The Unexpected Benefits of Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

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Pretty much everyone on the planet knows by now that great sunglasses such as the Oliver Peoples range offer a number of benefits.

Looking like a star while protecting your eyes from the sun are obviously the benefits that most of us think about in this way. However, what about the more unexpected advantages that you might not be aware of?

Help to Avoid Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a very serious condition that affects millions of people each year. The UK statistics for skin cancer are very worrying, with thousands of deaths each year.

Interestingly, it is suggested that about a tenth of all skin cancer cases occur on the eyelid. This means that simply by wearing sunglasses you can lower your chances of suffering this condition later in life.

If you are a sun lover then you will be particularly interested in staying healthy in this way. However, everyone should really do all that they can to try and keep skin cancer at bay.

Helps to Reduce Dry Eyes

Dry eyes is the name of a painful condition that can be caused by the eye not producing enough tears, or the tears drying up too quickly. It can usually be treated successfully with drops but it can get progressively worse over the years too.

Good quality shades can help to protect you from this problem by shielding your eyes from the sun. This will go some way to helping you maintain moisture in your eyes for longer.

Cut Down the Risk of Cataracts

You might not realise that the risk of cataracts can also be reduced with the use of sunglasses. Hundreds of thousands of people across the planet have been left blind or close to blind because of their eyes clouding over in this way.

One of the factors that influence the spread of cataracts is UV exposure. This means that by wearing Oliver Peoples sunglasses that protect your eyes you can go some way to keeping this risk at bay.


Avoid the Glare from Snow

If you like going out skiing or carrying out other activities in the snow then the strong glare off it can be damaging for your eyes. This can lead to a condition called snow blindness, which is a temporary loss of vision caused by intense UV exposure.

This is equivalent to a sunburnt eye and it can also happen when the sun bounces off white sand or water right into your eye. It is a frightening thing to experience and it could cause a serious problem if you are skiing or performing some other sort of activity at the time.

Of course, snow blindness is easily prevented by using good quality shades. This is why you always see professional winter sports competitors wearing sunglasses. Wearing cheap and ineffective shades will only give you a false sense of comfort though, as they won’t really protect you much at all.

Stop Dust and Debris Affecting Your Eyes

If you are in a dry and dusty or sandy environment then this could cause you some big problems with your vision. When some sort of debris makes its way into this sensitive part of your body then it can cause irritation and blurred vision.

By putting on some great sunglasses you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your eyes are well protected. This is one of the big reasons why shades are such a good idea on the beach. Of course, there is also the fact that they just look so incredibly cool too.

Even if you are just walking about town you can still be affected by debris getting in your eyes. If you go out cycling or running then the risks of this happening could be even bigger, though. By using Oliver Peoples prescription glasses you can prevent this while also getting the help with your vision that you need.

Prevent Other Painful and Dangerous Conditions

There are some other eye conditions that wearing sunglasses can help you to try and avoid. A good example is the tissue growth problem that it known as surfer’s eye. The medical name for this is pterygium and it can spread from a corner across the eye.

Another example to be taken into account is something called macular degeneration. This is a problem that can lead to your vision getting blurred over time. As with the previous example, it is something that is very worrying but that can be prevented by protecting your eyes wisely.

Taking great care of your eyes is one of the most important things that you can do. By using high quality sunglasses you can go a long way towards ensuring that your eyes remain healthy and free of problems for longer.


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