NEIGHBORHOOD’s Hand-Drawn Memorial Pants

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Got you hipper back? if you wanted so, I think this kind of pants here from the brand NEIGHBORHOOD really suits your tastes as they’ve released another new quirky piece here that am assured off that mostly you doper and hipper are fond of getting.

Actually, in some point of my life Ive wore similar to this way back time but as for today I preferred myself to these kind casual or formal wearing might because in the line of job that I am having today, I guess. But if I am getting a time off and be able to wear anything that I something I consider comfortable I’ll definitely go with this kind of pants here but to those who has in the age of , teen days, who would like to experiment in various of looks for their fashion sense I may then suggest you to try this and enjoy on how to be hipper on your own.

Since the brand NEIGHBORHOOD is one of the lead brand today when it comes to street wear you’ll then expect this piece here to be qquite expensive to have and as I’ve heard it has a market value of $415 USD per piece that is being available only at GOODHOOD’s online shop. You can confirm this by checking the mentioned shop yourself.

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