroom faster than mold and mildew.

Add a Claw Foot Bath

Claw foot bathtubs are a mainstay of stately homes, luxury hotels and spas because they look much more decadent that the average tub. They add personality to any bathroom they are placed in and make for a more pleasurable bath time experience.

Make a Statement with a Mirror

Obviously, the bathroom is one room where you really need a mirror, but instead of installing nothing more than a standard shaving mirror or bland mirror that you can do your makeup in, go for a big, bold beautiful mirror with a statement frame to match your style and bring a touch of luxury to the room. Shabby Chic, Gothic and luxe gold or silver styles all work well in the bathroom.

Stimulate the Senses with Scented Candles

Luxury is all about comfort and pleasant experiences for the senses, which is why, if you want to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, you need to add some scented candles into the mix. Not only will the beautiful aromas of sultry plants, flowers and fragrances delight your senses, but the soft light they emit will make for a softer, more romantic bath.

Add the Wow Factor with Wallpaper

The bathroom is usually decorated with tiles and paint, and although these are practical and can be pretty luxurious when done well, there is nothing that will elevate a bathroom from bland and boring to opulent and attractive like some well-placed wallpaper. Choose a feature wall and decorate it with expensive flock wallpaper for a classy look that can’t fail to impress.

Add Art

Just because it’s a place where you take care of your hygiene needs doesn’t mean that your bathroom can’t be a cultured place. After all, the bathroom is as much about relaxing as anything else, and there is nothing quite so soothing and subtly stimulating as a good piece of art, so don’t be afraid to hang your favorite prints, original artworks and even add sculptures to your bathroom for a more cultured look.

Add Some Shimmer

When it comes to accessories, the bathroom is the perfect place to display gold and silver trinkets. From shimmering silver candle holders to gilt mirrors, cut-glass perfume bottles and anything else you can imagine, add a touch of class by adding gold, silver and glass to the space.

Decant Your Products

No matter how much time you spend beautifying your bathroom, it is never going to look as polished and luxurious as it could if it’s filled with all manner of plastic bottles and containers. So, invest in beautiful refillable bottles and soap dispensers and decant your favorite products into prettier containers to get the luxury hotel look.

Supercharge Your Shower

Luxurious bathrooms are bathrooms that you can truly relax and enjoy yourself in, which means that you are going to want a shower that really packs a punch. If your showerhead just isn’t doing it for you, you might want to switch to a waterpik power spray plus model, which will increase the amount of pressure your shower pumps out without increasing your water usage.

Top Quality Towels

If you’ve ever been to a luxury spa or spent time in a high-end hotel, you’ll know that the towels there are out of this world. They’re super white, super soft and incredibly comforting. One of the easiest ways you can make your bathroom look and feel more luxurious, therefore, is by throwing out your threadbare towels and replacing them with big, fluffy soft cotton towels. Show them off on a wall-mounted, heated towel rack and no one who visits your bathroom will be in doubt of its luxury.

Treat Yourself to Spa

If you want the authentic spa experience in your bathroom, think about either installing a specialised spa bathtub, which features jets, that will turn your bath into a Jacuzzi, or for a cheaper option, buy spa jets that you can add into your existing bathtub for the same effect.

Go for Glass

Instead of using a shower curtain to enclose your shower area, is you are able, consider putting up a glass screen instead. Even the best shower curtains can make a bathroom look cheap, but a good frosted glass pane will enhance the luxurious look of your bathroom, reflect the light of your candles and have a softening effect on the whole room.

Install a Dimmer

The bathroom is one room that could certainly benefit from a dimmer switch so that you can change the light to reflect your mood and enable you to go about your business whether you’re relaxing, reading or getting ready for a big night out.

What are your top tips for bringing more luxury to the bathroom?

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