My Top Tips for an Amazing Summer Vacation on a Budget

Hands up if you want to go on vacation this year? I’m glad I’m not the only one. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to soak up the sun for a couple of weeks? The only downside tends to be the money side of things. Not all of us can afford to jet off into the sunset on a whim. Many people tend to resort to a cheap holiday that ends up being a letdown. You know the type… Terrible food and dirty sheets. Luckily, there are ways of having a fantastic summer trip if you’re on a budget. Here are my top tips.

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Last Minute Deals

When it comes to flights, you can get some great last minute deals. As long as you’re not too fussy about where you want to go. Many people who go on those fantastic vacations we see on Facebook have chosen their destination last minute. They’ve simply booked a cheap flight and taken the next week off work. Pick a week you want to go and then start hunting around for tickets. You’ll be surprised at what offers airlines will give you, just to fill up their seats.

Go Self-Catered

We hear all the time that all-inclusive is the cheapest way to do a holiday. Not true. If you go for cheap all-inclusive deals then chances are you’ll have a less than pleasant experience. Especially when you find out the cocktails are watered down. Consider furnished apartment rentals instead of a hotel. In most cases, it’s cheaper to make your own food while you’re on holiday. You’re also far less likely to get food poisoning. A common occurrence in cheap all-inclusive package deals. Head to the local supermarket and stock up on a few bottles of wine to go with your home cooked meal. You’ll save enough pennies to eat out a few times on your vacation too.


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Pack Light

Do you really need that giant suitcase for a week in the sun? Chances are you’ll spend most of your time in shorts or a bikini anyway. Oh, and in a hat, of course. Most airlines will charge you extra for luggage that isn’t carry-on. If you can, squeeze everything into a small suitcase. You’ll then be able to use it as hand luggage. You could save yourself a fortune on paying all those extra fees. If you really can’t fit everything into a small suitcase then opt for the smallest luggage allowance available. You’ll still save an extra few dollars or pounds.

Go in September

If you have children then this tip may not be possible. However, if you’re child-free, then you can grab some awesome bargains off-season. As soon as the kids go back to school, the prices for most destinations drop. Even the ones that stay sunny until November! Keep an eye out for those term dates, to pick your best time to book. Most holidays are around 10-20% cheaper if you are going in September/October time.

These top tips can help you have an amazing summer vacation, without breaking the bank. The next time you think you’re ‘too poor’ to go abroad, consider putting some of this advice into practice.

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