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April 21, 2017

Summer season is fast approaching. And by this time, I know you’re fond enough to wear of any of the white dress lace or perhaps the green mermaid dress. Because summer is too humid hence it’s just right for you to have wore off something light and perfectly for the summer season to pull off. Actually, I have so many finds in mind to wear this season, summer, but I think I’ll be more considerate the white dress lace at as mostly of their dresses are these in trend and a lot of fashion enthusiasts and icons are keep on talking about them.

See-Through Lace Edging Tunic Cover Ups Dress - White

See-Through Lace Edging Tunic Cover Ups Dress – White

Look at this see-though lace edging cover up dress here, isn’t it lovely? Actually this dress is being included on the Rosegal’s sale section that you can find here: you can find all lovely dresses that are way perfect to wear this summer season. Other good thing about this shop is, they can even ship out your item within 24 hours or right after you placed your order. And to the fact that mostly of their items were indeed reasonable and cheap to have unlike to the other same online shops out there hence you’ll better to check this lovely shop here for your Exquisite White Dress Lace.

Long Sleeve Lace Long Kimono Beach Cover-Up Dress - White

Long Sleeve Lace Long Kimono Beach Cover-Up Dress – White

If you are fond and have the most courage and confident to fault, why not having this lovely long sleeve lace Kimono cover ups here. Because this was the most trendy and a hot pick for girls these days hence you might get interests to it as well. And believe it or not, it is just 14 USD at with the high-quality of course. For more details and for more finds to get you can always check them out at the link given for your own convenience.

December 1, 2016

If you have some cash to burn, you might be thinking about planning a luxury trip for next year. Once you retire or even when you come into some money, it’s worth exploring the world in all its glory. But you certainly don’t want to do this on a shoestring budget. That can lead to an unpleasant and a rather forgettable experience. So, what are the best ways to travel and how can you start setting up your luxury vacation today?

Cruising Across The World

Yacht Musashi

Flickr Image

If you want to experience the world in a truly spectacular way, we suggest that you rent or purchase a yacht. For a few weeks, you can rent a luxury yacht in a chosen location for a ten or twenty thousand. If you’re looking to buy one, you will need to be prepared to part ways with close to a million. That said, there is nothing quite like having your own private yacht to see the world. You’ll be able to anchor off one of the Greek islands, like Kefalonia. Just imagine waking up as the sun rises up over that tremendous turquoise ocean. Once you have purchased your yacht, you can kit it out with all the luxury items that you need. We suggest you start by getting a bed from a handcraft mattress company. This will feel like heaven to lie on even if you are bobbing up and down on the waves.

First Class Or Forget It

Singapore Airlines First Class (747)

Pic Via Flickr

There are people who don’t see the appeal of first class. We suspect these individuals have never actually tried it. If you’re worried that it’s not worth the cost prepare for those troubles to be completely eliminated. When you step inside a first class lounge, you’ll be greeted with a host that will cater to your every desire. You’ll also be able to rub shoulders with the rich and the famous. You probably think that you’ve never been on a plane with a celebrity in your life. But we bet you have, and they were most likely just a few meters in front of you. Once you walk through that curtain, it is like stepping into another world. Sit down in your seat that’s like a cocoon, close the door and escape for the rest of the flight in your own pleasures.

Luxury On The Orient Express

Pullman Orient Express - Anatolya, interior

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Some people are old fashioned and claim that the best way to travel is still by train. If you care to venture onto the Orient Express, you might just be persuaded that they are right. There is nothing quite like this travel experience with five-star meals just a carriage cart away. Take a trip through the most famous cities across Europe. Start over in London, stop off in Paris and visit Venice. Outside your window, gaze at the lush scenery that seems to have been painted there in the renaissance age. You will adore every moment and then you can settle in for a peaceful sleep in a heavenly carriage bed.

Did we just whet your appetite for traveling in luxury and style? We certainly think so.

September 21, 2016

When it comes to your style and fashion, it can be tricky when you have Gucci tastes on a gap budget. You might be flicking through the pages of fashion magazines with a longing look. Big brands and designers brands don’t come cheap. Even something like a handbag can set you back quite a lot. Even if you have a budget, there are still some ways to get the brands that you love, though.

 photo shopping-606993_960_720_zps5yxc8sis.jpg


Shop Out of Season

To get some big branded bargains, it is great advice to shop outside of the current season. We are coming up to fall and winter now, so you’d want to be looking for spring and summer items. You won’t be able to use them straight away necessarily, but it will be good to store them up. Things like swimwear can go for real cheap if you shop around now. So look around stores online and see what you can find. A piece of advice for shopping out of season is to choose classic pieces where you can. Classic pieces will mean more chance of wearing them when you have bought them several months ahead. If it is a bit more of a unique style, you might not like it when it comes round to using it.

Shop With Coupons

There are many coupon and money saving websites out there. So it is a good idea to look for some before you shop for anything. But especially when you are shopping for designer or branded goods. You can get things like a Ralph Lauren coupon, Bobbi Brown, and YSL coupons online. So it is certainly worth looking out for them. You can, of course, find coupons and deals in magazines and catalogs.

Look For Discount Codes

If you like to do a lot of shopping online, then be sure to look out for discount codes. It is also a good idea to buy branded goods from a department store, rather than from the store direct. There is much more chance of getting a discount code or something like free shipping when you shop somewhere like Nordstrom. So don’t immediately click away on the pop-ups that come up. Quite often they offer discounts, or you can sign up the mailing list. Signing up to the mailing list usually gives you money off your first voucher. So it is worth looking into.

Shop Secondhand and Vintage

You can get some absolute bargains when you look in thrift stores. You can find some vintage designer pieces that are just old 80s junk to someone else. So secondhand stores and thrift shops are certainly worth looking at. They are great because they sell everything; from handbags to shoes, to jewelry and accessories. Take your time to browse through and who knows what awesome things you might find?

Do you like to shop and hunt for designer and branded bargains? Have you found something that works for you? It would be great to hear what works for you.

August 8, 2016


When you get into the art of jewellery making, there’s a lot to learn! This exciting hobby has so many different facets (pun intended) and once you get into it you will never stop learning new things. In this article, we will offer some helpful tips that will get you started as a beginner as you embark on your jewellery making adventure.

Tips for Making Jewellery

Keep these tips in mind for jewellery making so that you can have increased success in this exciting hobby.


These are just a few tips to help you out as you get started with your jewellery making. The key is not to let yourself get overwhelmed, there are a lot of things to learn but you can simply start with the basics and go from there. Don’t be discouraged if your first pieces of jewellery don’t look like the professional ones – just keep practicing and you will get there! Your skills will develop with practice, so be patient and stick with it.

May 9, 2016

So he’s popped the question, you’ve said yes, now what? Of course, there’s lots of celebrating to do, as well as lots of wedding planning. But there’s also something else you need to be thinking about – the rings. He may have chosen an engagement ring already, or he may have left it up to you to choose. Either way, what’s important is that your ring is carefully selected. Not all rings are designed equal and, if you want it to last and wear well, you need to realise that. There’s not just your engagement ring to think about; there’s also your wedding bands as well.

 photo wedding-rings-949106_960_720_zpsq6paeu62.jpg

Photo source

Choosing the perfect rings – engagement and wedding, isn’t an easy task. It’s not just about how beautiful they are, but also about whether they’ll stand the test of time. If you’re not well informed about metals, cuts, and diamonds, it can be hard to tell a good quality design from a flawed one. To make ring shopping easier and less stressful, I thought I would put together this handy article. Packed full of tips and tricks for spotting the perfect rings, this will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The engagement ring and bands should match

Well, not match as such, but work well together. You could pick an engagement ring and bands that are made by the same designer, or you could mix and match two different ones. The important thing is that in someway, the engagement ring and bands match. This could be the style, cut, or metal choice; it doesn’t have to be anything big. It could even be as subtle as having the same engraving on both.

You both need to love the design

Both you and your partner must love the design of each ring. With differing tastes, this can make things a little tricky, but there’s no need to stress. It’s not about you both having the same ring; it’s about them linking together in some way. Some couples opt for rings that are the same while others go for individual designs. Both options can work well; it’s just a case of ensuring that they link up in some way. If you both like different designs, perhaps you could compromise on one that incorporates both your choices?

Be choosy about diamonds

Engagement and wedding rings and diamonds go hand in hand. A lot of people don’t take the time to ensure that the diamonds they’ve opted for are of a high quality. Instead, they focus on the design and style. It’s important to select high-quality diamonds, as this can make a difference to the overall look of the ring. Whether you’re looking for one big diamond for an engagement ring or smaller ones for wedding bands, you need to be choosy. To find out more about checking the quality of a diamond, check out this Ritani review online. Have a read, take note, and you can ensure the diamonds you pick are of a high quality.

Keep your lifestyle in mind

Lastly, remember to keep your lifestyle in mind. This may have been said again and again, but it’s worth repeating. Don’t forget to take your lifestyle into account when it comes to picking your rings. As what you spend your time doing will have an impact on how well they wear. If you are an active person who loves being outdoors, a hard metal like platinum is a great option. It’s also worth sticking to a plain design, as more elaborate rings can prove uncomfortable. Think about your life, and work out what design option would be best for you.

Hopefully, this advice will help you to make an informed decision when it comes to selecting your engagement and wedding rings.

March 9, 2016

 photo Silver-Jewelry-Care-640x285_zpsgu1qjoom.jpg

Silver jewellery is beautiful and it has a charming, elegant and classy look. However, after a while your silver can start to look dull and tarnished as it is exposed to the air and light – it’s a reaction that occurs over time in the metal. All real silver jewellery will eventually tarnish in some form, from rings to necklaces to stackable charm bracelets and many other different types. There are a few ways that you can prevent tarnish from forming and remove it when it does form, so that you can keep your silver jewellery looking gorgeous.

Tarnish is simply a layer of corrosion that naturally forms on metals when they undergo a chemical reaction with other compounds, especially sulphur dioxide and oxygen. Here are some tips for keeping your silver jewellery tarnish free:

Anti-Tarnish Tips for Silver Jewellery

Cleaning Your Tarnished Silver Jewellery Items

The tips above will help to keep your silver jewellery from being tarnished, but eventually all silver will start to tarnish over time. It’s not the end of the world, all you need to do is clean it. If your silver jewellery items become tarnished, you can clean them by yourself by washing them in warm water with mild phosphate free soap. Then, rinse them and dry them thoroughly with a soft cotton cloth.

It is also a good idea to have your silver jewellery cleaned once per year using an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner. It is a bit of an expense, but it will keep your jewellery looking beautiful for a very long time. However, make sure that you don’t clean any silver jewellery that is studded with gemstones, as the chemicals that are used in the ultrasonic cleaner can damage the gemstone. If you aren’t sure how to clean a particular piece of jewellery, you can always ask your professional jeweller for advice.

With the right care, your jewellery will last you for many years and will provide you with a lot of joy and happiness. When you have a piece of beautiful ChloBo Celebrity Jewellery it is important to look after it and keep it in good condition, so that you can enjoy its lovely charm for as long as possible.