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June 30, 2015

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There are many occasions throughout the year when it’s necessary to buy gifts. It’s not just birthdays and Christmas either. Other holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter are becoming popular for gift giving. Then there are anniversaries and Valentines day to think about too. When you have so many different people in your life, you have to have some great ideas for gifts for guys and for gals. Here’s our definitive list of perfect presents for him and for her:

Flying Experience

For him – We’re starting with a biggy here, so get ready for take off! Most guys would jump at the chance to fly a fighter plane. So why not buy the man in your life a great flying experience doing just that? No experience needed, although some health checks may be required.

For her – It’s not just guys that fancy a go at flying you know. There are lots of women who want a piece of the action off the ground. If your girlfriend is up for it, then why not book her into a helicopter flying course? If she loves the feel of the wind through her hair, then a biplane flight could be right up her street.

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Action Adventure

For him – When you’re looking for perfect 30th birthday gifts, some action and adventure will remind him he’s still young enough for fun. Skydiving could be the ultimate experience for a coming of age gift. Choose to dive from a plane with some training, or head straight into the vertical wind tunnel for some instant flying fun.

For her – Hang gliding is an incredible Experience gift to buy for the more daring lady in your life. Done in tandem, these are quite safe activities to take on, but the views will leave her breathless. A perfect, once-in-a-lifetime gift.


For him – Nothing beats a sports massage when you’ve had a tough week in the office. Pummelling and manipulating all those muscles in the back will leave him feeling happy and relaxed. He’ll be ready to face anything!

For her – A spa package to include pampering and luxury facial treatments is a wonderful gift for almost any occasion. She’ll probably want to take a friend with her though, so maybe book one for yourself too!

Driving Experience

For him – It has to be stock cars, and it has to be NASCAR. Drive around the track at more than 150 miles per hour in cars driven by the professionals. Just to be down on the track will have him smiling for a week!

For her – An Aston Martin, or a Ferrari driving experience will give her a taste of driving the cars of celebrities. Plenty of opportunities for posing for photos with these gorgeous motors too.

Experience gifts are a great way for someone to celebrate a special occasion or birthday. Perhaps they’ve just scored that elusive promotion. Or maybe they’re about to hit the big thirty! There are tons of great experience gifts for you to choose from. Treat them to something extra special today.

June 30, 2015

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Getting married is the most exciting times in your life!. The excitement starts the moment you see him bend down on one knee; you’ve finally found your prince charming. Someone you can spend the rest of your life with, start a family and grow old together.


Before you let the joy overwhelm you, you need to get your thinking cap on. Start planning your wedding as soon as possible. Get everything in order so the day runs smoothly. One thing you’ll want to consider is where you’re going to get married. You could get married in your hometown, or you could be a little adventurous. Get married somewhere different, in one of the other amazing countries around the globe. With so many potential destinations to choose from, it’s helpful if someone narrows it down for you. And, wouldn’t you guess it, I’ve done just that! So read on to find out the best wedding destinations in the world:

G’day mate, how about you pack your bags and head down under for your wedding day. Australia makes a perfect wedding destination with it’s beautiful weather and fantastic scenery. There’s a whole culture you can explore in Australia, with loads of awe-inspiring sights and scenes. Get married on the sands of one of Australia’s many world famous beaches. Or, you can get married within view of the iconic Sydney Harbour bridge. No matter where you choose to get married in Australia, I can guarantee you it will be a lifelong experience you’ll never forget.

2. Vietnam

Vietnam is something of a hidden treasure in the world of today. Many people only think of Vietnam as ‘that country from that war’ they rarely think of it as an exciting destination. The truth is, getting married in Vietnam is a wonderful idea. You can take in the breathtaking mountainous regions, as well as soft, sandy, beaches. And then there’s its luxurious lagoons and quaint little cities. It’s a diverse country full of history and ideal as a wedding destination. Vietnamese cuisine is also one of the most adored in Asia, so you know you’ll have an excellent wedding reception too!

3. Portugal

The nation of Portugal is constantly bathed in glorious sunshine that makes its waters glisten and gleam. Portugal is a phenomenal country with lots of admirable architecture that leaves your jaw hanging wide open. The city of Lisbon is one of the most romantic places in the world, making it a hugely popular city to get married in. The entirety of Portugal is picturesque, and the uniquely styled buildings make you feel like you’re in a Hollywood movie. A wedding here will not only please you, but your guests too, as they can top up their tans in the baking, summer, climate. Getting married abroad can be costly – but totally worth it! You only live once, so why not do something different and stand out from the crowd. Make your wedding day that little bit more special by having it in a foreign destination!

June 27, 2015

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If you’re hoping to get engaged soon, you may be going through a lot of soul-searching. You want to be certain the one you’re with is the one you’re supposed to be with. Despite popular myths, you can’t always ‘just know’. Sometimes you need the time to think about what life might be like with this person in the long term.

It’s not just bad habits and those little annoyances that can make you wonder if marriage is right for a particular person. Everyone has them, including us. Over time, we all develop a few more! Knowing a person is the right lifetime mate is more about knowing ourselves. Can we be completely relaxed and comfortable around them? Perhaps more importantly, we should ask if he is completely relaxed and comfortable around us.

It doesn’t have to be easy to be around them, but it shouldn’t be hard. It takes years of living with someone to be in perfect synch, so you don’t have to be there before he’s even popped the question. Instead, you should be in a place where you can picture it and feel that it would be right.

If you have spoken with each other about the prospect of getting married, then you already know how he feels. Perhaps you have even been browsing for engagement rings together. This is a good thing to do to test your feelings about such a serious commitment. It buys you just the time you need to consider what you’ll say.

You know you want to be able to say a heartfelt and resounding ‘yes’ when he finally gets down on one knee. You also know it’s a huge decision to make. Time helps us contemplate serious matters seriously, so make the time to think and confirm you’re ready to proceed.

Once you know you are ready to say yes, you may be bubbling over with excitement about how he’s going to pop the question. Will it be a romantic dinner date or a midnight stroll to your favorite place? Perhaps he’ll do it at the family Christmas meal? The important thing is to remember he is probably really nervous, so try to make it easy for him.

If your fella is a romantic soul, he may have a huge speech about how much he loves you prepared. Let him get through it, even if you can’t wait to see the ring. Try not to show you are disappointed if that happens. He’s doing what he can! You’ll have the rest of your lives for perfection.

When the ring is presented, let him pop it on your finger. You may be squealing with delight at this point, and everybody will be delighted for you. Of course, you will have to show off the ring, and visit all the parents in the very near future. But right now, you can just enjoy the moment in each other’s company.

However romantic or however sudden the proposal is, don’t be afraid to say you need more time to think about it. It is a big decision, and you owe it to him to be certain about the life you will have together. Happy engagement!

June 25, 2015

This summer looks set to be a sizzler, but that doesn’t mean you should strip yourself of your accessories. Instead, dare to bare the best of this season’s accessories to add style and functionality to your casual outfit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in high-end sportswear or you’re donning sandals, shorts, and a tee. Check out our his and hers accessories guide:


For her – Oversized glasses continue to dominate the trend lists this season. But more and more celebrities are wearing sports sunglasses when they’re out in their fitness wear. These are smaller and more fitted, featuring textured arms to help them stay in place when you’re out for a run.

For him – It has to be sleek sports sunglasses this season. They look great and work with almost any casual outfit. Check out rims that sit in line with the eyebrow to bring out the best in your features.


For her – When the look is casual then the bag needs to match. Choose between a duffel or a backpack. The straps of a backpack tend to be more comfortable on bare shoulders. Check out these celebs who are loving the backpack look.

For him – Backpacks are the perfect way to carry everything you need wherever you go. Just chuck everything into your backpack and away you go. Go for detailed printed design in bright colors.

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For her – The scarf is the ultimate accessory whatever the weather. Wear it in your hair, around your waist or tied around your neck. Keep it loose if it’s hot and neat if you’re smartening up a bit.

For him – Thanks to celebs like Benedict Cumberbatch, the casual scarf has made a comeback, and it’s hot. The trouble is, it’s a little too hot on a sunny day, so save it for when the cold wind comes around.


For her – The oversized floppy wide brim look is still trending, and will look great with bikinis and casual wear. For the sports enthusiast, it has to be a brimmed cap worn the right way with the right sports logo on the front.

For him – Caps are still popular, but for something that is just starting to trend, why not try a ribboned Fedora? You can find them in several different fabrics at the moment, but we really love those with the most texture.


For her – Lightweight watches on a feminine chain style strap look great with any casual or formal wear. If you’re in sportswear, why not try a fit band?

For him – With so much interest in the fitness watches that are out right now, showing off your latest Apple Watch strap is a must this season. Choose leather finishes or metallic to look good in casual wear.

There are plenty of options when it comes to casual accessories. Choose items that work well with most of your outfits. Stick to colors that are punchy and vibrant so they stand out. Enjoy the heat of the summer in style this season. You’re looking hot!

June 23, 2015

Looking good while on holiday isn’t something that most Brits manage when they’re abroad. Those Union Jack swim shorts don’t look great with sunburnt skin and a beer belly, and even when evening comes, there’s too many Reebok Classics on show for my liking. Each to their own, I guess.

But what if you want to look sharp on your hols? Because you are on a relaxing breakaway, you don’t want to be spending an hour getting ready in the morning. But, there’s no excuse for a socks and sandals combo, or hiking boots – unless you are climbing serious terrain. These tips should help you work out what to wear, how to pack, and how to look the part for the entirety of your trip.

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Start planning what to wear on your trip a year in advance. You might laugh, but I’m completely serious. Yes, it sounds a long time, but you can take advantage of this year’s summer sales from the likes of Mr. Porter, and grab some real bargains. Put them away unworn, and voila! When it comes to packing you have a ready made wardrobe, already shop-folded and ready to place in your suitcase. Try to stick to the classic summer gear, rather than anything too trendy, and stick to the basics where possible.


Choose lighter materials and you will manage to get more into your suitcase. Take a few pairs of shorts, swimmers, and sandals, with flip flops, if you absolutely must. They are good for the pool areas and the beach, if nothing else. T-shirts are a must, and throw in a few Henleys for evening wear. A light raincoat will see you through the worst weather, and a few trips to a water park or aquarium if that’s what grabs you. It’s also worth bringing a pair of jeans, a heavy shirt, and a woolen jumper – you never know when you could hit a cold patch.

Bring Some Olds

You should also bring some old or inexpensive clothes for messing around in – especially if you have kids. Your OL top, Watanabe jeans, and Visvim sneaks might look the part in the bar of an evening. But, a typical family activity day out with the nippers is more suited to some affordable – but still acceptable – gear from Uniqlo. Try your local charity shop, too. A top tip here is to head to your nearest wealthy town – you’ll find a lot more gold and far less high street.


One thing a lot of folks get wrong is their sunglasses. You can spend a long time choosing what to pack for your holiday, then end up buying a shoddy pair that don’t suit you because they are the only ones that fit in the airport shops. Plan ahead and make sure they finish off your outfit, rather than spoil it completely. Glasses Direct have a great guide on how to choose glasses, which can be used for sunnies as well.

Get A Man Bag

There was a time around ten years ago when every dapper gent carried a man bag. I even know people who carried them around empty. Although those days seem to have gone, they are invaluable on holiday. A good, sturdy bag is harder to snatch and easier to keep secure. You’ll have a lot of documents on you at any point time, and losing them is going to cause too much trouble to risk.

OK, that’s your lot for now. Happy packing and have a great trip!

June 23, 2015

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It can be tempting when the weather’s nice to spend every day outside. However, the hot summer sun is known to age you quicker than anything else. Sun damage is one of the leading causes of skin cancer and the early onset of fine lines and wrinkles. But if you’re already paying for your years lying out in the sun, how do you repair your skin? A common misconception is that surgical procedures like facelifts are the only solution to this problem. Luckily, there are several non-invasive options can save your appearance.

It’s inevitable that as we age, so does our skin. According to, our facial tissue will loosen due to the loss of fat in major areas like the cheeks, temples, chin, nostrilsand jawline. For many, these are the problem areas where we would love to have firm, toned and glowing skin.If you also have a poor diet, drink to excess, rarely moisturize and smoke, you may also notice that you are paying for your poor habits. Unfortunately, we’re entering the season where everyone is proud to show off their glowing, flawless skin with revealing tank tops and bathing suits. If you want to compete around the pool, why not take advantage of many cosmetic techniques that can restore your skin to its heyday?

The best cosmetic clinics offer a range of services that are non-invasive yet offer long-lasting results. You don’t need to go under the knife and endure the extended painful recovery time to see tighter, glowing skin. Instead, book a consultation with one of a skincare expert who can discuss a range of cosmetic procedures that include chemical peels, laser skin tightening and cosmetic injections like Botox. Whether you are looking to firm up your jawline, reinstate your cheekbones or minimize fine lines and wrinkles, these clinics can find an affordable solution that fits your budget and lifestyle.

One of the absolute best features of these new techniques is that they cost significantly less than going the surgical route. If you’ve also lived with horrific acne scars or hyperpigmentation for far too long, a laser skin treatment can help to change the texture of your skin and restore an even, overall tone. It can reverse years of sun damage, which are seen in fine lines and sunspots and bring out your best features. Imagine walking out with glowing cheeks, a wrinkle-free forehead and a defined jawline. With one confidential discussion with a great medical clinic, they can provide a selected treatment that will work for you.

If you’re based in Ontario and looking for the best laser skin clinic in Toronto, do a little preliminary research first. Ask your friends and family for a referral or scour reputable message boards looking for a facility that offers state-of-the-art technology. Skin Vitality Medical Clinic boasts 11 locations across the greater Toronto area and specializes in Fraxel skin resurfacing. This procedure is great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and reversing the signs of environmental damage seen on your skin. By booking a consultation with them, you can discuss the treatment’s amazing benefits and be clear on any possible side affects that could occur.

One of the greatest benefits from a great cosmetic procedure is the boost of confidence that comes along with it. If you’ve become self-conscious about your looks, it’s worth the cost. Regular cosmetic treatments at a reputable medical clinic offer skin maintenance with more affective results than fancy drugstore skin creams. You can go as often as you’d like, adjusting it to fit the seasons and your lifestyle. With summer fast approaching,it’s time to show off your best and brightest skin. Book a consultation and explore your options for that natural glow.