Streetsnaps: Copenhagen Fashion Week January 2015

 photo streetsnaps-copenhagen-fashion-week-january-11-11_zps0a218b0b.jpg

As the fashion weeks comes. Everyone for sure are pretty much excited, not just to see these brands new in pieces and collections. But of course to witness in rel life on how these fashion icons and enthusiasts rocking themselves on this kind of events, I am preferring with the attendees for the prestigious fashion weeks.

We’ve seen some already from the fashion Milan, Italy fashion weeks that are gone few weeks back and now it is time for Copenhagen to show on what they’ve got. Some snaps are included on this post but if you want to see the complete photos you may check it online for yourself because I cant manage to put them all in here for once due of the site capacity, I hope you can bear with me.

 photo streetsnaps-copenhagen-fashion-week-january-01-01_zps9bf854c7.jpg

Attendees has a great fashion sense or it is just speaks on my style that’s why I am so pleased already for these styling? though these guys are rocking on the minimalist concept which are ones trends on the recent year. But I think, this kind of styling may still continue for this year’s fashion trend.

 photo streetsnaps-copenhagen-fashion-week-january-08-08_zpsc5e0f121.jpg

As for today, the brands and labels that participated on this prestigious fashion week in Copenhagen haven’t released their each collection’s pieces photos or the run walk photos yet. But I am pretty sure that before this week will end, we’ll probably got at least an sneaks for the said fashion week. I’ll keep you posted then once they’ll email out the photos. Hence, you better to check me often for the updates.

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