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When we design our homes, we do so with our own tastes in mind. We get the space looking how we want it, and why wouldn’t we? Our homes are our domain, after all. This is your chance to make your designer dent in the world, and you should use it to the best of your abilities.

But, as much as you may not like to admit it, your home doesn’t only have to please you. Yep; we said it. Sorry to break the news, but sometimes, other people are going to see that space, too. And, when they do, you’ll want to ensure they like the view. As such, it’s worth giving at least some consideration to your guests during the design stages.

Being able to host in our homes is a gift and a privilege. You get to spend time with your loved ones and share the roof for which you worked so hard. As cheesy as it may seem, letting people into your home is like letting them into your heart. It’s an act of trust, and you want to make sure it doesn’t backfire. So, we’re going to look at the different areas you need to perfect to ensure you guests have the best stay possible.


First on the agenda is the bedroom. This is where your guests will be located, so it’s the most significant room on this list. Many of us fall into the trap of assuming that we should leave personal taste out of the spare room altogether. It’s not for us, after all. Instead, we head online and search for guest room inspiration. Then, we produce a room which is functional, but ultimately uninspiring.

The good news is, there’s nothing to stop you putting your stamp on this space. At the end of the day, your guests are visiting you. So, sleeping in a room which suits your style will add a real touch of the personal to their stay. Bear in mind, though, that going all out may be a bit over the top. It may still be worth doing a bit of research, then mixing those ideas with a few flourishes of your own.

There are some standard design features you’ll see time and again in the majority of spare rooms. Generally, there’ll be a large, freshly made bed in the center. You want this room to feel clean for your guests, so try to avoid clutter of any kind. The sparser this room, the better. This is also a home away from home, so refreshing colors work best. A light grey is a popular choice at the moment. Subtle blues also look amazing.

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So, where does your taste come into this? For the most part, what you like comes into play when you’re picking out furniture and accessorising the space. There are no clear-cut guidelines about which furniture would work best. So, you’re free to pick pieces which suit the rest of your home. And, the accessories are where you can really come into your own. Hanging art which you’ve either painted or are a fan of is sure to go down well. And don’t forget to pick out bedding that reminds your guests of you. Got a love of astronauts? Get some space themed bedding to make your guests chuckle!

If you don’t have a guest room, there’s no reason why you can’t still host. All you need do is consider the alternatives. For one, converting an attic space is a fantastic way to create a guest area with gusto. Or, you could turn your living room into a multi-purpose space. Incorporating a daybed is all it takes to turn this into a bedroom whenever you need it. Bear in mind, though, that living rooms aren’t always naturally suited to the role. To avoid this feeling like a ‘put-me-up’ room, it’s worth considering this dual use during design. Steps as simple as placing heavy curtains on the windows will help here. Think, too, about including ambient lighting to create that bed-time feel.


Spend some time, too, thinking about a guest bathroom. If your guest room has an ensuite, reflect on how you can make it suit everyone’s needs. You may be a bath person, but your guests might not. Besides, depending on how long they’re staying for, they may not have time. Give them a choice by installing a bath and shower combination. Bear in mind, too, that storage shouldn’t be too much of an issue here. En suites are generally small as it is. Don’t crowd the room more by fitting unnecessary cabinets. Instead, keep furnishings to a minimal. A bath, sink, and toilet are all your guests are going to need. Anything else is just wasted space.

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If your guest room doesn’t have an en suite, guests will be using your main bathroom. Again, give this some consideration during the design stages. Make sure you cater for everyone’s needs once more with the bath, shower combo. Unlike the en suite, it’s worth installing plenty of storage space here. You aren’t going to want cluttered bathroom sides when guests come. Make sure to incorporate plenty of shelving units for your bathroom products beforehand.


It’s worth thinking, too, about where you’ll all eat. Food brings us together, hence why the kitchen is always dubbed ‘the heart of the home.’ We all know it’s the best place to congregate. There’s something comforting about being surrounded by food. Perhaps it’s a survival thing. Either way, while the kitchen is the center of the house, the dining room is fast going out of fashion. There’s something very 80s about the idea of having a place designated for eating. The majority of us install breakfast bars in our kitchens, or eat on the sofa (come on, we’ve all done it at least once), so there seems no need for this wasted space. But, your breakfast bar won’t seat many, and you don’t want your guests eating in front of the television. So, what can you do?

For one, it’s worth incorporating a table into your kitchen if you have space. Opting for a long table, rather than a round one, is an excellent way of making this work without crowding the room. Eating in the kitchen instead of the dining room is better in every way. Things will feel less formal. Plus, your kitchen is a used and loved space. It won’t have the musty air of neglect you’ll find in most dining rooms.

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Or, you could make the most of your outside space, here. Obviously, this works best if you live in sunny climes. But, something like a pitched roof verandah will ensure it’s possible to dine al fresco, even when the rain comes. This is sure to go down well, as it’ll feel like being on vacation. And, for your guests, this is a holiday of sorts. You could even install a fire pit to ensure you can stay outside until the early hours of the morning. Nothing’s quite so good for letting lose as sitting outside without a care in the world.


It’s also worth putting some thought into the areas of your home which will provide entertainment. For the most part, this involves your living room. This is where you’ll all likely return in the evenings. Many of us put effort into making this a space we can relax in. But, will your guests be able to relax, too? For one, consider the layout of the area. Are there enough chairs to host guests, and will they be able to see the television, etc. from where they’re sitting? Bear in mind, too, that you need this to be an open space. Again, you need to build on that communal vibe to ensure everyone’s happiness. Consider keeping the area as clear as possible. Make sure, too, that your chairs face each other, so no one feels excluded.

This is also a perfect opportunity to show off a little. Traditional television is all well and good, but it doesn’t exactly have the wow factor. It may be worth considering a home projector system instead. Or, you could opt for a new ‘wallpaper television.’ Make sure, too, that everyone can hear what’s going on by installing surround sound speakers.

It’s worth considering the garden here, too. Gardens have fantastic entertainment potential if you know how to use them. For one, you could install a swimming pool. This can often seem like an unnecessary step when only you would be using it. But, this is sure to go down well when guests and staying. Days sitting by the pool are fantastic when you have company. Again, it’ll all add to the vacation vibe of their stay. And, let’s be honest; a pool is fantastic, even without the guests. You could even design a garden bar to get the party started. You’ll be better than a five-star hotel in no time.

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