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Sporting your Winter Gear #CozyWinters

I know this was too early to blog up but since days passed to fast these days. I’d better yet to wrte in advance hence I can get all thing done in the very timely manner. Recently, I’ve got an emailed from the client I used to worked with at times and he asked me if I was fond 0f wearing some winter gears and with my fondness I just said yes though I am not into that since the country where I currently located haven’t this winter season at all – but since I am keen to have my trip this winter season in some of the countries that has this white season I am more or less can partake in it as the client is going to send over some winter gear to wear.

Though, I would like to have my gear at CozyWinters since mostly of their pieces there are in quality and they’ve said, mostly, the brand’s each piece where in indeed awesome to have as it lasted for some good years already unlike other brands who offers cheapest winter wear and yet they would last for at least a year to wear, which it not the practical one to buy.

Four Key Furniture Pieces For Top Comfort

Our homes should be three things, all at the same time. Stylish, practical and comfortable. That last one is very key. If we don’t design a comfortable home, then we won’t enjoy it as much as we should, and we may be reluctant to host our friends and family in it. So it is important to make sure there is a large element of comfort in our interior design. How do we make sure this is the case? Furniture! Furniture is what we sit and relax on, so this has to be one of the most comfortable aspects of our homes. Here are four key furniture pieces that will supply you with maximum comfort.

 photo bed-bedroom-room-furniture-large_zpslklstigt.jpg


Chesterfield Sofa

You’ll know a Chesterfield when you see one. They are quite long with short backs and studded with buttons which create a distinctive pattern. These are one of the cosiest sofas out there! You’ll be able to spread all the way out across the long Chesterfield and sink into the soft leather. However, they aren’t overly soft, though, which is better for your back and posture. They are not only super comfort, but they certainly look the part too. They can take your living room decor from cheap to chic in no time at all!

Comfy Mattresses

Each bedroom in your home needs to be very cosy and relaxing. Otherwise, how is anyone going to get a good night’s sleep?! One important way to up the comfort levels is to put a good quality mattress on each bed. There are loads of different types of mattresses, but opinion on tempur memory foam mattresses might help you make up your mind. One of the best ways to choose a mattress is to visit a store and have a go at laying on different ones. It’s the best way to test which one is best for you!

Office Chairs

If you are slaving away for hours on end in your home study, you should invest in a top quality office chair. Not only are the best office chairs extremely comfortable, but they can really help your back out. Many of us will suffer from back aches and pains if we are hunched over a computer for too long. However, a very good office chair will help to encourage you to sit in a better position for your back. This will prevent you from over-curving your spine which can lead to poor posture.

La-Z-Boy Armchairs

You all know these! The armchairs that you can recline and flip out a foot stool. These are the ultimate in comfortable armchairs and usually offer arm rests big enough for you to rest your drinks and snacks on. Perfect for chilling out in front of the TV on! Could you be any comfier?

Add these four key pieces of furniture to really notice a difference in your home decor. You will instantly feel much more comfortable and will find it very easy to relax in your own home. Head to your local furniture store to test them out if you’re still not convinced!

Vacation By The Sea? Here Are The Best Things About Beach Breaks

Vacations that are great fun for all the family can sometimes to be really hard to find. When you have more than one child, it can be tricky to find something to suit them both, and the parents too! Parents are often keen to have an opportunity to relax and take the night off from cooking. And the kids want to run around trying lots of new activities. That’s why a beach vacation could be absolutely ideal for you all. Here are the best bits about beach breaks for the family:


Golden sand is so much fun. The kids can build sandcastles with you giving you that much-needed quality time together. It’s also great for laying down on and relaxing in the sun. A day on the beach can be just the thing for when you need to destress. And all that golden sand between your toes is great for relaxing too. You can all hunt for pebbles together for the sandcastle. Or maybe you fancy a barefoot stroll along the edge of the water?

 photo SAM_6280_zpstvslycg9.jpg

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Being in the water can be a great workout for you if you’re looking for a more active holiday. If your kids are older now, maybe you can all have a go at one or two water sports? Places like have the full range of equipment you might need to make the most of a beach vacation. And if you’re all after an adrenaline rush, why not take a boat out? There are plenty of ways to make the most of being on the water. Just don’t forget a towel!

 photo SAM_6027_zps5tmu4yht.jpg

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If you’re a big fan of fish and seafood, then there is no better place to enjoy a dish than on the seafront. There are always good restaurants and one or two fast food kiosks too. And where else is better to enjoy a good meal than out in the fresh, sea air? Some restaurants can get pretty busy on warm sunny days, so why not book a table in advance?

 photo DSC_0541_zpsznmxm7xi.jpg

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They say that the sea air is good for helping you sleep. If you or the kids have had a few rough nights, why not head to the coast and take a lovely long walk along the promenade? You’re almost guaranteed to have a fantastic night of sound sleep after all that! Of course, it may be all the activity that we do when we’re down by the coast that wears us out most.

 photo file0001969012862_zpscuxsbabi.jpg

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Theme Parks

More and more coastal resorts now have a good theme park nearby. Rollercoasters, carousels, bumper cars and arcade games are very popular in seaside towns. When you have kids, a theme park can be the perfect way to keep them entertained all day. Some even have a good range of indoor activities should the weather turn nasty.

If you’re lucky enough to live within a couple of hours of the coast, chances are you’ve already got plans for a great beach break. But if you don’t get to the seaside much, why not book a vacation now? All the family can enjoy a great stay at the beach.

Finding The Best Dentist In Philippines

It was just after the Christmas celebration last year, that I started having a terrible toothache. Initially, I thought it was due to all the sweets and desserts that I have been indulging in. Pain killers didn’t help much and the pain persisted.

I made an appointment with the local dental clinic and I was told that 2 of my front teeth have cavities hidden between them. The cavities look bad and I was told that I needed a root canal treatment in order to save my teeth. But I was told that the specialist was fully booked and the waiting list is very long. I couldn’t stand the throbbing pain and I can’t wait for my appointment so I have to seek treatment elsewhere.

I made a few phone calls hoping someone could recommend a good dentist to me. My cousin sister strongly recommended Dental Departures. Through Dental Departures, I checked up on each of the dentist listed near my area. I read about the dentists, their clinic, their qualifications and experiences. I also viewed the photos, procedures, prices and duration of treatment. I finally booked an appointment with a dentist through Dental Departure. Looking back, I am glad I didn’t extract my 2 front teeth and thanks to the recommendation of a friend, I found out about Dental Departures.

Now after the proper dental treatment and care, I still have my 2 beautiful front teeth and I can enjoy all my favourite food and smiled confidently. Through Dental Departure, you can find the best dentist in Philippines from Dental Departures.

Visit Dental Departures and find the top global dentist. Get your Free quote Now!

The 3 Best Ways To Spruce Up Your House This Spring

We know it only feels like Christmas has just gone, but Spring is now upon us. As we reach the season of pretty flowers, planting vegetables and Easter, it is time to spruce up your house.

With most people doing a Spring Clean during the season change, it is also time to redecorate, and see if anything needs replacing. Here are the best three ways to spruce up your house this Spring.

  1. Carpets

Over the winter season, you will be entering the house in your wet shoes, and it can cause your carpets to get permanent marks if left untreated. If you have children that have been playing outside during the winter months, they may have dragged mud in from their shoes or clothes. These may have left marks on the carpet.

Pets can also be a terror in creating stains on your carpet, especially if you have taken them for a walk. If you don’t want to replace the carpet, it would be a good idea to get a professional carpet cleaner as they will know the best ways to remove those stains. This site will give you further details on whether it’s time to replace your carpet.

If you decide it may be time, then this time of the year is great as the Easter sales will be here shortly.

  1. Doors

As Spring arrives, it is time to give your doors some love. Go around the house and check out if they need repainting or repairing. They might just need a lick of paint or a clean. Don’t forget to check the top as this is often forgotten, and will have the most dust.

As more people spend time outside in Spring, gardening and entertaining, it’s best to see if the doors leading out there are clean. Dirt may have built up on them over the winter months.

If any of the door handles are becoming stiff, or the locks aren’t working properly, it’s a good time to get these fixed. Companies such as Debar Bi-Fold Hardware will be able to sort your doors out if you need any tweaks during the Spring Months.

  1. Furniture

To get your house ready for the new season, it’s a fab time to put away any old throws and cushions which may be laying around in the bedroom, and the lounge. To give your house a revamp, it’s a good idea to move your furniture around, and you will be surprised what a difference it makes.

As we change a season, you should see if any of your furniture needs replacing. Has your sofa seen better days? Is your bed becoming uncomfortable? It may be time to spend some money getting them replaced.

 photo Dining_table_for_two_zpss4r0v9b5.jpg

                    Image from Jeremy van Bedijk

This blog will also give you further tips on changing your bedding this season, as this will brighten up your room during Spring.

If you want further ideas on improving your house this Spring, check out our blog here which gives you tips for enhancing each room.

Incredible Places You’ve Never Heard Of In India

 photo india-842021_960_720_zps0ugwium7.jpg

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When you go to a place like India, you’ll most likely research the country online. On a site like Tripadvisor, you’ll get all the tourist spots and a list of things to do. The best, most exciting attractions in the country, they claim. But if you rely solely on these types of resources you’ll miss some astounding and truly incredible places. So, if you’re heading to India this year, forget about the popular tourist destinations. Old Delhi is filled with beautiful architecture and history that still feels alive. Goa is beautiful, with gorgeous, tranquil beaches. But this isn’t the full story of this wonderful country. There are things out there you quite simply, would not believe.

Smart Cities

 photo 4312109598_e8902e0b7a_o_zpstry1utfy.jpg

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Have you ever heard of a smart city? You might have heard of a smart everything else, but a city? We’re not so sure because it’s still a relatively new concept. In fact, the first smart city in Bangalore is still being built. But that doesn’t make them any less impressive. In fact, it’s an incredible site to see an entire society being built from scratch. Imagine, if you will, the sight of a house being built. Not all the impressive, we admit. How about a planned community. One has to admit this is an interesting site. Now think about a city, empty and beautiful. That’s exactly what currently awaits visitors in India. A city designed for people to one day live there. You might even consider buying a home and get a hundred and thirty acres in the asking price!

Twin Town

We wonder if you’ve ever seen Kodinhi mentioned on those tourist sites. Again, we wouldn’t be so sure because Kodinhi is one of India’s best kept secrets. It’s quiet little town and if you drove through you’d never notice anything peculiar. Unless of course, you notice the sign, that reads Twin Town. Incredibly almost every family living in this small town has more than one set of twins. That’s astounding and certainly cannot yet be explained by science. It  must be seen to be believed.


Would you like to see magic? We bet you would and you can if you head to India this summer. Shivapur is home to the levitating rock. The massive 70KG rock can only be lifted by eleven fingertips touching it. You must then call out a magical, mythical name. Watch as a rock that should be impossible to lift floats. Again, scientists can not explain why this is or what causes the rock to move. Is it a trick or is this the work of the gods in front of our very eyes? You’ll have to go there to find out.

Absolute Faith

Finally, you might consider yourself a religious person but how much trust would you put in your god? Would you leave your door unlocked all the time? How about leaving it wide open? In Shani Shingnapur, none of the houses have doors. Even the bank isn’t locked. This is because the inhabitants of this village put their trust entirely in the hands of God. Since the village has a zero crime rate, it must make you wonder.

We hope you see now there is more than meets the eye to India. You may visit the popular destinations. But make sure you take a trip to some of these hidden wonders as well.

 photo sunset-169925_960_720_zpshcxfdnjh.jpg

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Buying the Right Bag For Your Body Type

 photo ShopbopSaleBags_zpsnsgrimso.jpg

When we shop for bags, what we always think about is how pretty the bag is and not how well suited it is to our body type. Not every handbag is ideal for every woman. The rule is for you to buy the opposite shape of your body type. Look at yourself in the mirror and carry the bag as you usually do and meticulously stare at it in all angles. If you’re tall and thin, choose handbags that’re wider than they’re tall and the straps should not be short. Clutch bags are great for thin and tall women. Don’t carry a small bag if you’re plus-size. Select a big structured bag to balance out your curves. Furthermore, don’t choose bags with tiny patterns.

 photo shopbop-big-event-sale-2016-bags-650x650_zpszfoyrwu1.png

If you’re petite, don’t use large bags because these will overpower your frame. Don’t buy bags with long straps because it will make you look smaller. Always remember that smaller bags make you appear taller. If you’re pear shaped, stick to bags that will fall between your natural waist and above the hips. Women who’re apple-shaped should have bags that’re structured and wide because they balance out your upper half. If you’re someone with no curves, better shop for hobo and satchel bags since they give curves to your figure.

 photo bag_zpsov05rrpg.png

For stylish bags with a strong British element at the core, shop at Garment Quarter. Established in Bristol, England in 2010, their goal is to bring the most interesting yet wearable pieces from famous, international designers to shoppers across the globe. Each season, Garment Quarter evaluates its collections to make sure that only stylish and unique pieces are sold. The items they sell are clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, jewellery, and underwear from reputable brands like Versace, Victoria Beckham, Paul Smith, Mary Katrantzou, Comme des Garcons and many others. They even have Vivienne Westwood Bags.

How to Stop Silver Jewellery from Tarnishing

 photo Silver-Jewelry-Care-640x285_zpsgu1qjoom.jpg

Silver jewellery is beautiful and it has a charming, elegant and classy look. However, after a while your silver can start to look dull and tarnished as it is exposed to the air and light – it’s a reaction that occurs over time in the metal. All real silver jewellery will eventually tarnish in some form, from rings to necklaces to stackable charm bracelets and many other different types. There are a few ways that you can prevent tarnish from forming and remove it when it does form, so that you can keep your silver jewellery looking gorgeous.

Tarnish is simply a layer of corrosion that naturally forms on metals when they undergo a chemical reaction with other compounds, especially sulphur dioxide and oxygen. Here are some tips for keeping your silver jewellery tarnish free:

Anti-Tarnish Tips for Silver Jewellery

  • You can clean and polish all of your silver jewellery on a regular basis with a soft cloth so that you can keep it looking beautiful and prevent the build-up of lotion and body oil.
  • Your jewellery will tarnish more quickly if you leave it out in the open and expose it to oxygen, so avoid this by storing it in a closed container that is acid-free.
  • You should not store your jewellery in direct heat or sunlight or it might fade in colour. Try to keep it in a protective box, or wrap it in a soft cloth and store it somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight.
  • Never wear your jewellery when you are swimming, as the chlorine in the water can cause tarnishing.
  • You should also take your jewellery off when you are cleaning the house, as the chemicals in the cleaning products will tarnish the metal as well.
  • Avoid using paper towels or tissues to dry the jewellery, as these contain fibres which will scratch the surface of the silver.
  • In fact, there are jewellery cases that you can buy that are lined with a tarnish free material, so that you can keep your silver in great condition. You might also want to consider wrapping your silver jewellery in anti-tarnish cloth.
  • If you do store your jewellery in anti-tarnish cloth, make sure that change them every two or three months.
  • It is also a good idea to try storing your jewellery with those silica gel packs, which help to absorb moisture from the air.
  • Avoid exposing your silver jewellery to chemicals such as alcohol, sea salt, fruit acid, chlorine and vinegar as these are corrosive and will damage the silver.
  • Always apply your cosmetics, locations, perfume and hairspray before you put on your jewellery so that the chemicals will not tarnish the silver.
  • You should always remove your silver jewellery when you are exercising, gardening, cleaning or showering so that you can avoid damaging the metal.

Cleaning Your Tarnished Silver Jewellery Items

The tips above will help to keep your silver jewellery from being tarnished, but eventually all silver will start to tarnish over time. It’s not the end of the world, all you need to do is clean it. If your silver jewellery items become tarnished, you can clean them by yourself by washing them in warm water with mild phosphate free soap. Then, rinse them and dry them thoroughly with a soft cotton cloth.

It is also a good idea to have your silver jewellery cleaned once per year using an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner. It is a bit of an expense, but it will keep your jewellery looking beautiful for a very long time. However, make sure that you don’t clean any silver jewellery that is studded with gemstones, as the chemicals that are used in the ultrasonic cleaner can damage the gemstone. If you aren’t sure how to clean a particular piece of jewellery, you can always ask your professional jeweller for advice.

With the right care, your jewellery will last you for many years and will provide you with a lot of joy and happiness. When you have a piece of beautiful ChloBo Celebrity Jewellery it is important to look after it and keep it in good condition, so that you can enjoy its lovely charm for as long as possible.

Your Ideal Wedding Gowns at Cocomelody

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Every bride has their own ideal wedding gowns to wear. Because every women is different to one another hence it’s normal to have their own tastes either for their wedding gowns and after the wedding dresses. Though as for the wedding gowns, we just used to have this usual white kind of dress but you know what? not at all because women are too brave these days were they could wear off colored dresses even sort of mini dress for their own wedding, I think that’s how the generation evolves in this new era.

 photo Trumpet-Mermaid_zpsl5wcsvhe.jpg

As for today’s wedding dresses, there were a bunch available to choose from with at your fave stores but if you’re new in this, I’ll then suggest you to take a look at this awesome wedding dress store called Cocomelody where all the lovely and elegant dresses were houses and selling over in a very reasonable prices.

 photo cwwf15001_a_zps4wu4soye.jpg

 photo cwwf15001_b_zpsat2fh1d9.jpg

The shop has sorts of backless wedding dresses to offer as well some open back wedding dresses to pick as you, yourself is fond of wearing it. And not just that, as the shop is well known from their special occasion dresses too that are perfect for those young ladies for their upcoming promenade this coming month ahead. Yes! that’s how awesome this shop is.. I am actually pretty pleased to have my sister’s gown here as they give out an awesome 20 USD off in every purchase you make. Just use the coupon code: W20 as you checkout for the discount to apply.


For you to update yourself in the shop,, current sale events and discounts. I encourage you to have yourself linked up to their social media channels below for updates…