Men’s Guide to Accessorizing

Presented By Nice Laundry

Nowadays, it is no longer enough for men to just dress neatly. For a guy to be considered stylish and cool, he does not only have to wear the right clothes and footwear, he also has to have accessories that will not only complement his attire but make him stand out from the crowd. Guy’s Accessorizing Guide presented by Nice Laundry (an online store which sells fashionable, high quality yet affordable socks) is a great way for men to get informed on some essential everyday accessories.

A 3″-width camouflage necktie would look nice especially on men who work in offices. An elastic, braided Beltology Wall Street belt is a total eye-catcher. Pair that with a Cutler and Gross 1084 Matt Dark Turtle sunglasses. It is cool to have accessories such as Bottega Veneta Card Case with Intrecciato pattern (a front pocket wallet), ruggedly-stylish and water-resistant Marathon Men’s Jumbo Diver’s Watch, and Machine Era Co. keysquare that slips onto a belt loop and can open beers. Men should likewise own at least a pair or two of Nice Laundry socks in different designs and colors. Other must-have accessories are Hydroflask insulated water bottle, a Davek Duet black umbrella, Killspencer Dopp kit, and an uber durable Filson Navy duffle bag.

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