Reasons Matchmaking Services Are Necessary

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The perception that may surround hiring a personal matchmaking service has kept some desirable singles away from hiring firms like New York Socials. They believe they may lose their personal dignity if they give in to allowing someone else to find the right romantic partner for them. Getting help, in their eyes, may signify a sense of desperation and insinuate their own failures at dating and romance. Some would rather stay alone that let on that they need some guidance to deliver good prospects to their social lives.

There are good reasons to put both matchmaking perceptions and hesitation to rest. Many successful singles simply do not have time to vet every attractive person they meet. Going through the process of learning more about the right person, and then discovering they are truly not the right person, is a time waster. Independently wealthy singles, some of whom may be in a very closely watched public spotlight, would rather spend less time discovering Mr. or Ms. Right. A matchmaking service performs the proper background checks, with the candidates’ permission, to remove the material obstacles that would stop a date from moving forward. Clients do not have to worry about criminal pasts or other critical factors that might make dating a person an ethical dilemma.

Still, there is the art of the date itself. Some singles have been off the circuit so long that they have no clues about modern protocols in dating. They need to learn about dating approaches and get updates about what is currently accepted etiquette in the dating scene. This may seem a bit redundant for someone who has achieved a high ranking on the socioeconomic ladder, but it is sometimes necessary. Knowing what to do in highbrow circles does not always equate to knowing what to do on a date.

Many matchmaker services offer coaching to help curb this challenge for their clients. For an added fee, clients can call the matchmaker at any reasonable time of day to get advice, answers to burning questions, role playing for practice and other advisory services that help them feel more comfortable on dates. Some clients have been matched with potential love interests from other states, cultures and countries. They want to know the rules of engagements so that they do not offend their dates. Ignorance cannot be bliss in these cases. After all, some clients are not merely dating. They are test driving to find a partner for life.

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