6 Male Fashion Trends for Summer 2015

Summer is just around the corner, which can only mean one thing! It’s time to update the wardrobe. It’s finally time to say goodbye to those cable knit jumpers and jeans. In their place are polo shirts, shorts and summer suits. Stores are filling their shelves with the latest in men’s fashion trends for this season. Meaning, it’s the perfect time to invest in new clothes. Want to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not? Here are the 6 male fashion trends to look out for this summer.

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  1. Red

All over the catwalks this season we saw flashes of red in practically every piece of menswear. Luckily, this is quite an easy trend to pull off. All of the high street stores have been cramming their shelves with red trousers, red polos, and red accessories. Team with a navy blue or neutral colours to make sure there’s no clashing going on. You’ll be surprised at how positive you feel wearing such a bright colour.


  1. Bright Prints

Big and bold printed tees are the order of the day for summer 2015. They began to creep in last festival season and have just grown in popularity since then. You need to be quite adventurous to pull them off, but it’s worth it. All over prints and floral patterns are definitely the in-thing this year. Most high street chains have proven that with their wide range of bright, printed tees. Go on, be bold.


  1. Lightweight Bomber Jackets

This trend is awesome for two reasons. One, bomber jackets look amazing. Two, they’ll last you into autumn and winter too. Sites like www.rogerdavid.com.au have been pushing the bomber jacket and it’s definitely paying off. A lightweight bomber can keep you cool and warm, depending on the weather. Perfect for those summer days which feel more like winter. You know the ones I’m talking about!


  1. Sportswear

It used to be that sportswear was reserved solely for the gym. Not anymore! One of the must-have looks for the catwalks was high-end sportswear. You can give off the vibe that you’re a gym bunny, without ever setting foot in one. Track jackets are a great compromise if you don’t want to go all out sportswear.


  1. Tennis Shoes

Following in the same footsteps as the sportswear trend are all-white tennis shoes. They’re absolutely everywhere at the moment. The great thing is, you can pair them with practically any outfit. Heck, I’ve even seen men in suits and white tennis shoes. Make sure you invest in some trainer whitener to keep them looking fresh.


  1. Summer Suits

Lightweight suits are big every year, but even more so for 2015. Fashion magazines have been all over the three-quarter length pant suit. Especially if it’s in red and paired with some tennis shoes! If you’re not keen on wearing a suit during sweltering temperatures, opt for a blazer instead. You can match a nice blazer with tailored shorts.

These are 6 of the hottest menswear trends for summer 2015. Most of which will probably stretch partway into autumn too. So go on, fill up your wardrobe. They’re essentials after all!


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