Finding the Perfect Shapewear For Your Body

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Women have different body types which is determined by shape and proportions. All have natural curves no matter what their size or figure. The problem is that a lot of women don’t know their body shape because it tends to change with age especially after childbirth. When you know your shape, you’ll be able to wear the shapewear that matches your figure and accentuate your assets. Thus, you’ll feel more comfortable, and confident enough to show off your nice curves no matter what age or shape you are.

The most common shape is the Rectangle and is characterized by shoulders, hips, and bust that have a similar width. Women with this shape should wear booty lifters, padded panties, waist cinchers, and push-up bras. The Hourglass shape is naturally curvy with balanced bust and hips and a thin defined waist (common among women age 18 to 35). Shapewear that gives support and enhance the natural curves such as highwaist shapers and shapewear slips should be worn. Apple shape tend to carry weight around the middle with a larger waist, rounded shoulders and large bust. Women with this shape should wear shapewear that will slim the waist while emphasizing the bust, like strapless shapewear and high waist shapers. The Inverted Triangle has a wide, upper body with narrow hips, ample bust that measures wider than hips, thin legs with a flatter bottom, and straight waist silhouette. Women with this shape should wear body shapers, booty lifters, and waist cinchers. The Pear-shaped woman has a larger bottom half, slim shoulders with small to average bust, narrow defined waist with flat tummy, and wide hips with round booty and thighs. What she should wear are thigh shapers, bike shorts, and strapless bras that would highlight her flat tummy and enhance her hips and bust.

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