It’s a Colorful World

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It’s no secret that playtime is essential and beneficial to the development and happiness of a child. It’s during playtime that a child has the freedom to let their creative imagination run free. Anytime you can cultivate their creative spirit, you are doing something good for your child. Self expression and creativity often go hand-in-hand. One area where children tend to want to exercise their opinion and their creative side is with their wardrobe choices. No doubt, parental guidance is sometimes needed in order to teach a child wardrobe appropriateness, however there are times when it’s good just to let your child wear something that is shockingly colorful and just plain fun to wear. If you’re having trouble visualizing something that fits this category, click here and you will find shoe selections that will delight your child. There’s everything from glittery purple moccasins and rainbow colored sneakers for girls to boy’s shoes in brilliant yellow, shocking green or a slightly more sedate red. Let your child browse through the shoes with you and, if possible, let them choose a shoe style and a color pattern that depicts their personality or expresses their creative side.

Be sure that you don’t let your kids have all the fun. Statistics show that there are numerous benefits to adults letting their inner child have some time for creative adventures and some basic fun time. An ideal way to clue your mature adult side in that it’s time for it to take a back seat and let your inner child have center stage for a while is to take off the shoes you wear to work and put on something a little more colorful or quirky. How about slipping into some shoes featuring a Star Wars Era design? What about some bright blue or camo sneakers to wear during your inner child moments?

Women tend to neglect scheduling relaxation and fun time for themselves. Allowing yourself some time for fun and creative adventures is a good way to relieve stress and help you refocus when life gets frustrating and hectic. A pair of multi-colored sneakers or some “Hello Kitty” shoes could certainly put you in a playful, relaxed mood.

If everyone in the family has a pair of shoes that immediately bring out the smiles, you could all enjoy a family fun day in your silly shoes. Who wouldn’t enjoy that kind of day?

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