Big Ideas For A Small Bathroom: It’s Time To Make Your Limited Space Sparkle

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The bathroom is an unsung hero of the modern home. It’s a space that is utilised by every member of the household on a daily basis. Frankly, the bathing and beauty rituals that take place in this environment are key to making us feel human in the mornings too. Therefore, this part of your home should be allowed to shine, even if it lacks physical dimensions.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve recently downsized to a smaller property or simply want to freshen up your outdated bathroom. These five simple tips will help you maximise the capabilities of your limited area. Here’s all you need to know.


  • Try to encourage more natural lighting. While a blind or curtain is needed for privacy, your main focus should be on choosing translucent windows that keep it light as well as private. Spotlights can be another great way to make the bathroom look brighter. And when it looks brighter, it will inevitably look bigger. Even if you aren’t adding to the physical dimensions, it can have a huge impact on your emotional interactions.


  • Paint the room in a brighter shade too. As with the lighting, this is to give the room the illusion of being bigger as those lighter tones will reflect the light. You may decide to use tiles rather than paint for cleaning reasons, but the sentiments remain. Meanwhile, you can take things one step further with strategically placed mirrors.


  • Kit out the bathroom with more suitable furniture. Installing a shower above the bath rather than having two separate areas will save a lot of space. Moreover, the right choice of cupboards can have a telling impact. This takeaway bathroom website is perfect for finding items designed for limited spaces. Finally, if you can create extra space through ledges, then you should grab that opportunity with both hands. Keep the plumbing facilities hidden away in a manner that protects the limited space too, and you will not go wrong.


  • Find alternative places to store items like towels and cleaning essentials. Of course, having some cupboards and storage space is essential as you don’t want to keep going in and out of the room every time you use it. Nonetheless, using a hallway wardrobe or bedroom storage for the reserve items can be handy. Likewise, the garage or guest bedroom can be great for the creams and materials that are not yet ready to be used.


  • Utilise the back of your door. It might not be the biggest space in the home, but letting it go wasted would be a huge sin. You can find an array of towel rails online. Alternatively, you could use an over the door coat hanging bar for dressing gowns. If it’s possible to make the door open out into the hallway rather than the bathroom, this can be a hugely rewarding upgrade too. After all, you’re not going to miss a few inches in the hallway. If it’s not possible, you should at least try to make use of the space behind where the door opens out.


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