Five Things You Must Do Before Planning Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding can be stressful but it can also be one of the most amazing and wonderful things that you will do in your lifetime. After he proposes there are many things to consider when planning your wedding. All the little details will certainly add up. There are five things that you must do before the big day.

1 – Picking The Bridesmaids And The Groomsmen

This is not just any choice. The people you choose will make or break your entire event. They are there to support you, guide you and help you in any way they can. Most people choose their best friends or family members for these important roles.  A word of caution. Do not choose someone to make them happy. This is your day. Also, avoid making the decision based on who will look best standing next to you. It needs to be someone you can rely on.

2 – Make Sure All The Invitations Have Been Sent Out

Everyone wants to be surrounded by friends and family. However, if you forget to send out your invitations, then you will have plenty of empty seats. Ensure that the person responsible for sending out the invitations does so with time to spare. Do not underestimate the importance of choosing your invitations. Feeling lost? Why not check out some modern wedding invitations? There is such a wide a range of choices and ideas. Go Modern. Or more traditional? It is up to you.

3 – Sort Out A Seating Plan

Here are a few tips for arranging your seating plan. Keep people who tend to feud as far apart as possible. It may sound obvious, but these details can get lost in the shuffle. Your main family should be at the main table. Yes, this does include your partner’s family as well. Some things are just not optional.

4 – Taste Test Everything That Will be Served

You are looking forward to saying “I do.” Your guests will already be wondering what is going to fill their stomachs at this point. Try lots of different dishes before you decide on a final menu. You need to think about guests who may need special preferences. Make sure there is a vegetarian option, and you would be amazed how many people no longer eat gluten. We also suggest you think about allergies. But try not to forget this is still your day. You do come first

5- Ensure You Have Backup Plans

Planes get delayed, and people fall ill.  Ensure that you have a backup plan for everything. Alternative transport to and from the venue, hair and makeup artist for the bride. You should even have an alternative venue for your reception in case a mistake has been made somewhere. No one wants to see your big day ruined because of a silly error. Thinking ahead will give you a way around almost any problem.

Hopefully, this advice has been useful to you. Bride or groom, we hope you have the perfect wedding day!

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