Thinking Out Loud Cover by LUNAFLY

Everyone got crazed with this song called Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran. And mostly peeps gone their own cover too. But through all the cover I’ve heard and Watched. This one really stands out which the cover of this Korean group called Lunafly. I just simply liked this because of the arrangement they’ve made. They just made it their own thus its pretty ease to the ears as you listen to it. Try to watch the video on top for you to see on how great this cover is..

I don’t actually blog up some cover video over this site, Because I partly making this blog as one fashion and lifestyle blog which I’ve aimed for long time ago. But since I’ve heard or watched this video I really can’t contain and help myself to include them out in here that’s why I’d ended up posting them here..haha

okay, that will be all and I hope you can keep on checking me here for some fashion and personal updates. Thanks!

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