Men’s Street Wear Fashion This 2014

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For those who do not know what urban clothing is, it means clothes that you can wear comfortably anywhere, anytime. It can also be called street fashion. It is one of the most popular style of dressing for men. When once it was characterized by baggy jeans, sneakers, and chunky accessories, now it has been reinvented. This 2014, the fashion essentials for street wear that rocks is easy on the eyes and really fun to wear.

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Mixing the old with the new is “in” nowadays. For instance, wear old looking jeans with a long sleeved shirt, tweed jacket, and boots. Dark colored jeans, white shirt, and a colored zippered jacket also looks good. Varsity jackets are so cool this year. Men are advised to wear trousers and colored sneakers, blending the slightly formal with the casual. You can likewise wear a nice suit with a cotton shirt and sneakers that match the color of your shirt. Too boldly colored shirts are a no-no. A simple, plain shirt looks better. However, it must have contrasting details. The right fabric for a shirt is also important. Choose one according to the season.

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Wearing colored shorts is trendy this 2014. Neon shorts are in-fashion. If you do not feel confident wearing neon, pick green, orange, and red instead. Another trend is a more formal and tailored looking short to go with suits, vests, and sports jackets that you can wear at the office. There is also the trend of the baggy, oversized short. Stylish dressing for street fashion does not necessarily mean changing your whole wardrobe and buying expensive items. Simply wear a style that you are comfortable in and clothes that suit your taste and personality. Zalora has a wide selection of men’s urban wear at affordable prices. You will have a field day looking through them. Once you have seen it, tell me what you think about Zalora’s men’s clothing collection here.

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