Haxby: 500 Years of Experience, 2 Designers, and 1 Exciting New Brand

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Men across the world have something to look forward to when it comes to their wardrobe. A new luxury brand, Haxby, just debuted their first collection. This heritage brand bridges the gap between contemporary and classic menswear. Even better, Haxby is backed with 500 years of experience and two incredible designers. It is a recipe for success in the world of fashion, and it is catching the attention of many people.

About the Designers

Michael Dow and Tim White started Haxby. They are best friends of 10 years and have the same vision for high quality craftsmanship. Dow is skilled in leather, while White is a woodworker. The two believe in bringing integrity to the world of fashion. They spent two years searching the world for the finest materials. Once they found them, they worked to design pieces that were impeccably made.

The Wow Factor

The efforts of Dow and White have wowed even tough fashion critics. Their pieces are understated, but they are still stylish. They also look and feel luxurious. Even better, the garments are made with an amazing fit. This contributes to the overall look of each piece and enhances the presentation.

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Debut Collection

The debut collection has a variety of pieces for men to choose from with more on the way. Men can look forward to outerwear, bags, knitwear, and watches. The current collection has the following pieces to choose from:


  • Denim: The denim in the collection is top quality since the fabric is sourced from mills in Italy and Japan. Once the denim is received, the team of designers in Los Angeles cut and sews each pair of jeans. After, they add detailing to the jeans. The new Haxby jeans have 24K buttons, zippers, and rivets.
  • Eyewear: Haxby offers some of the best eyewear available for men. Each pair is handcrafted in Japan. The assembly process requires 200 manual steps. The result is a beautiful British design. The glasses also have 24K gold inlay on them.
  • Sneakers: The new shoes available in the Haxby collection might redefine contemporary footwear. The shoes are made out of luxurious cordovan leather. They are each handmade in Italy. During the production process, each shoe is buffed to perfection. These shoes change the meaning of casual footwear and might become a new statement piece for fashion.
  • Belts: The belts in the debut collection are also handcrafted. High quality leather, stainless steel, precious metals, and sapphire crystals are used to design the belts. Each belt is truly unique, and there are no two belts alike in the world.


Fall in Love With Haxby

It doesn’t take long to understand why people are instantly drawn to this new luxury brand. When quality is mixed with style, it’s likely that people are going to take notice. Haxby’s first collection is likely to be just one of many that people will fall in love with.

The launch of Haxby is a great thing for men’s fashion. It is nice to have a luxury brand that offers contemporary clothing for men. With the brands experience, it appears like this is just the beginning. The future is bright for Haxby and men’s fashion.

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