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May 15, 2017

Are you a branded person? well, I think Gucci is one of the usual brand for that people might gonna say they wanted to have in them as all of their pieces were these dope and it has a unique and quirky designs in each of their finds that can really makes you fashionable and stylist at the same time. Though, in price wise, Gucci of course is way expensive than to the  normal brand we knew and yet worth to have as all of their finds are pretty into trend and fashion enthusiasts are keep on wearing them and made the brand into lead spot when it comes to fashion, in both men and women fashion today.

This fall collection is a much look forard to. Because the colors used in each are pretty lively that we barely sees in fall collection from the other brands because usually they’re into black finds for fall and winter collections but this one is way different that we should of course get in as you wanted yourself to be as fashionable as you fashion icons was. Okay, that will be all for now as I dont have any further details yet regarding this Gucci Pre-fall collection but sure do, the brand will be updated us all in when they gonna release this collection fully in the market.

May 15, 2017

I know you folks wants a closer look with the new adidas PureBOOST Clima Series that they are peeking the past few months ago that a pretty sure that all of you dope guys are pretty excited for the releasing date. Well, the shoes is on the final stage where adidas is so ready to release them in no time now hence you’ll have to keep on checking this blog or the adidas man website for further update when and where it would be available first. But if I were you am gonna stick with their online shop as they are fond in selling this first over there than to the affiliated stores nears you. But of course, in due time and as the production increases this new kicks they have for this season will be gone available to your country, so you dont need to worry that much.

 PureBOOST Clima is pretty much similar to adidas NMD_R1 that been crazed in the past months ago but I think, this ones better because it’s just simply and light still and the price is quite affordable, a bit, than to the first light shoes they’ve got which raging to 200 USD in each. But this one is ranging to $140 USD to $150 USD, I guess, depending where you can buy it but of course if you buying it to the other country besides to US and Canada it may probably cost you a little because of the tax duties you’ll have to settled. Okay, that will be all for now and just wait to the update where this will be available to you.

May 11, 2017

Your favourite street wear brand supreme is now extending their line to sunglasses as they released their new spring sunglasses 2017 this very recent. At first, I really dont see this coming as the brand is pretty into dope pieces like a cap or sort of skateboard for their accessories hence I was stunts where I’ve learned that they even considered to have some new set of sunglasses that you guys can choose from with.

Their sunglasses collection is too board where you can choose any color you want as they have a variety included in this collection, you can see the sunglasses set at top photo though I think some of you might gonna consider them and still there’s some dope their who can really pull this off hence am putting this collection here for your consideration.

To find more details about this, you can always check the supreme website for the availability and pricing ranges in each pieces.

May 10, 2017

It’s not new to us that the high-end brand Givenchy uses the Shark as their motif collection that we got to see way back time and to those who loves it and really looking forward to have anew set of finds having the shark on, it’ time for you guys to joy as the brand consider it again and having their new collection inspired in the shark again. Though if you’re asking me though, this mark is really usual and casual like their other collections where made too elegant to miss, though you can still rock this with elegance and still you have to pick the right pieces to brings the awesomeness in you, this only my opinion though.

Givenchy came up with three pieces for their shark motif, they have the tees, backpack and cap which tremendously expensive which us regular people cant consider at all. To think that their backpack is amounting $1,345 USD while their t-shirt is ranging $550 USD each and the cap is $495 USD that is unreasonable for me. But of course if you have a extra bucks to spend and you’re into the brand, you can go ahead and check this collection at their online shop as I know these are being available now and ready to avail. Go check it yourself before they gone out of stocks.

May 10, 2017

Looking for the dope pair of shoes to rock on? well, why not to check this newly released shoes from the brand ASICS which they’re calling “Tiger”. the shoes itself is kinda usual, I mean their trade marks are allover still, but the only thing Ive noticed was they’ve used an Little color in it which makes the whole shoes quite different. The shoes is already out and ready to avail at any Asics mortar stores neither to their online shops and their affiliated online stores you know.

The shoe colour is neutral which I really like for a kicks, why? because you can easily pair them up in any styling or outfit you’d trying to pull off in any day. It can be also pair up in casual, sports and even formal as long as you knew your own style and have this idea on how you can mix and matches clothes basing on the shoes you’d wearing. The shoe has a retail price of $130 USD or £100 if you getting it over in London. But if you’re far on the main stores where this shoes will be available first, I’ll then suggest you to score the shoe over online has there’s a bunch of shops online that is ready to assist you base on the availability of the shoe hence better to get it now before it runs out.

May 4, 2017

Being sophisticated isn’t everybody’s calling. Neither is being sophisticated the be all and end all in life. But styling yourself in a sophisticated manner is something everybody can do. And there’s nothing wrong with injecting your wardrobe with an air of sophistication. Below are a few ways you can style yourself sophisticated.

First of all you should take almost a minimalist approach. You should try to buy less. But buying less doesn’t mean you need lack in any compartment. You should use the money you save on not buying other items of clothing by buying better when it comes to the items you do purchase. This will more than compensate for not buying in bulk. By not having you wardrobe burst at the seams and instead focusing on a fewer amount of quality items you will then always be seen in quality. And this is cornerstone of sophisticated styling: quality. Instead of buying a different watch for every day of the week why don’t you take a look at a vintage Rolex for sale? That way whenever anybody looks at your wrist they’ll see quality, and the fact that you wear it every day won’t matter.

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Another cornerstone of sophisticated styling is neatness. Nobody has ever looked sophisticated without tucking their shirt in or buttoning their shirt up. Nobody has ever looked sophisticated with their underwear on show. And nobody has certainly ever looked sophisticated in clothes that don’t fit them! Because of this you should always ensure that the clothes you adorn yourself in, especially if they’re suits, are tailored to fit your body. Clothing alterations are key to completing any wardrobe, in truth, but especially so when you are trying to give off an air of sophistication in the way you dress. Because of this you should never forgo the task that is ensuring that everything is as it seems and your clothes are not bursting at the seams. You should also never forgo the importance shoes play in the ensemble. You may have experience in giving precedence to what you wear on your feet due to your need as a teen to have the latest trainers. But buying shoes in a sophisticated sense is a completely different task. It’s not necessarily about buying a pair to stand out, like you did with the trainers you bought when you were younger. It’s about buying a pair that will fit seamlessly in with the rest of your gear. It’s about buying a pair that won’t draw too much attention for either being ‘too fancy’, or just for being too different to the rest of your style. The best thing of all in this sense? You don’t have to go out and buy the most expensive shoes possible. There are many cheap ways to find the best and most suitable shoes.

There’s nothing to say you have to change your style, and there’s nothing to say you can’t dress sophisticated on occasion, even if you are more suited to the street style. If you want to stick with your style, you do it! If you want to twist your style, you do it! The beauty of fashion is that everybody has the right and ability to chose their own. But if a sophisticate style does take your fancy, make sure to take heed of the advice above.