Hawkers’ Sunglasses Heats up Summer

This might be the most viewed collection at the moment, I supposed. As the brand made a big step in putting up some bodies on along with their sunnies collection. At the first sight, I just thought that the brand is promoting swimwear as there are a bunch of flaunted bodies in this lookbook but to my surprised it does their sunglasses which buzzed up the web. Because normally, as the sunglasses is promoting, brand tend to have a high-end fashion theme in corporate to it to enhance the sunglasses feature and all just look on how Gucci always made their sunglasses promotion and even Prada they’ve used to have this formal kind of theme for their sunglasses lookbook unlike for this one which is mind blowing to others.

But I have to commend Hawkers for coming up with this marketing ideas by simply getting the summer vibes for their sunglasses and I know this may get so much sales after the releasing date, let see then..

For the additional details and availability?

You can always check the Hawkers’ main website as they always posting an updates regarding their new collection releasing dates and additional details about the entire collection.

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