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April 10, 2017

Upon viewing my favorite fashion site, hypebeast, i just learned that the brand called MADNESS has releases its lookbook for 2017 spring summer collection. I must to admit that they has always he quirky and dope collection ever and there kind of pieces are the one you can be wear off anywhere and have yourself comfortable wearing them hence no doubt why mostly folks are getting crazed whenever they releases their new set of collection.

These styling they’ve made are really speaks to my style hence I think am getting myself some from this collection once they are available in the market but for the meantime we can always check MADNESS’s main website for the sneak peek pieces on what we gonna expect from them for this spring and summer season. You can also see some update for this collection over their site hence you better hang in there often for updates.

March 27, 2017

A lot of people think that beauty products are just for women, but these days it’s becoming more common for men to use them. The range available might not be the same as in women’s products and you might not know which ones are best. Here are a few of the top products for men on the market right now.

Reflection of a guy in the bathroom mirror after shaving

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Pomade is one of the oldest men’s products and there are countless different versions of it out there. It is a hair styling product that gives good hold for styles but maintains a wet look. You need to be careful when choosing Pomades because the name is used fairly liberally these days and some of the products labelled with it will not give you the same effect. This one by Blind Barber is one of the best ones on the market at the moment.

Khiels Facial Fuel

Khiels are one of the original and most popular male skin care brands. They offer a wide range of natural skin care for men and their facial fuel is just as powerful as the name suggests. It’s a great energizing scrub that will leave your skin feeling fresh and vibrant. Again, this is a fairly expensive one but the quality of the product means you only need a small amount per use and it is definitely worth the investment.

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

So, you’ve taken care of your skin and your hair, but you might still be suffering from dry and chapped lips. Most women’s lip balms come with a fruity flavour of some kind and some even have glitter in them so you might want to stay away from these. A good alternative for men is Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm. It is made of natural ingredients, packed with antioxidants and moisturisers, and has a subtle mint flavouring.

L:A Bruket

Beards are back in a big way at the moment so it is likely that beard care may be part of your daily cleansing regime. A small bit of stubble will probably be fine without treatment but if you have a longer beard, using oils on it is a must. One of the best ones on the market is No. 147 Beard Protector by L:A Bruket. It is packed full of natural oils to soften the hair and make styling easier. It also contains a good amount of Vitamin E to promote healthy growth.

L’Occitane Cade Shaving Cream

If you don’t have a beard, then you probably spend most of your morning covered in shaving foam. A lot of the supermarket brands can have a bit of a cheap smell and can sometimes irritate the skin. There are some more expensive alternatives out there but the improvement is definitely worth the price difference. One of the most popular is L’Occitane Cade Shaving Cream. It has a a great smoky smell and the shea butter in it helps get a good lather as well as softening your skin.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you get started on your daily routine and get the look you want.

February 4, 2017

Women are not the only ones who are fashionable at this day and age. Men are too. Everywhere you go you will see fashionable men wearing the latest trends in clothes, shoes, and accessories. Some are just wearing simple jeans and shirts but they carry them in such a way that it becomes modern and chic. The clothes you have on and all your footwear and accessories need not be expensive. It is all about confidence and attitude. Own it and you will surely look your best.

Winter is finally over and spring is upon us. Men’s spring fashion is a mix of athletic and preppy clothes with many printed pants, jackets, and suits. Floral printed shirts are very much in as well as printed pants which has to be well-tailored and the prints, minimal. Another trend in men’s fashion is patterned or printed jackets in floral, plaid, and camouflage. You can pair them with solid-colored pants or shorts. Men can also wear well-fitted high-rise or rolled pants but keep in mind that this style looks better with casual pants than with a suit.

Do all your shopping at Plus 2 Clothing. They have some really nice layer T-shirts for people who are taller than the usual. This Australian-owned brand’s main goal is to design longer length clothing that is fashionable, affordable and most of all – made of superior quality. They are also custom made and usually sold as limited edition especially when it is printed. Aside from layer T-shirts (, they also have plain tall tees, printed tall tees, tall winter wear, longline tops, and tall hoodies. Plus 2 Clothing delivers their clothes from Australia and offer express services to all countries. If the customer is not satisfied with the items, they may return them within 30 days for a full refund minus the shipping and handling fees and 10% restocking fee per unit.

September 21, 2016

When it comes to your style and fashion, it can be tricky when you have Gucci tastes on a gap budget. You might be flicking through the pages of fashion magazines with a longing look. Big brands and designers brands don’t come cheap. Even something like a handbag can set you back quite a lot. Even if you have a budget, there are still some ways to get the brands that you love, though.

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Shop Out of Season

To get some big branded bargains, it is great advice to shop outside of the current season. We are coming up to fall and winter now, so you’d want to be looking for spring and summer items. You won’t be able to use them straight away necessarily, but it will be good to store them up. Things like swimwear can go for real cheap if you shop around now. So look around stores online and see what you can find. A piece of advice for shopping out of season is to choose classic pieces where you can. Classic pieces will mean more chance of wearing them when you have bought them several months ahead. If it is a bit more of a unique style, you might not like it when it comes round to using it.

Shop With Coupons

There are many coupon and money saving websites out there. So it is a good idea to look for some before you shop for anything. But especially when you are shopping for designer or branded goods. You can get things like a Ralph Lauren coupon, Bobbi Brown, and YSL coupons online. So it is certainly worth looking out for them. You can, of course, find coupons and deals in magazines and catalogs.

Look For Discount Codes

If you like to do a lot of shopping online, then be sure to look out for discount codes. It is also a good idea to buy branded goods from a department store, rather than from the store direct. There is much more chance of getting a discount code or something like free shipping when you shop somewhere like Nordstrom. So don’t immediately click away on the pop-ups that come up. Quite often they offer discounts, or you can sign up the mailing list. Signing up to the mailing list usually gives you money off your first voucher. So it is worth looking into.

Shop Secondhand and Vintage

You can get some absolute bargains when you look in thrift stores. You can find some vintage designer pieces that are just old 80s junk to someone else. So secondhand stores and thrift shops are certainly worth looking at. They are great because they sell everything; from handbags to shoes, to jewelry and accessories. Take your time to browse through and who knows what awesome things you might find?

Do you like to shop and hunt for designer and branded bargains? Have you found something that works for you? It would be great to hear what works for you.

September 10, 2016

 photo 1_zpsurvxnupf.jpg
Riding a motorcycle may look easy but in reality it’s not because it entails a lot of responsibility to do so. One must observe safety measures diligently. You can enhance your safety by doing everything possible to avoid an accident or by making sure that the damage, in case of an accident, is as minimal as possible. Another way is to wear riding gear such as helmets, gloves, knee or elbow protectors, and leather suits. But don’t just wear any ordinary riding clothing. It must fit perfectly. Furthermore, the clothing you wear should protect you from sliding and against any impact.

Motorcycle clothing should protect you when sliding over the surface of the road. Much heat will be produced that’s why you should buy clothing that can withstand it. Quality leather is the first choice but the minimal thickness should be 1.2 mm thick and should be double-stitched. The second choice is Kevlar but it should be woven into other materials. Third choice would be Condura which most synthetic suits are made of. Besides protection when sliding, you should also have protection against the impact of a collision. The impact can be distributed over a bigger area, or the impact can be absorbed.


Motorcycle clothing from is the best. It’s the web’s largest source for powersports parts, accessories, gear and tires. They have over 8 million products so customers are assured to have everything they need to get riding. Plus, their goal is to supply customers with a professional-quality tool to purchase the parts and accessories they need, as well as provide industry-leading customer service. Get to own high quality riding gear such as discount motorcycle jacket, boots, helmets, pants, vests, gloves, rain suits, and chaps among others; accessories like backpacks, cameras, gear bags, GPS, alarms etc.; casual apparel like beanies, shirts, shoes, shorts, hats, sunglasses etc.; tires; and tools & chemicals. All these from leading brands like Fox, Alpinestars, Speed and Strength, River Road and more.

July 28, 2016

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For many people summer is the most fun season not only because we get to enjoy the sun and go on unforgettable adventures like going to the beach, sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, traveling, sight seeing, mountain climbing, hiking, sky diving, bungee jumping etc. but also because we get to wear cool, fashionable, comfortable clothes and accessories, and trendy men’s swimwear. However, dressing well in the heat can feel so intimidating and you might think that it’s hard to build multiple outfits if all you can wear are shorts, shirts, and shoes. What you can do is to mix and match combinations, coming up with a really stylish ensemble.

 photo mens-summer-essentials-1_zpsviw07ucu.jpg

A proper fitting polo shirt can be one of the most versatile shirts in your wardrobe. It looks better if it’s not tucked in. Another staple is the fitted flat front short which you should buy in different colors. This is more stylish than baggy, long cargo shorts. Also go for linen fabric because it’s thin and breathes well. Don’t worry that it wrinkles. Buy and wear a boat shoe because you can wear it casually with a shirt or make it more formal with a button up shirt and slim fit chinos. Don’t forget reliable sandals and flip flops. Canvas sneakers are likewise great if you want that well-dressed casual look. You should also have slim fit chinos that’re perfect for casual lunches and dinners.

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Shop for all these items in one go at House of Fraser. In business since 1849, their goal is to provide customers with the best clothes and accessories for men and women as well as Homeware collections from renowned brands. They have the best men’s shorts online. The store has come a long way, now delivering to over 150 countries with its first international store opening in 2013 in Abu Dhabi’s World Trade Center Mall. It’s quite easy to shop for the items you want by browsing by department or by brand. Some of the brands available are Armani Jeans, Ted Baker London, Pandora, Linea, and Howick. Furthermore, they offer free standard delivery on orders over £50.