Kanye West Releases His YEEZY Jewelry Collection

Who is fond of Illuminati? LOL I know most you are been aware of already that people said Kayne and the whole clan are been part or member of the said world demonic organization, Illuminati. Hence, we keep on seeing signs to the singer that he does really into the organization, right? one of the proofs that people says was his collection of jewelry, the past released and even this present, I must to admit it does has a sign in it but we better not to conclude if it’s was a true or not because we might get in trouble for forcing the not so fact details about it. If you even like his jewelry and wanting to wear it off and pull it off on your outfit you can go ahead and have it yourself and if you still doubt it and might gonna effect your religious values you can still choose not to get it, simple as that right?

But for those interested the YEEZY Jewelry Collection is now ready and out in the market to avail. You can check yeezsuply website for details and pricing of it and I bet it’s worth your 2 iphones in a single purchased made in any of his new jewelry collection.

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