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Rivet Platform High Heel Boots

Rivet Platform High Heel Boots

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Cut Out Floral Print Tankini Set

Cut Out Floral Print Tankini Set

And to those women who have still summer vacation in planned, I think you should consider having the micro bikinis at the shop because this piece was the one most talked about by the fashion enthusiasts online hence you might wanna get it yourself, too?

A Supportive Family Relies On A Perfect Home

When you have a baby on the way, one of the major things you need to think about first is the home you are bringing them back to. Regardless of what kind of home you actually have, you will need to ensure that you are doing everything to make it as ideal as possible for the new arrival. There is actually much more to this than people realise, and that is what we are going to take a look at today. Here are some of the things that can really help when you are making your home as perfect for the baby as possible.

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Why Owning The Home Helps

If you don’t own your home, it does not exactly mean it is a huge problem for your new baby. After all, they won’t know the difference! But there are a few ways in which being the homeowner can actually make it a lot easier on you as the parent. For a start, let’s not forget that babies can be very messy. When it is your own home that is becoming messy, it doesn’t matter quite so much. You aren’t thinking about the deposit, so you don’t need to worry as much. It’s also helpful to be a homeowner for financial reasons. For a start, if you ever need some emergency cash (which is quite often as a parent), then you can look at the many secured homeowner loans which are available. But it’s also a case of being in a stronger financial position when they grow up. It means you are more likely to be able to leave them something, and that can be fantastic to know.

The Never-ending Task Of Babyproofing

We all know about the potential difficulties inherent in babyproofing. But something that new parents often overlook is just how constant this process actually is. It is not just something that you do once and then can forget about forever. Instead, you will need to always stay on your guard and be on the lookout for any potential problems which your home might have for your baby. There is so much to think about here that most parents get a headache – just make sure that you stay on top of it as best as you can.

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The Need For Space

You can reliably and reasonably look after a child in a home of any size, as many poorer families know too well. But if you have the means you might want to try and create a home space which is as spacious as possible, especially before your baby arrives into the world. After all, having a child is messy, and the more space there is, the better and less stressful it is for everyone involved. Make sure you arrange your home so that there is as much space as possible. It really does make a world of difference for you and your new baby, and will mean that you can keep it cleaner too.

A Beautiful Home Without The Time

Most people love the idea of having a beautiful home. Having furniture which matches the walls, floors, and other items in your space is a great dream to have. But, unfortunately, life usually gets in the way of this sort of goal. Most people are too busy to invest hours and hours keeping their home clean, let alone spending the time styling it. So, if you fall into this category, you need some alternative options. Thankfully, you have plenty of them. And, to help you out, this post will be going through some of the best ways to do it. So, now, you just have to get hunting.

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One of the biggest issues people have in their home is decorating. Usually, doing this will mean having to remove furniture from a room, removing old decoration, and applying the new stuff. Altogether, this can take a lot of time, especially when you only have the evenings to do it. But, the walls and floors in a room are crucial elements to its design. Depending on whether you rent or own your home, you have different options. For those renting or leasing, you could simply move somewhere with decoration which better suits your desire. This is the best way to get something cheap, without much effort. If you own the place, though, you might have to hire someone to do the work for you. This won’t cost too much, though. So, for a lot of people, it will be worth it.

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Of course, this only covers a small part of the way a room looks. Most rooms will have a variety of different items of furniture in them. But, choosing the perfect options for your home could be hard. The options for owners and renters are the same here. Though, you’ll have to take a different route for both of them. In the case of ownership, you might have to move, if you simply don’t have time for furniture. Of course, you could pay someone to come and design the inside of your home. But, you could be better buying somewhere already furnished. Likewise, renters could use companies like STL City Wide to get their furnished home. Choosing an option like this will make it much easier for you to get a place fast. The company you choose will help you to complete the process, taking much of it out of your hands.

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Some people won’t have time for even the most basic jobs in their home, let alone decoration and choosing furniture. For these people, their life will be too busy even to clean. But, a dirty house will never look nice. This can be quite the issue to find yourself in, not having enough time or energy to clean. It never has to be this way, though. Instead, you can use the services of a cleaning company to handle this work for you. This could help you to get the work done to a higher standard than you would manage yourself. And, it could also help you to keep your cleaning a lot more regular.

Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what needs to be done, if you want to start having a home which is perfect in your eyes. Most people see this as an impossible feat. But, with the right help, it’s possible to make any house into something you love.

5 Good Reasons To Move To A City

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Urban life isn’t for everyone. There are many cons to consider such as higher cost of living, greater air pollution, greater noise pollution and often higher crime rates. However, there are also many pros to living in a city. If you’ve been considering packing your bags and making the move, here are some of the reasons for leaving rural life that should be on your mind.

Making new friends

Living in a small town or rural community can often be limiting when it comes to having a social life, more so when you’re younger. Cities are by their very nature full of people, giving you countless opportunities to meet new friends, business contacts or even potential life partners. There are clubs and groups for every interest and plenty of bars and hangouts for all kinds of people. For those feeling isolated or in need of some new contacts, moving to the city is recommended.

Cutting out the commute

If you currently commute into the city but live on the outskirts, fuel prices or train fares could be costing you a lot of your wage, not to mention the time that it takes to commute. Living in the city you may not always save money due to higher living costs, however you will give yourself more free time. There are many companies that offer short term rentals which may be ideal for giving you a taster of city living allowing you to see exactly how much you benefit as opposed to living rurally. By living closer, you may even be able to walk or bike to work, improving your fitness.

Access to better jobs

Whilst there are more jobs in the city, competition can often be even fiercer. However, the calibre of jobs is likely to be much better. You’re more likely to find a job suited to your interests and goals. Cities may also have many easily accessible training and qualification courses that can allow you to broaden your skills. It’s recommended that you find a job first before making the move so that you have the security of an income first. However, those with the finances behind them may be able to do this the other way around.

Access to better schools

If you’ve got kids, it’s likely that cities are going to have a better choice of schools. Many (but not all) of the most prestigious schools are also located in cities. If your small town or village doesn’t have any good schools nearby, moving to the city could a way of improving your choice.

Access to better healthcare

Cities will always have hospitals on their doorsteps. If you need regular medical checkups and are sick of travelling miles to see a doctor, moving to a city could give you better access to the care you need. You may even be able pick and choose your hospital or find a specialised clinic to your needs rather than simply making do with the only local care you’ve got.


Is Your Garden Party-Ready?


The garden is one of the most important and essential areas of any home, and yet it routinely suffers the fate of being overlooked. Most people do not really make the most of their outdoor space. That’s a real shame – a well-tended garden can work wonders for the home in general, and it can be fun keeping it that way too. But it’s also true that the garden can be a fantastic space for entertaining guests, so long as it is treated as such. If you’re wondering now whether your garden is party-ready, take a look at the following. Here are some of the vital characteristics of a garden that’s ready to party.

It’s Tidy

First things first, you cannot reasonably expect people to enjoy their time in your garden if it is not tidy enough for them to do so. Keeping the garden clean and tidy can be surprisingly tricky at times, but it is also vital if you want to use that space for such a purpose as this. If you need to clean up your garden fast, then you should try to work on the biggest items first. This means generally getting your garden into a state of repair, by cleaning up any gardening debris that might be lying around and any rubbish that might have accidentally found its way there. After that, it is a matter of tidying up the smaller areas. As long as your garden is clean and tidy, people are much more likely to be able to enjoy themselves, whether you are hosting a garden party or just a house party which spills out into the garden.

It’s Well-Lit

Nobody wants an accident to occur, and let’s be honest – this can be much more likely at a garden or house party. You will need to make sure that your garden area is safe for people to wander into, and that is part of the reason for the previous section. However, another important part of this is ensuring that the outdoor space is as well-lit as possible. You will need to go out of your way to find some decent lighting, just to be sure that your garden is a safe space for all. There are many outdoor fixtures which you can use for some flood lighting, and this will generally be the safest bet when it comes to keeping the garden well-lit. Looking after everyone’s safety is hugely important, so make sure that you bear this in mind.


There Is Ample Seating

It’s surprising how often people forget to include seating in their garden, and yet many guests would argue that it is one of the most important parts of the whole area. If you are hosting a party exclusively in the garden, then it is going to be particularly important. Make sure that you go out of your way to find the right kind of seating, and plenty of it too. You will want to do everything you can to ensure that your guests are as comfortable as possible in your garden area.

Awesome Buys For An Awesome Kitchen


If you’d like to invest in some cool new appliances for your kitchen, whether that be because you’ve had some extra money come in, or you would just like to improve the look, and the way you prepare things, then searching through the newest raves is a good place to start.

There are many things that are brand new to the market, or have been around for a while but have only started to get popular now. So have fun browsing the stores and shopping online for them awesome buys.

Pots and pans rack

If you’re sick of all your pots and pans scattered around the cupboards and work surfaces – there’s no need worry about that clutter anymore. There are many stunning racks that can be attached to the ceiling or the wall and hold your appliances.

If you’re feeling creative, you could even make one yourself out of some polished wood and a few hooks.

Porcelain divided skillet

If you love to cook, but absolutely hate the washing up part, why not spare the extra pan and use a divided skillet instead? This means you can cooks two different things at the same time – in the same thing, without it merging together. This is great if you are cooking for people that share different food interests, as you will be saving so much time, while pleasing everyone.

Tea kettle

Now it’s one thing to have a usual kettle to boil water in, but if you like drinking tea in particular, then why not invest in something more suitable? Tea will never have tasted so good, that’s why it’s definitely worth investing in the best tea kettle that you can get your hands on. Not only are they pretty to look at, but you will be able to taste a big difference too.

Tunnel toaster

If you want to keep up to date with the newest technologies, then you will need this toaster. Besides having a versatile temperature control, a defrost button and a reheat option, it also slides in and out vertically, so you don’t have to struggle with trying to pull out hot toast as you burn your fingertips on the top of the toaster.

You just slide out the tray and collect your reward. – Because of its interesting structure, you don’t have to restrict yourself to just bread either; you can fit all kinds of shapes in like croissants, baguettes, and even bagels.

Bottle magnet holder

Whether you’re a beer drinker or not, these magnetic strips will securely hold any beverage bottle as it suspends from the ceiling of your fridge. Not only will you be showing your friends the inside of your fridge every time they come round (because it looks so cool!) But it’s also a really efficient way to keep your drinks cold, while still having enough room to store your other items.

Now you’ve been given some ideas, have a walk around your kitchen and see what you think needs improving. Or maybe you just need to have a big throw out altogether to get rid of unnecessary clutter.

Global Marriage Proposal Traditions

When you think about a marriage proposal, you are likely to think of a man dropping to one knee and producing a ring. Usually, this is done in a very romantic setting, either in public or in private, depending on the preferences of the couple. However, in various places around the world, the way proposals work are very different.

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Proposals in Vietnam

Should you be in Vietnam, then a proposal has nothing to do with romance. Rather, it has to do with the families approving of the union. In fact, unless both parents accept, the marriage is unlikely to take place. On a side note, if the families do agree, they will also be involved in the entire ceremony, from the wedding hire to setting the date!

Proposals in Japan

In Japan, an engagement happens after a ceremony known as a Yunio. Here, the families of both the bride and groom meet and exchange a total of nine gifts, each wrapped in delicate rice paper. The presents stand for good wishes and particular sentiments such as healthy children, wealth, and longevity.

Proposals in Chile

In Chile, both the bride and the groom will wear an engagement ring, which will be on their right hand. Then, on the day they get married, that ring is moved to the third finger of the left hand instead. Where in our cultures wedding props with a difference are all the rage, Chile is more about the simplicity.

Proposals in India

Many marriages in India are arranged by families. However, it is now more widespread for children to choose their own suitors, although family approval continues to be vital. If the engagement is accepted, a huge party will usually follow.

Proposals in Ghana

In Ghana, the groom would take some close family members and knock on the door of his bride to be, announce he intends to marry her. This happens just one week before the wedding itself and is known as the ‘knocking ceremony’, or Kokooko.

Proposals in Thailand

Thai men perform a ‘gold engagement’ or Thong Mun. Hence, to show his intentions to marry, he will present his bride to be with lots of different gifts, all of which must be gold.

Proposals in Greece

In Greece, men must ask permission of the father of the bride first. If he accepts, then they must receive pastoral counselling three times for approval and blessings. Once done, a huge party will ensue.

Proposals in France

In France, a man will ask his beloved for her hand in marriage. If she accepts, they then ask permission of her father. Presuming he also agrees, the engaged couple will go ring shopping together. The ring will then be presented at a small family gathering.

Proposals in Scotland

In Scotland, a man will go through a Beukin or Speerin, which means the father of the bride will set them various tasks to complete if he is to marry the daughter.

These are just some examples of the interesting cultural differences regarding asking for someone’s hand in marriage. Each country will have its particularities and traditions. Hopefully, those will continue to exist.

Big Ideas For A Small Bathroom: It’s Time To Make Your Limited Space Sparkle

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The bathroom is an unsung hero of the modern home. It’s a space that is utilised by every member of the household on a daily basis. Frankly, the bathing and beauty rituals that take place in this environment are key to making us feel human in the mornings too. Therefore, this part of your home should be allowed to shine, even if it lacks physical dimensions.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve recently downsized to a smaller property or simply want to freshen up your outdated bathroom. These five simple tips will help you maximise the capabilities of your limited area. Here’s all you need to know.


  • Try to encourage more natural lighting. While a blind or curtain is needed for privacy, your main focus should be on choosing translucent windows that keep it light as well as private. Spotlights can be another great way to make the bathroom look brighter. And when it looks brighter, it will inevitably look bigger. Even if you aren’t adding to the physical dimensions, it can have a huge impact on your emotional interactions.


  • Paint the room in a brighter shade too. As with the lighting, this is to give the room the illusion of being bigger as those lighter tones will reflect the light. You may decide to use tiles rather than paint for cleaning reasons, but the sentiments remain. Meanwhile, you can take things one step further with strategically placed mirrors.


  • Kit out the bathroom with more suitable furniture. Installing a shower above the bath rather than having two separate areas will save a lot of space. Moreover, the right choice of cupboards can have a telling impact. This takeaway bathroom website is perfect for finding items designed for limited spaces. Finally, if you can create extra space through ledges, then you should grab that opportunity with both hands. Keep the plumbing facilities hidden away in a manner that protects the limited space too, and you will not go wrong.


  • Find alternative places to store items like towels and cleaning essentials. Of course, having some cupboards and storage space is essential as you don’t want to keep going in and out of the room every time you use it. Nonetheless, using a hallway wardrobe or bedroom storage for the reserve items can be handy. Likewise, the garage or guest bedroom can be great for the creams and materials that are not yet ready to be used.


  • Utilise the back of your door. It might not be the biggest space in the home, but letting it go wasted would be a huge sin. You can find an array of towel rails online. Alternatively, you could use an over the door coat hanging bar for dressing gowns. If it’s possible to make the door open out into the hallway rather than the bathroom, this can be a hugely rewarding upgrade too. After all, you’re not going to miss a few inches in the hallway. If it’s not possible, you should at least try to make use of the space behind where the door opens out.


3 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of A Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation


If your kitchen is looking a little tired or not quite your style, you might find yourself wondering about tearing it all out and starting again. Given how much time we spend in the kitchen, if it doesn’t meet your style aspirations, you’re living with a constant reminder of it. Feeling out of sync with an area of your home is never pleasant, especially when you have dreams of so much more.

The price, however, can be terrifying. It seems even if you don’t want to spend a fortune, you can still be looking at at least five figures. Do you really have to set aside such a huge amount of money to inject new life into your kitchen? Or is it possible to exercise a few smart shopping habits that mean you don’t have to take out a loan just to get started?

1) Ignore Built-In Appliances

It’s hard to argue that built-in appliances tend to look better when it comes to kitchen design. They can give an impression of smooth, sleek lines that it can be difficult to part yourself from the idea of.

The problem is… they’re also more expensive. Just to buy the appliance, you’re looking at at least £100 more, and then there is the cost of fitting it. You will need to pay that fitting fee, too – it’s not like stand-alone appliances which can largely plug in and then off they go.

Also bear in mind that the capacity for built-in appliances tends to be smaller, so if you cook big meals or are already working with reduced space, they might not be for you from a purely practical standpoint.

2) Source Items Individually

When you see quotes for the cost of a kitchen renovation, they will likely be combination quotes for everything – the price of the new units, the appliances, and then the labour to put it all together. These deals also tend to have a premium on them because they are so simple.

If you’re willing to put the effort into sourcing each item individually, you could save a fortune. It’s often possible to get great deals on pre-used kitchen units on eBay; you could try this website for ideas when it comes to the sink; or perhaps sample various sites that offering discount or remnant flooring. As for the fitter, this site can help you source an experienced fitter who can put it all together. This is just the beginning, too; search online, diving deep into the search results, until you find something that matches your price point.

3) Go Cheap On The Cabinet Structure

A great way to save money is to choose cheap cabinet structures but expensive cabinet doors. The doors are the only part that anyone sees anyway, so no one is going to know it’s cheap MDF or similar materials behind the fancy outside. As long as you measure to ensure a good fit for the new doors, this can be a really effective way of substantially cutting the cost.

A Guide To Moving From A Big Apartment To A Smaller One

There comes a time in life when we have to make a change – and it might not be one that we welcome. It’s estimated that the average person will move home seven times in their life, but that’s likely to be a figure that keeps on growing. Many millennials may find themselves having to move multiple times just to be able to find work, and buying a home might be far out of their reach until they are in their 40s.

The moving itself is problematic enough, but sometimes, needs must. You might find yourself having to move to another city or into an area you don’t like, but there’s one problem that is the worst of all: when you have to move somewhere smaller. It might be because you’re moving to a more expensive area and your money doesn’t go as far, or you’re moving in a rush and have to take what you can get – but there’s no doubt that it happens.

Going through this process is time-consuming and exhausting. You have to try and distil all of your belongings into a smaller space, which inevitably means some things are going to be left behind. When it comes to managing this process, you need to have a thorough strategy in mind – otherwise you might find yourself moving and realizing you’ve left something essential behind!

The “Three Lists” Solution

The best way of making sure you’re prioritizing the right items to move with you is to make three distinct lists. They are:

List One: The Essentials

Compile this list over the course of a few days. Every time you use something in your current apartment – be it cooking equipment or just sitting on a piece of furniture – put it on the list. If you do this for two days, you’ll soon have a list of all the things you really need and actively use. These are the things you’re going to want to prioritize with the movers and ensure that they get to their new home safely.

List Two: The “Like It But Not Essential”

This list should involve all of the things you like but – with your most rational head on – know that you could live without.

Try and see this move as an opportunity for a monumental decluttering session. You can go through your belongings and your closet and see what you actually use. Another area to attack is the kitchen; you might have accumulated a lot of gadgets that you don’t use often and are just cluttering up space. If you’re ruthless, you’ll soon begin to narrow everything down into a much smaller space.

If you really can’t see yourself parting with an item, then it goes onto this list. When you have got the essentials moved in and found a new home for them, you can begin to work down this list.

List Three: The Junk List

Through the process of going through items and deciding which of the first two lists they belong to, you’ll soon find yourself with a lot of leftover. Don’t just throw these items out; write them down. When you’ve finishing cataloging everything, go through this list and see if anything can be recycled, donated, or even sold for a profit. After all, just because it’s junk for you doesn’t mean someone won’t want it!