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A lot of people think that beauty products are just for women, but these days it’s becoming more common for men to use them. The range available might not be the same as in women’s products and you might not know which ones are best. Here are a few of the top products for men on the market right now.

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Pomade is one of the oldest men’s products and there are countless different versions of it out there. It is a hair styling product that gives good hold for styles but maintains a wet look. You need to be careful when choosing Pomades because the name is used fairly liberally these days and some of the products labelled with it will not give you the same effect. This one by Blind Barber is one of the best ones on the market at the moment.

Khiels Facial Fuel

Khiels are one of the original and most popular male skin care brands. They offer a wide range of natural skin care for men and their facial fuel is just as powerful as the name suggests. It’s a great energizing scrub that will leave your skin feeling fresh and vibrant. Again, this is a fairly expensive one but the quality of the product means you only need a small amount per use and it is definitely worth the investment.

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

So, you’ve taken care of your skin and your hair, but you might still be suffering from dry and chapped lips. Most women’s lip balms come with a fruity flavour of some kind and some even have glitter in them so you might want to stay away from these. A good alternative for men is Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm. It is made of natural ingredients, packed with antioxidants and moisturisers, and has a subtle mint flavouring.

L:A Bruket

Beards are back in a big way at the moment so it is likely that beard care may be part of your daily cleansing regime. A small bit of stubble will probably be fine without treatment but if you have a longer beard, using oils on it is a must. One of the best ones on the market is No. 147 Beard Protector by L:A Bruket. It is packed full of natural oils to soften the hair and make styling easier. It also contains a good amount of Vitamin E to promote healthy growth.

L’Occitane Cade Shaving Cream

If you don’t have a beard, then you probably spend most of your morning covered in shaving foam. A lot of the supermarket brands can have a bit of a cheap smell and can sometimes irritate the skin. There are some more expensive alternatives out there but the improvement is definitely worth the price difference. One of the most popular is L’Occitane Cade Shaving Cream. It has a a great smoky smell and the shea butter in it helps get a good lather as well as softening your skin.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you get started on your daily routine and get the look you want.

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