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April 20, 2017

The technology that we literally have at our fingertips these days is pretty astonishing. All that we can access is right there in front of us. We can talk to friends that are miles away, even in different countries or time zones at the touch of a button. We can order food and have it delivered in a couple of hours. So with all of that in front of us, our social lives should be the best they’ve ever been, right? Wrong! For many people, they aren’t, and they need a bit of a shake up. So here is how you can use technology to help improve your social life, and not just let you become a recluse.


Go Live!

If you’re at an event or somewhere that you want to tell people about, then how about going live on your Facebook page or your Instagram profile? First of all, people will get notified that you are going live on your page, so they can join in and see what you are doing. So it is a great way to reconnect with other people, especially those that you haven’t seen in awhile. You get to see who is logging on to see you, so it gives you the chance to ‘talk’ over it or to even reconnect after you’ve finished the live broadcast. If your friends are going somewhere that you want to be at, then you could always ask them to go live so you can see or hear whatever it is.

Video Calls

The only problem with going live on social media is that there are certain restrictions. If you’re at a concert or a gig, for example, the feed would be cut off because of copyright infringement purposes on the songs. So you can always use video calls too if you just want to be more specific with who you are sharing with. You can do this on social media platforms too, as well as on your phone with apps like Skype and FaceTime. With all of this, though, it means that your phone has to be in good working order. So if it isn’t working at it’s best, and you could look into how circuit board repairs can save your cell phone, as well as other storage or data problems that could be slowing it down. It also pays to have your charger with you or a backup power source. Then you can keep in touch to your heart’s content.


Use Locations

If you are meeting friends for a drink, then you can easily send them your location in an app like WhatsApp. You don’t need to know the address of where you are either. You can simply press send location and choose who you want to send it to. It works well if you’re on a night out or a festival or gig too. Then you can meet up quickly and easily.

Connect Your Calendar

One of the great things with smartphones is that they can connect with our apps. So we can get notified when it is people’s birthdays, or certain dates to remember. So make sure you connect your calendar to them, so you’re always up to date with what is going on. You can also sync calendars with other people, such as your partner or best friend. Making plans was never so easy!

April 10, 2017

Upon viewing my favorite fashion site, hypebeast, i just learned that the brand called MADNESS has releases its lookbook for 2017 spring summer collection. I must to admit that they has always he quirky and dope collection ever and there kind of pieces are the one you can be wear off anywhere and have yourself comfortable wearing them hence no doubt why mostly folks are getting crazed whenever they releases their new set of collection.

These styling they’ve made are really speaks to my style hence I think am getting myself some from this collection once they are available in the market but for the meantime we can always check MADNESS’s main website for the sneak peek pieces on what we gonna expect from them for this spring and summer season. You can also see some update for this collection over their site hence you better hang in there often for updates.

July 7, 2016

 photo kim-jones-nikelab-sneakers-2_zpsnjiagfnl.jpg

It’s rarely for me to see Nike doing collaboration with the other brands or names as their brand, I know, is really independent and wanting their trademark to be in each of their items as they need to release any new in the market. But today, I have found out that Nike is now fondness on doing so and anytime soon now we might see other brands collaborating with them too.

Actually, I did now as its official that Nike is collaborating with Kim Jones for one awesome kicks. And you can able to see the peek on above photo though we didn’t know if they revise it for more betterment or not as it does only the first base, I think so, for the piece they’d cooking off for as all. But let’s see soon if this shoes will be part on their collaborative pieces or they did just decided to eliminate it.

But to be honest, I dont like the features they’d used to this shoes as well the material, I think I just liked the airmax better that to this, Sorry! but I dont like their ideas for this one.

April 21, 2016

Did you know that the average American spends up to twenty hours a month on Facebook? When you think about it, that’s a pretty crazy statistic. We all know people who just log in once in awhile to check their messages and pay no notice to their newsfeed. But then we also know lots of people who are guilty of spending half their waking lives flicking through their timeline. The social media network, founded by Mark Zuckerberg over a decade ago, is still one of the biggest behemoths of the online age. There are three million Facebook posts going live every single minute, and it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

 photo abstract-1233873_960_720_zpsqfcti53g.jpg


So what is the last thing you do before you go to bed at night? Do you put down your book, switch off the light, and manage to resist that one last check on facebook? If that’s your pre-sleep routine, then you’re not doing yourself any favors. Blue light plays havoc with our sleep patterns, which is why experts recommend that you switch them off two hours before bedtime.

But what if you can’t? There are plenty of people who reckon Facebook is a waste of time, but more and more of us seem to be addicted to social media. But it’s not all bad, no matter what the naysayers might tell you!

It can help you relax

Studies have shown that when you flick through Facebook, reading your friends posts and pages you’ve liked, it can help you relax. It has been demonstrated that when you spend time on the network, you are likely to experience a lower heart rate. You may also reduce levels of tension and stress. There’s a reason to log in, just there!

Fire up Your Friendships

Facebook is a handy way of keeping in touch with all of your friends. It’s also excellent for trying to locate people you’ve lost contact with over the years too. In the past, if you wanted to track down family or find a lost love, it was much harder to do than it is now. There wasn’t any internet, for a start. Of course, not everyone is on social media, even in 2016, so it’s not a foolproof way to find someone. You could always go old school and hire a private investigator!

 photo social-network-76532_640_zpsfu2frfuo.png


Facebook can boost your self-confidence

We all want people to like us in our everyday lives, and it is no different online. According to research, spending as little as 180 seconds on the social platform can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. Maybe it’s because we can pick and choose what information we put out there. You can carefully craft your image, and make your life seem more exciting than it is. The biggest ego boost was shown to be found by editing your profile while taking a break from Facebook. It’s not clear why, but it provided the greatest boon to confidence over any other action.

Slim down with Support

If you’re trying to lose weight, then don’ do it alone. Participants trying to shed a few pounds lost more when they were members of a Facebook community or group that provided peer to peer support. Those that chose to go it alone lost, on average, nearly five pounds less than those who did it with online assistance. So, you could forget the gym once in awhile and still lose weight!

Provide Inspiration

Seeing all of your friend’s posts can give you your own ideas for a whole host of things. Things to do, places to go, the list goes on and on. Let’s face it; it’s hard not to get jealous when you see your friends snaps from exotic destinations. Take their lead and book yourself a vacation. It’s well known that getting away from it all is good for you.

April 4, 2016

 photo wvm-monkey-time-2016-spring-summer-garment-dyed-denim-lookbook-02_zpsgvfpvf0x.jpg

Don’t have any idea on what kind of styling should be wear this spring and summer season? if so, why not checking off some brand’s lookbook for you to see or for you to have a lil sneak on what we should consider as the new season is coming. Actually, as for my personal style I am most relay on these  lookbook as I wanted myself to be more fashionable basing on what’s new and trend in particular season. But as i dont have to pleased any or if I just wanna to have a relaxed and collected self I am more into bulky and loose kind of wears as this gives a comfortable feels in any season. I think this is a matter on what you feel or mood you have in a certain day though..

But for you folks who wants really into fashion and be in trend this summer, I think you should follow this WVM x monkey time 2016 Spring/Summer “Garment Dyed Denim” Lookbook as they followed the international standard for the spring/summer look. Actually, there’s a bunch of lookbook photos available from the other brands out in the net these days, just check them over an try to find pieces basing on the look you’ be trying to pull off and am telling your the result is what you’re expecting to be have,.

 photo wvm-monkey-time-2016-spring-summer-garment-dyed-denim-lookbook-01_zpsyrhbmrr7.jpg

As for this WVM x monkey time 2016 Spring/Summer “Garment Dyed Denim” Lookbook. The brand WVX had collaborated with the famous Monkey time for their spring/summer 2016 which based on the dyed denim. I think dyed denim are mostly in summer time as this was comfortable to see thus everyone’s fond of using it as for their collection’s pieces.

For more details about this collection, I encourage you to go ahead at the both brand site for further updates as they’re continuously updating their consumers about this upcoming collection they’d currently cooking.


March 9, 2016

 photo ShopbopSaleBags_zpsnsgrimso.jpg

When we shop for bags, what we always think about is how pretty the bag is and not how well suited it is to our body type. Not every handbag is ideal for every woman. The rule is for you to buy the opposite shape of your body type. Look at yourself in the mirror and carry the bag as you usually do and meticulously stare at it in all angles. If you’re tall and thin, choose handbags that’re wider than they’re tall and the straps should not be short. Clutch bags are great for thin and tall women. Don’t carry a small bag if you’re plus-size. Select a big structured bag to balance out your curves. Furthermore, don’t choose bags with tiny patterns.

 photo shopbop-big-event-sale-2016-bags-650x650_zpszfoyrwu1.png

If you’re petite, don’t use large bags because these will overpower your frame. Don’t buy bags with long straps because it will make you look smaller. Always remember that smaller bags make you appear taller. If you’re pear shaped, stick to bags that will fall between your natural waist and above the hips. Women who’re apple-shaped should have bags that’re structured and wide because they balance out your upper half. If you’re someone with no curves, better shop for hobo and satchel bags since they give curves to your figure.

 photo bag_zpsov05rrpg.png

For stylish bags with a strong British element at the core, shop at Garment Quarter. Established in Bristol, England in 2010, their goal is to bring the most interesting yet wearable pieces from famous, international designers to shoppers across the globe. Each season, Garment Quarter evaluates its collections to make sure that only stylish and unique pieces are sold. The items they sell are clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, jewellery, and underwear from reputable brands like Versace, Victoria Beckham, Paul Smith, Mary Katrantzou, Comme des Garcons and many others. They even have Vivienne Westwood Bags.