Avoid Being A Basic Witch With These Brilliant DIY Halloween Decorations For Your Home

Whenever holidays approach, neighbours can get competitive. Think of the wars between neighbours that start over who has the best outdoor Christmas lights. This Halloween, don’t let your house fall behind. Store bought decorations just don’t cut it anymore. One pumpkin? Why not make ten? Here are a few DIY Halloween decorations to try out and show off to your friends, family and neighbours. Get excited and start preparing early.

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Pumpkins can be so much more than the simple two triangle eyes, small triangle nose and crescent smile. Think outside of the box. Try out eccentric designs. When it snows we all build snowmen. So why not try out a pumpkin man? Use cordless glue guns to firmly secure three small pumpkins together, one on top of another.The bottom two can be hollow. Carve a face into the top one. It’s probably easier to do this before you glue it to the top of the others. Pop a tealight into the hollow, carved top pumpkin so that it can be seen throughout the night. People won’t expect this and it will make them jump as they pass by. Remember to place your pumpkin man away from bushes or other things that can easily set alight.

Spider Webs

A huge proportion of the population are arachnophobic. Even those who aren’t scared of spiders choose to avoid them. Creep people out with huge spider webs. Store bought cotton ones get caught up and tangle in people’s hair. People are also used to these. It’s nothing knew and won’t cause a stir. Make a realistic spider nest. Blow up a balloon, soak some string in PVA glue and wrap around the balloon. Repeat over and over until there’s a complete web around the balloon. Leave to dry. Once the structure is rock hard, pop the balloon inside and remove it. The result? A nest-like structure that will have passers by running for the hills. For extra effect, glue some fake spiders on it and hang from a tree outdoors.

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Floating Ghosts

Ghosts are a Halloween classic. But how can you use them to decorate your house? Well, it’s surprisingly easy. Use a plastic bottle and glue a golf ball on top. If you don’t have golf balls, you can scrunch up paper into a ball and tape it up. Glue this on top instead. Cut a piece of plain white fabric. Drape over your creation. Secure with a dot of glue on top of the ball. Draw eyes on with a sharpie marker and you have a ghost. Hang a few from the ceilings with strings. You can even spray them to glow in the dark if you want to go all out.

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Trick and Treat

Present your treats to trick or treaters in a completely creepy way. Purchase a pack of transparent, latex rubber gloves. Fill each glove with bite size sweets or chocolates. Make sure that they are all individually wrapped so that the food doesn’t come into direct contact with the latex. Tie with a bow. A dismembered hand is creepy, but the kids will be able to see the sweets inside and will walk away happy.

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