ASICS Tiger’s Latest Pack

Looking for the dope pair of shoes to rock on? well, why not to check this newly released shoes from the brand ASICS which they’re calling “Tiger”. the shoes itself is kinda usual, I mean their trade marks are allover still, but the only thing Ive noticed was they’ve used an Little color in it which makes the whole shoes quite different. The shoes is already out and ready to avail at any Asics mortar stores neither to their online shops and their affiliated online stores you know.

The shoe colour is neutral which I really like for a kicks, why? because you can easily pair them up in any styling or outfit you’d trying to pull off in any day. It can be also pair up in casual, sports and even formal as long as you knew your own style and have this idea on how you can mix and matches clothes basing on the shoes you’d wearing. The shoe has a retail price of $130 USD or £100 if you getting it over in London. But if you’re far on the main stores where this shoes will be available first, I’ll then suggest you to score the shoe over online has there’s a bunch of shops online that is ready to assist you base on the availability of the shoe hence better to get it now before it runs out.

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