3 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of A Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation


If your kitchen is looking a little tired or not quite your style, you might find yourself wondering about tearing it all out and starting again. Given how much time we spend in the kitchen, if it doesn’t meet your style aspirations, you’re living with a constant reminder of it. Feeling out of sync with an area of your home is never pleasant, especially when you have dreams of so much more.

The price, however, can be terrifying. It seems even if you don’t want to spend a fortune, you can still be looking at at least five figures. Do you really have to set aside such a huge amount of money to inject new life into your kitchen? Or is it possible to exercise a few smart shopping habits that mean you don’t have to take out a loan just to get started?

1) Ignore Built-In Appliances

It’s hard to argue that built-in appliances tend to look better when it comes to kitchen design. They can give an impression of smooth, sleek lines that it can be difficult to part yourself from the idea of.

The problem is… they’re also more expensive. Just to buy the appliance, you’re looking at at least £100 more, and then there is the cost of fitting it. You will need to pay that fitting fee, too – it’s not like stand-alone appliances which can largely plug in and then off they go.

Also bear in mind that the capacity for built-in appliances tends to be smaller, so if you cook big meals or are already working with reduced space, they might not be for you from a purely practical standpoint.

2) Source Items Individually

When you see quotes for the cost of a kitchen renovation, they will likely be combination quotes for everything – the price of the new units, the appliances, and then the labour to put it all together. These deals also tend to have a premium on them because they are so simple.

If you’re willing to put the effort into sourcing each item individually, you could save a fortune. It’s often possible to get great deals on pre-used kitchen units on eBay; you could try this website for ideas when it comes to the sink; or perhaps sample various sites that offering discount or remnant flooring. As for the fitter, this site can help you source an experienced fitter who can put it all together. This is just the beginning, too; search online, diving deep into the search results, until you find something that matches your price point.

3) Go Cheap On The Cabinet Structure

A great way to save money is to choose cheap cabinet structures but expensive cabinet doors. The doors are the only part that anyone sees anyway, so no one is going to know it’s cheap MDF or similar materials behind the fancy outside. As long as you measure to ensure a good fit for the new doors, this can be a really effective way of substantially cutting the cost.

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