Great tactics for fashion investments

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Revolutionary concepts, vibrant colors, dazzling contours: where art and the material world mingle, fashion flourishes – and it’s one of the most enticing and exciting industries on the planet. For the ultimate fashion lover, it’s easy to see why the poetry of cloth on skin carries such a huge appeal and why so many creatives pursue a life-long dream of designing. It’s also a viable industry for potential investors, and if you’re thinking of throwing in your heart, soul, and wallet, there are ways to make your venture into the fashion world successful.

Constantly evolving

Like all creative industries, fashion is always undergoing transformation. This can make it a challenge to keep current, but it also means endless potential to look into innovative new ventures, especially now that micro-industries, niches, and grassroots players are also making their mark on the stage alongside the big guns. Evolution also means growth, something that carries instant appeal to any prospective investor.

Assess your options

Like most commitments, before you plunge into any kind of investment, it’s important to consider your options. It’s not all about the catwalk – you can pursue investments in wholesale (which includes department stores, outlets, and specialty stores) as well as internet retailing; both have the capability to reach a wide audience. It’s important to recognize that there is a wide distinction between the art aspect and the retail aspect of fashion. Necessity and trend, as well as affordability, are the current dictates of the market where consumers are concerned, so understanding the target audience and delivering a quality product is essential. During a slower period of growth, clothing is an area where people are willing to turn to discount options, and this can present a challenge for higher-end apparel, though there will always be buyers. Additionally, all walks of the fashion industry are immensely competitive. It’s important to do your research, have confidence in your team/company, and believe in your product as well as know how to market it effectively.

Zady founders Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bédat have successfully embraced the contemporary culture and optimized social media and other marketing to turn their startup into a success story. Their ethos relies on principles of grassroots quality craftsmanship as well as sustainability, and is an excellent example of how even small ventures can transform into lucrative investments. Yet their principles also unify them with the successes of larger corporations.

The renowned M1 Group, led by Mohammad Najib Mikati (see his profile on Bloomberg), strongly believes in investing in smaller ventures as well as larger ones in order to diversify the industry, remain competitive, and sustain longer periods of growth. For several years, M1 Group has been behind some of the most substantial achievements in various investment ventures in real estate, travel, fashion, energy, capital, and more. With its investments in fashion, M1 Group has helped many smaller ventures and their respective designers and entrepreneurs to flourish.

With trends constantly changing, new enterprises and new ideas emerging, and an increasingly diverse market, if you have a passion for fashion, it could be well worth the time and investment. Your next investment could transform an artist’s dream into fruition and provide a successful financial return for you.

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