Top 5 Four-Wheel Drive Customizations

If you love hitting the trail in your four-wheeler, then you know how much of a thrill it can be to take on terrain that most people would avoid like the plague. However, if all you have is a stock model from the factory, you can’t do too much out there nor can you ride as hard as you’d like. So, with that in mind, let’s look at the top five customizations that will improve your rig and your overall experience. From a Warn Winches to shocks, these will help you get the most out of off-roading:

#1 Floodlights

Going off road can be an excellent way to spend the day, but what if you want to make a weekend of it? If that’s the case, tackling the great outdoors at night adds a whole new layer of experience, but it’s imperative that you do it safely. Adding some lights to your rig will help ensure that you don’t run into any obstacles that you can’t handle.

#2 Warn Winch

If you ever get stuck in the mud, or if someone you know gets into a tight spot, the only way to free them is with a winch. Warn makes some of the best models out there, and they run off the battery so that you never have to worry about losing power.

#3 Lifted Suspension

If you love taking on gnarly trails with tons of obstacles, then you need to lift your rig off the ground. A higher hydraulic suspension will give you the height advantage you need to ensure that you don’t rip your undercarriage each time you ride.

#4 Bilstein Adjustable Shocks

Your tires and wheels will take on a lot of damage during your trips, so you need to make sure that your shocks can absorb the impact of the trail. Bilstein makes some incredible models, so upgrade ASAP.

#5 Custom Tires

Do you love to drive on mud or sand? What about loose dirt and gravel? Regardless of the terrain, be sure to get wheels that match. This will improve your traction and ensure that you don’t get stuck as often.

In the end, the best customizations you can do are those that help you on the trails you ride the most. Don’t worry about things like mud guards if you only take on sand dunes, and vice versa.


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Luxurious or Lacking Character? The Modern Home Conundrum

Modern homes have their fans, and they have their detractors. Some people love them; other people really don’t. But if you’re still on the fence, and you’re not sure whether or not you should opt for a home that’s modern, it’s important to look at the whole thing rationally. To help you do that, we’re going to look at all the pros and cons of modern homes.

It’s a real conundrum, but try to ignore all the noise and competing views. Instead, look at things how they are. Below, you will find out exactly what you have to benefit from buying and living in a modern home. As well as that, you will learn about any of the bad things associated with modern homes.


The Pros

No Age-Related Problems

One obvious thing to point out is that there will be no age-related problems with your home if you buy one that was built relatively recently. Older homes do tend to experience more problems. Part of the reason for that is that homes always deteriorate over the years. In fact, looking after an old home that was built many decades ago are always costly to maintain. As well as taking up a large chunk of your money, it will also cost you some money. So, this is a major benefit of modern homes that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked by you.

More Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is one of those things that more and more people are starting to care more about at the moment. When your home is not energy efficient, it will mean that you have to spend more money on energy and keeping your home warm. No one wants that, so it’s understandable that more people care about this issue than ever before. Most modern homes are built in an energy efficient way, or at least, a more energy efficient way than older homes. It’s something that you can really benefit from for years to come as a homeowner.

Luxury Options Available

There is a wide range of options when it comes to selecting a modern home for you and your family. If you really want to live a life of luxury, a modern home is probably the way to go, assuming you can afford the price. Of you like at an average luxury townhouse for sale, you’ll see just how impressive some modern homes can be. And you don’t tend to get the same level of comfort and functionality from homes that were built for an entirely different era. So, if luxury is what you want, then you’re probably most likely to get it from a modern property.

Up to Date Methods and Materials Used

Older building methods were not always as strong and secure as they are today. Of course, this is not universally the case. But there is more of a chance that you’ll experience problems relating to the weakness of the construction if you opt for an old property. There are new standards and expectations in place when it comes to the construction of modern properties. Both the building methods and materials used are improving a lot, and they’re certainly better than they were in years gone by. Up to date methods and materials will keep your home secure for much longer.

Image Source

The Cons


A Settling Period

When you buy a home that’s just been built, it will need some time to settle into place. During this time, you could experience some problems with the foundations and the structure of the home. This can be a little worrying and disconcerting. Problems can sometimes arise, but they’re not normally major, and don’t require huge changes being made. However, it can still be worrying, and if you do have a problem with the structure, it can be very stressful to rectify. It’s something that only really applies to homes that have just been built.

The Challenge of Increasing Its Value

If you want your home to increase in value, it might not be the wisest thing in the world to buy a brand new home. When they’ve just been built, their value is probably already at its ceiling. There isn’t going to be too much that you can do to it to make it better. This is not something that will matter to lots of people. But if you do think this issue is important, it’s probably better to buy an older home that has scope for changes and upgrades that will improve its overall value. Unless the prices in the area are steadily rising, this can’t be done with newer homes.

Modern Trends Are an Acquired Taste for Many

For some people, the idea of selecting a modern home is not appealing due to the design trends that are often found in modern homes. They’re an acquired taste, and you can’t force yourself to like a home and its layout or design if you just don’t. Many people need the character and period details that come with slightly older homes. The difference can be stark, so this is something that you should try to think carefully about before taking action and making a purchase. Either you like a home and its style, or you should look elsewhere.

Image Source

Modern Homes Tend to be Smaller

Modern homes have a tendency to be smaller than older homes. As land is more expensive and developers are trying to cram more homes onto smaller plots of land, the size of homes and their rooms is shrinking. This is not ideal for buyers like you. Can you really accept a home that is small and cramped? If you’re used to living in a larger and older home, this adjustment might be a real challenge for you, so it’s something that should definitely factor into your decision-making process. Try to imagine how much space will be left once all your furniture is in place.

Modern Homes have plenty to offer, but they’re not for everyone. To decide whether a modern home could be right for you, think about which of these pros and cons matter to you most of all.

Great Fashion Tips For Sports Lovers

Your fashion sense is a way to show your personality to those around you. People often make judgement about you based on the clothes that you wear, even if they don’t realize that they’re doing it. You should see it as an opportunity to tell people something about yourself. If you’re a sports fan, you might think that it’s a little hard, but there are plenty of great pieces of clothing and accessories for men that you can use to express your love of all things sports like biking at They’re also great gift ideas for those troublesome people that don’t like anything you buy them. An item of clothing or an accessory with their favorite team on it is sure to be a winner. If you’re looking for some great sports accessories, why not try these on for size?

Sports Rings

Image Source

If you’re into flashy bling accessories, then a great sports ring is the perfect thing for you. You can get great replicas of stuff like the chicago bulls ring from the championship. You can get all sorts of brilliant replicas from various teams and competitions that look just like the real thing. They’re a great piece of jewelry to wear if you don’t mind something too flashy, but you can also use them as an awesome collector’s item that is sure to appreciate in value over time.


A great pair of basketball shoes is a great accessory for any sports lover, but you can take it a step further if you’re really passionate about your favorite team. There are plenty of sites online that can do you custom printed shoes with the colors and logos of your favorite team. Whatever your sport, you should be able to get a pair printed up so you can show off your allegiances everywhere you go. They can be pretty pricey so they might be best kept as a special occasion piece of footwear.

Plush Blankets

If flaunting your favorite team when you’re out and about isn’t enough for you, you can bring it into the home by getting a plush blanket with your chosen team on. The NFL does a blanket with every single team on, so whoever you support, you can kit out your bedroom with their logo.


Image Source

A big football jersey or a pair of shoes with a team logo plastered all over them might be a bit too in your face for some people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t express your love of sports through your fashion choices. If you want something a bit more understated, why not get yourself a set of football cufflinks. It’s a far more subtle way of showing off your passions without completely defining yourself by it.

Christmas Sweaters

An ugly Christmas sweater is a great holiday tradition, and for all the sports lovers out there, you can get the perfect thing from the NFL. They offer a garish sweater with the colors and logos of all 32 teams so you can get some laughs at the office Christmas party.

These accessories are great for any serious sports fans that want to show off their passion for their favorite team.

Switch Your Style Up For A Fresh Start This Season

As you head into the new season, and a change in weather; there’s no better way to feel great doing so, than with a fresh take on your current style. If you’re a guy who takes pride in his appearance; you’ll appreciate the little touches that will make a big difference to your style. However extreme or subtle your style changes are; they’ll leave you feeling confident and ready for the months ahead. The following are some tips and ideas on how to refresh your look, just in time for the change of season.

Omage source:

Your Clothes

What better way to embrace a change in the weather, than with a shopping trip to pick out some key items for your wardrobe. Check out what’s hot off the catwalk in men’s fashion, and experiment with a few different styles that you like the look of. New additions to your everyday outfits will not only ensure that you’re looking great on the outside; it will give your inner confidence a boost, and you’ll be able to stride into the new season in style. Switch up your color and fabric choices to suit the incoming weather, and don’t be afraid to mix and match prints and textures. You’ll soon get into the stride of things, and you’ll enjoy picking out your outfits and getting dressed each day. For a subtle style change; accessories like hats, belts, scarves, a glasses or sunglasses will add interest to your wardrobe and will make the seasonal transition a fashion-led one.

Your Grooming

Get yourself to the barbers and figure out a new style that will suit you; it’s worth getting a professional hairdresser to advise you on your hair so that you ensure you’re looking fresh and smart. A clean shave, to get rid of all that stubble, or a new facial hair style is another way to change your look. Therefore, it’s worth taking a look at some electric shaver reviews and discovering how to maintain your new take on style.Think about your eyebrows; these frame your face and more and more guys are choosing to have them shaped and neatened, so perhaps you could do the same.

Your Products

A change in weather will always affect the condition of your hair and skin; both may feel dry and end up looking unkempt if they’re not looked after. Therefore, it’s worth making an effort to invest in skincare, like face washes and moisturizers, and products to nourish your hair, like a conditioner. Getting into the habit of looking after your skin and hair every day now, will ensure that continue to look your best for the rest of the season and you’ll be preparing yourself for whatever the weather may bring. Picking out a new cologne or aftershave is the perfect way to give yourself a boost, a treat, and ensure that your scent fits with the change in weather. Making an effort to look your best on the outside as the seasons change will have a positive effect on your inner confidence, your mood, and your enthusiasm about the months ahead.

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Shavers vs Razors- Which is Best For You?

Gentlemen, grooming can be an arduous task at the best of times. There are hundreds of different beard styles, grooming tips, and methods which many recite as gospel. But one of the main questions we ask ourselves is what tool is the right tool? Well, unfortunately the answer to that question isn’t clear cut. Every man on the planet has a different face shape, structure, hair type and personal style. To put it simply: every razor won’t work for every man.

There are however some great ways to narrow the playing field so that you can make an informed decision on the tool that will serve you best.

Image By Max Pixel

Cartridge Razors

These are the most common type of razor, also known as the disposable razor. These usually come with 3 to 5 blades per razor, and are the best choice for the novice, or if you just want a clean, close shave. These razors are not made for grooming per-say, they perform the most basic job, getting rid of hair, but that’s about it. Cartridge razors are really handy for traveling, but after a number of uses the blades will blunt, which means you’ll have to by replacements.

Electric Shavers

On the other hand, if you want to really go to town and style the beard, like some of these images on Pinterest, an electric shaver can be a great option. With much more control than a standard razor, the electric shaver can be used to sculpt, trim, and shape the beard. There are plenty of brilliant ones out there such as the Braun Series 7 790cc which adapt to the thickness and length of your beard and will cut accordingly. You can even buy waterproof shavers which means that you’re no longer confined to dry shaves.

Double Edge Razor

This is considered the best option for those with more sensitive and irritable skin. They are known as the safety razor, as they are built in a way that offers a more gentle shave. Similar to using a cartridge razor, there will be the added investment of buying creams and foam.

Image By Pixabay

The Straight Razor

The last option is one that would likely be recognized from films such as Sweeney Todd. The old fashioned, barber style razor is one which predates all other competitors. But is it the best? If it’s a clean shave you are after then this is a great option. This razor probably give the closest shave out of the lineup, and is very precise. You will have to sharpen in regularly with a leather strop to maintain it, but it’s certainly a good choice.

Beard Trimmer

A beard trimmer is a great option of those who don’t require a full shave every day. The product is aptly named as it’s ideal for quick trims to keep your beard looking tidy.

In the end, the decision has to be yours. Whether you want a close, clean shave or a sculpted, Viking-like beard. Each type of razor has its own merits and downfalls. Hopefully, this gave you a better insight into making that choice.