4 Great Tips For Decorating Your Holiday Home

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If you’ve recently bought a holiday cottage or lake house to spend the summer in, it’s probably a blank canvas without much personality. Naturally, you’ll want to make the most of your investment by decorating the interior and really making it your own. Even if you’re a seasoned home décor guru, sprucing up a holiday home can be a real challenge. Here are some tips for going about it…

Don’t Get Everything from the Same Place

If you’ve done a little online window shopping, you’ve probably already discovered that there are a lot of great stores that specialize in cabin decor. However, getting all of your furniture and ornaments from the same place can lead to your holiday home looking a little too uniform, and give your guests the sensation that they’re walking through a showroom. Things might feel good in theory, but if you actually fill a space with things from the same vendor, you’ll probably find the end result to be a little tasteless. Make a point to mix and match the pieces you buy, keeping things interesting, and injecting more of your personality into your holiday home.

Think About Space

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Open space should always be a priority when it comes to decorating your holiday home, especially if you’re planning for a large party to come to stay. Yes, those chesterfield armchairs you were looking at the other day might be gorgeous together, but if you cram too much stuff into the space you have available, it’s really going too harsh on the relaxed vibe when people come to stay. You don’t want your lakeside cottage to look too sparse and unfinished, but it’s better to leave an excess of space than to choke it out.

Keep It Practical

While the appearance of your furnishings and decorations are certainly important, you need to think about the longevity they offer as well. Light-coloured upholstery and linen, for example, can stain very easily, and stocking all the kitchen cupboards with high-end china can end in a heart-breaking and expensive disaster! If you’re planning to have a lot of guests over to stay during the holidays, people are going to be in a festive and careless mood, and more often than not, a few drinks down! However, by thinking practically about the things you fill your holiday home with, you’ll minimize the chances of any major mishaps.

Don’t Skimp, But Don’t Go Overboard

Your décor pieces should be thought of as an investment, and should hopefully last a number of years before you have to give the place another refresh, even if you’re constantly having guests over. With this in mind, buying cheap appliances, furniture and so on will cost you more in the long run, as it will increase the chances that you’ll have to replace them more often. Having said that, you don’t want to spend too much, as you’re only going to be using the home at certain times of the year. It’s all about achieving a perfect balance.

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