Bariatric Surgery


My family are feeling for our dear friend who is overly worried about her son. She has only one daughter and she herself is a single mother. Her daughter has an obsess problem after she shifted from her former school to the current school. She used to have a normal body weight for her age, but once moved into our neighbourhood and into a new school, her weight slowly started to increase.

They have been to many doctors and yet her weight continues to increase. They have tried all kinds of advice to reduce her weight. She was made to exercise and her food intake reduced. Even with all these, she found it difficult to cut down the fat. At an age when a young person should be enjoying an active outdoor life, she hardly goes out with her friends. She can’t walk fast and her friends have to wait for her. She has broken many chairs because of her weight and most of her outgoing friends have given up on her.

Accordingly to one medical specialist, he finally suggested a bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery for her after having treated her for many months without much improvement. This is something new to us and no wonder the mother is really worried. In order to comfort, we did some searching on the internet and shared with the mother whatever information we can gather from Medical Departures.

Bariatic surgery is usually the last resort surgery to remove excessive weight and this might help her for a start. There are many types of weight loss surgical procedure and one of common ones is the gastric bypass. In this surgery the stomach is divided, creating a small pouch at the top, and joined to the small intestine further down. This creates a bypass of the stomach and a significant part of the small intestine, so not only does it take less food to make you feel full, but less food is digested by the small intestine.

Their doctor has recommended them to an experienced doctor and they are in the midst of check up and test and whether the girl is fit for surgery or not has yet to be confirmed.

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