Jazzing Up Your Little Black Dress

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Every woman should have a little black dress in her closet because you can never go wrong with this classic clothing staple. It is so versatile that you can wear it at the office and then go to a party at night and you can do this by adding the appropriate accessories. If you do not want your little black dress to look plain and uninteresting, dress it up. But remember to not overdo it because if you do, it will lose its chicness.

Pair your little black dress with animal print staples like leopard print shoes. This will give you a sexy edge. A tailored jacket will look good on your little black dress. It will make the whole day to evening change totally easy, so much better than a pashmina and cardigan. Another thing that you could do is to wear polka dot tights. It does not matter if your black dress is sleek or frilly. Experiment with your look and be creative. Use bold statement accessories and sparkly, attention-getting bracelets and earrings. You can likewise wear lots of long necklaces that look fun and modern. Add a little drama to your little black dress by wearing a fake fur jacket paired with sexy red shoes. Other accessories that you can add to your dress are belt, scarf, and the right bag.

There are a couple other things that you should keep in mind about your little black dress. Those worn at daytime should not cling to the body and the length should drop just below