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May 16, 2017


One of the most important and most enjoyable parts of planning one’s own wedding is being able to use it as an opportunity to express oneself. You can express your love, the nature of it, and also a little something about your individual natures. Doing this is often what sets apart a great wedding from just a good one. Those weddings that tend to really stick with us are those which went out of their way to express the love in its truest form. If you are able to do this, then you will probably be as delighted with your wedding as you could hope to be. There are a few main areas where it can be particularly useful to express your love more clearly – let’s see what those are.


The rings are part of the wedding that you will probably spend the most time on, if only because you will be wearing them for the rest of your lives. It makes sense to do so, as you want to be as happy with them as possible. But choosing wedding bands can be surprisingly tricky, and you might find that it takes a lot more time than you had previously supposed. As it happens, there are many ways of ensuring that your rings are as personal to you as possible. You could consider actually having them engraved in order to truly personalise them – or you could just go out of your way to find bands which really do suit the both of you down to the ground. If you manage to find rings that really make sense, you will probably feel that it is really meant to be. It’s a great feeling when that happens, and it’s more likely to happen if you take your time with it.


Something that every good wedding needs is decent entertainment, especially during the reception. Of course, your options for what to do here are practically endless, so you should be sure to spend some time going through your choices. You want to go for something that accurately reflects the two of you. This could be a band that you both have always enjoyed together, perhaps the artist who made your own shared song,or it could be something that you have both discovered recently and could symbolize your ongoing love. You want to ensure that everyone else will be able to enjoy them as much as possible, so try not to go too niche here, but do also remember that it is your special day and that is what matters most.


The venue itself can be a fantastic opportunity to show everyone exactly what the two of you are about. These days, venue choices are becoming more and more varied and interesting, and if you want to show off your love you can use the actual setting itself to do so with surprising effectiveness. Be sure to plan far ahead, to give yourself plenty of time to find the ideal setting.

May 16, 2017

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We often forget about the groom on the wedding day and even in the days or months leading up to the ceremony. It is often believed, perhaps rightly so, that the bride is the guest of honor. Though it’s certainly true to say that if the groom looks a mess it can throw off the entire style and look of the wedding. When you look through your wedding photos years down the line, you don’t want to cringe at your appearance on one of the most important days of your life. You want everything to be picture perfect.

So, for once, let’s forget about the dress and think about the suit instead. Let’s stop looking at makeup tips and make sure we buy the right shoes. Here are some tips to make sure you look like a prince on your wedding day.

Choose The Right Suit

The first factor we need to think about when making sure you have the perfect style for your wedding is the suit. If you want to look like the type of gentlemen, every girl dreams of saying ‘I do’ too, you need to make sure you have a custom, fitted suit. It should be measured to match your body beautifully, tight and loose in all the right areas. Only a professional bespoke suits designer can ensure that this is the case, so that’s where you need to buy from. Just like the wedding dress, you should never buy a suit off the rack for the big day. You need to make sure that it is custom made to suit you, no pun intended.

Perfectly Matched

You’ll have a few little accessories to choose from when selecting your wedding outfit. These are the tie, the cumberbund, and the cufflinks. Each one should match the other in color and style. As well as this, you may want to think about matching the color with something that the bride is wearing. For instance, your bride may have decided not to wear white on her wedding day. Instead, she could have opted for a beautiful rouge dress. If that’s the case, matching the dress with the shade of the tie will ensure you both look absolutely stunning in your wedding photos.

Preparation Time

Finally, you need to make sure that you are preparing for the big day. Your shoes need to be polished until they shine and your suit must be properly pressed. Don’t leave this until the last minute and don’t try and get the creases out yourself. Instead, take it to a professional dry cleaners and ensure that the suit looks brand new, even if you bought it nearly a year ago.

You might also want to think about getting your haircut and styled a day or two before the big event. That way you can make sure that the groom looks properly groomed when he stands at the front of the aisle, waiting for the love of his life to arrive.

We hope you see now that making sure the groom looks like royalty is just as important as transforming the bride into a princess. At the very least, it will ensure that her dream of the perfect wedding comes true.

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May 16, 2017

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Deciding to get married is a massive decision and an immense source of happiness to a lot of people. In the days after your proposal, you may still be so consumed with excitement and contentment that you may not give much thought to the practical aspects of actually making it happen. However, as you start to get used to your new situation and realise that you’re now engaged, you will need to start considering all of the small details of the event itself. It can be overwhelming at first. The principal thing that you have to do is get the legal side sorted out. Whether you are going to get married in a religious ceremony or not, it is not an actual marriage unless it is recorded by a legal representative of the state. There is then organising a church (if you do decide to perform a religious rite) and what you’re going to wear. You then have to go about drawing up a guest list and making and sending out invitations. The organising does not stop there though. There is catering to worry about as well as a venue. You might also think about issuing a register so that your guests can buy you gifts they know you’ll like and you should also buy gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Finally, there is a honeymoon to worry about.

All of these things can seem like a lot of work, especially when you have to spend about £25,090 to get them all done. However, it does not need to be as stressful as it seems. Here are a few ways to make your wedding day as calm and beautiful as it should be:


  1. You do not need to look far to find small businesses that will be happy to take care of whole aspects of your wedding. All you need to do is consult a Wedding Listing Website to find people in your local area who can help you create the exact wedding that you want. One of the benefits of working with small business owners is that the work that they do is not ubiquitous. It is unique to them. Besides, if they are in business, they must be good at what they do. It is always good to get recommendations where you can as well.


  1. Rely on the people around you. The role of being a bridesmaid or a groomsman is not just a superficial, nominal position which means you get to stand near the altar during the ceremony. Those people are there to help you through what can be a difficult time. If you need to delegate, then do so. Ask their advice and allow them to support you emotionally. They are your friends, and they will help you organise the biggest, most expensive party you’ll ever throw.


  1. Do not let other people’s expectations affect your decisions. You do not need a massive wedding, whatever anyone tells you. If you want a small, intimate day, then go for that. Weddings can sometimes be more stressful than they need to be because the bride or groom is doing it all for someone else. Plan the wedding you want and no other.
May 15, 2017

One of the most vital things to get right when you are getting married is picking the venue. Remember that the venue is the backdrop to the either the celebration or the entire day, and it can have a huge effect on everything from the food to the service. In fact. it’s such a big deal that you should put in the effort to pick a venue that matches perfectly with your day. Read on to find out how to do this.

Large weddings

Some folks can’t imagine getting married without all of their friends and family along side them. Which is fine if you have a relatively small circle, but if you have a large extended family it can cause some real issues.

Just finding a place that is big enough to fit in chairs and tables for over 200 people can be a real challenge. As many venue can only cater up to 150 max.

Of course, there are a few around that can hold more like The Bristol Harbour Hotel. But most can only accommodate this number with a marquee pitched on the lawn. Which means you are best off having a summer wedding to ensure that the weather is as good as possible.

Vintage weddings

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Vintage weddings are super popular at the moment and this trend show no sign of slowing down. You have the old school Hollywood glamour type, which is all about diamonds, black and white and, classic elegance. Then there are the English rose vintage type with teacups, bunting and lot of flowers.

But it’s no good spending all of that time and money of a wonderful theme if the venue itself does not fit. That is why you have to pick one that will mesh with your vintage decoration  in a seamless way. So invest a little time in considering places like The Wood Norton wedding venues, or Alrewas Hays. As then you can be sure that you can make it work perfectly for your day.

Casual weddings

We are kind of in the era of anything goes with weddings which means that you are quite within your rights to have a much more informal do than was previously fashionable.

But what venue would this best? Well, why not try hiring a yurt tent, complete with fire pit,  for a super informal, festival atmosphere? Or, if that’s not your thing what about hiring our yours and your partners favourite bar and having a darn good knees up, without all the fuss and bother?

Small weddings

Small weddings are known to be intimate and meaningful, but it can be a mistake to think finding a venue for such a wedding will be easy. This is because most dedicated venues are set up for medium sized weddings, and may be too expensive or too big to be suitable.

Instead why not consider a registery office ceremony and then hire out a private room in your favorite restaurant? Then you will have a dedicated space for your wedding breakfast that will have a great atmosphere, even though there is just a few of you.

May 10, 2017

You only get one wedding day (…hopefully), and so you want everything to run as smoothly as possible. No doubt, you have spent the entire preparation period worrying about all of the different things that could go wrong. Well, this article is here to help you! Read on to discover some of the most common wedding mishaps and how you can avoid them.

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There is no music – While you may have booked a band or a DJ for your wedding, it is important to have a backup option. Create a wedding playlist just in case something goes wrong, for instance, there could be a fault with the equipment or the DJ may be a no show. It’s unlikely, but the last thing you want is a room filled with silence on your special day.

You hate your wedding photographs – You wouldn’t believe how many people get their wedding photographs back and hate them. Firstly, it all comes down to choosing a photographer with care. Conduct plenty of research and don’t simply ask one of your mates to take the photos. Secondly, think about what the photographer is asking you to do and what the end result is going to be. If you don’t want cheesy, staged photos, don’t do them – ask the photographer to take natural, unguarded photos instead. For some tips on getting camera ready for your big day, click here.

You run out of alcohol – Are you supplying your own alcohol? If so, make sure you account for extra guests and always overestimate on the amount of alcohol you need. Calculate how much liquor, beer and wine you think you will require, and then double it! You will be shocked by just how much gets drunk throughout the day. It is a good idea to find a store that allows you to return any unused alcohol, so you don’t suffer financially if you have too much.

Running behind schedule – Are you someone that has a tendency to always be late? Even weddings that have been planned to perfection don’t always run on time. The bridal party may be held up in traffic or the photos may take a lot longer than expected. Don’t panic and be prepared to adapt to changes throughout the day. It will also help if you plan for a little bit of extra time per each activity when you are putting together your schedule.

Family bust-ups – There is nothing worse than your aunt Sandra and your grandad Bill getting into an argument about something that happened ten years ago, but you’d be surprised how quickly tempers fly when alcohol is involved. Step in and tell them your wedding isn’t the place for it. And, make life easier for yourself by carefully arranging your table plan.

Unfortunately, no matter how much time and effort you spend planning your wedding, there are situations that can arise that are less than ideal. But, rather than letting them ruin your day, use the advice that has been provided above to deal with them effectively.

April 24, 2017

There are so many people involved in planning a wedding that sometimes stress is unavoidable. People are bound to clash over ideas, and no matter how much you love your partner, there will be days where you want to punch him/her in the face. So, in order to avoid any black eyes, it’s best to prepared for the things that can go wrong and have contingency plans when they do. Here’s some advice on how to cope.

Get the Groom Involved

It may not be your groom’s idea of fun when it comes to picking out flowers, colours or custom printed napkins. But, there are things about wedding planning that your groom may enjoy. Have a chat with your partner and ask him what he’d like to contribute to. Maybe he has a few songs in mind for the reception or an idea about wedding favours. If there’s one thing that all men enjoy, it’s cake tasting! So, take that opportunity and make a day of it to spend some time with the man you’re marrying.


Bond with Your Bridesmaids

More often than not, at least one of your bridesmaids will let you down in some way. Perhaps she won’t turn up to a dress fitting after getting the dates muddled up or it’s not uncommon for jealousy to seep in and bad behaviour to ensue. Before you fall out entirely with your bridesmaid, give her the benefit of the doubt. Spend some time with all of your bridesmaids and let them know you’re appreciative of what they’re doing for you.

Don’t Walk on Egg Shells

If your parents are paying for your wedding day, it can sometimes get awkward when it comes to finances. You appreciate what they’re doing for you, but it doesn’t mean they should have finally word on everything. Some parents can try to live vicariously through their children, forgetting to ask what it is they really want. Make sure you have your say or you may look back and regret it.



Manage the In-Laws

Most people are very lucky to have lovely in-laws. However, this doesn’t always avoid arguments on a wedding day. Parents on both sides will have certain ideas about what should happen and what they’re entitled to. For instance, some in-laws will want to be named on the invitations, even if they’re not paying towards the wedding. It’s hard to get your point across, but you have to for the sake of sanity.

Bachelor Party

When it comes to the boys and their bachelor parties, they want to go all out. Trips to Las Vegas, strippers, all nighters, people tied to poles. It gets messy! It’s their way of having one last blow out before becoming domesticated. However, your groom has to have his head screwed on straight. The last thing you need is for him to come home with a black eye the week before the wedding. Try suggesting some toned down ideas for his bachelor party so neither of you have to worry.