7 Ideas For Reinventing Your Apperance

Fancying a change? From the instant to the extreme, here are seven ideas for reinventing your appearance.

Dye your hair

Changing your hair will give you a whole new look because it will also give your skin a new colouring. Some hair colours will warm up your skin tone while others will cool it. Dying your hair also gives you the opportunity to dye your lashes and eyebrows. So, if you go for flaming red hair, you could go for red eyebrows too! Always speak to a hairdresser in advance.

Get a signature makeup look

Become known for a certain look and it will become ‘yours’. This could be black winged eyeliner, or a bright pink lip, for example. Just be sure always to have the product on you so you don’t get caught short without it!

Remove your glasses

It’s amazing how different people look when they take off their glasses. But what about if you need yours, and don’t like wearing contact lenses? This page discusses typical costs of laser eye surgery. The sooner you invest, the more cost-effective it will be. On the flipside of this, considering adding glasses to your look. If you don’t need them, just go for clear lenses.

Wear hair extensions

Lengthening your hair changes the entire shape of your face. Often, it will make your face seem longer. This is good for people with rounder faces. However, be aware of this change if you already have a rectangular face. Hair extensions also give you the ability to be more creative with your colour. If you’ve always fancied a dip-dye to bring some light to your face, but don’t want to damage your hair, you can recreate this effect with extensions.

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Cosmetic surgery

While this is a rather extreme measure, it is one of the most effective ways to change your look. If there is one part of your body or face you’ve always disliked, this method allows you to change it. You could consider a nose-job or an eyebrow lift, for example. However, be sure always to take a good amount of time to give doing so the proper consideration. Your body and face may still be changing and developing.

Fake tan

There are so many options out there for tanning these days; it doesn’t have to be dangerous. You can avoid sunbeds and the potential health risks they pose. Instead, use self-tanning lotion at home. Or, if you’re feeling nervous about doing it yourself, visit a salon. You can use tanning booths or have a staff member apply the product for you.

Change your parting

A change that takes mere seconds! If you’ve always worn your hair in a central parting, switch it up! Flip it over to one side. It will take time to get used too, for both you and your hair. But keeping it there will train it to behave! Use a kirby grip to keep it in place while you’re adjusting. The alternation will also add root lift.

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