Buying Bridesmaids’ Dresses

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Although shopping for bridesmaid dresses can be a lot of fun, it can also be stressful. You are not the only one who wants to look gorgeous during the wedding, your bridesmaids who are part of your entourage, should also look their best. The bride is the one who chooses the color and it is up to the bridesmaids which style they want. However, the necklines of the dresses should be the same with the neckline of the wedding gown. As for color, the bride picks one solid color for all the girls including the maid of honor or the bridesmaids can wear the same color while the maid of honor’s dress has a different color.

The bridesmaids can also wear dresses with the same color, neckline, and sleeves but with different styles. You can browse bridal magazines for styles and show them to your bridesmaids. Let them choose which style they want. There are a few things you have to keep in mind though. Very sexy or revealing dresses do not look good with plus sizes. The styles should also suit the girls’ body shapes. Special consideration should be given to any bridesmaids that may be pregnant.

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A lot of online stores sell beautiful bridesmaid dresses (even designer bridesmaid dresses) at reasonable prices. has a wide collection of differently styled dresses that would suit whatever you are looking for. You can see all of them at They also have the new style of wedding gowns that will make the bride look chic and modern. Browse through their 2015 wedding dresses and you will probably have a hard time choosing because of the wide selection. Aside from wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, they also sell wedding party dresses, wedding accessories, special occasion dresses, lingerie, and wedding shoes.

Perfect Mother of the Bride Dresses

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The bride is not the only one who has to be well-dressed on the day of the wedding. The mother of the bride should also look beautiful and buy a dress that complements her personal style without upstaging that of her daughter. To be the second best dressed woman in the wedding, careful planning and knowledge of her body type is essential.

There are different types of mother of the bride dresses. The most popular style choices are column, tea length, suit, sheath, strapless, ballgown, and long-sleeved. There are also various fabrics to choose from such as taffeta, silk, velvet, and wool crepe and will usually depend on the time of year the wedding will take place. Also keep in mind that the dress should mirror and be appropriate for the theme of the wedding. If the wedding is a very formal event, the mother of the bride should wear a formal gown. She should wear something comfortable and age appropriate and should refrain from wearing white, off white, and ivory. A suitable mother of the bride dress should reflect both her personal style and the wedding theme. Another important thing to remember is that the dress should be in a similar color and tone with the mother of the groom’s dress. Six months prior to the wedding, a dress should already have been chosen.

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For fashionable mother of the bride dresses (, shop at YoBridal. They provide hundreds of dedicated dresses for global customers who come from the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia (totaling to over 230 countries worldwide). Aside from wedding dresses, their wide selection of high quality products also include Wedding Party Dresses, and Special Occasion Dresses sold at very affordable prices. Customers can likewise have their dresses custom made to suit their taste and preference.

The Right Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

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There are factors to consider when choosing a wedding gown. You do not buy one just because it is beautiful. You have to take note of your height and body shape. Style, measurements, and fabric can have an effect on the style of wedding gown that is suitable for a particular body type. Once you know what body type you fall under, shopping for your wedding dress is a breeze. If you are a full figured woman, wear a wedding dress with an A-line silhouette to make your whole body look longer without drawing attention to your waistline. If you have big arms, you can camouflage them by wearing a dress with sleeves.

On the other hand, a bride who is petite should wear something that will make her look taller like an A-line silhouette. Avoid sheath-style and ballgowns because you will look bottom heavy. If you have big hips and buttocks, wear a bridal gown that gives emphasis on your upper body and draws attention away from your hips. Show off your bustline, arms, and back. If you have a full bust, an off-the-shoulder gown will look perfect on you because it focuses on your shoulders and makes the chest look smaller. Wear a narrow skirt instead of a full skirt because a full skirt will make you look top and bottom heavy.

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Whatever your body type is you are sure to find the right wedding dress at Founded in 2010, it is a professional online apparel retailer with a wide selection of the latest style of Wedding Dresses (which you can see more of at, Wedding Apparel, Prom Dresses, Special Occasion Dresses, Wedding Accessories, and Women’s Clothing. You can even order high quality custom wedding dresses and special occasion dresses at very affordable prices. They even have bridal gowns for plus size women (

Consider a Fur Hat for Work and Play

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Stylish fur hats are no longer just for the rich upper class or Hollywood celebrities. These glamorous accessories can be worn for evening wear as well as to work or running errands. Sporting this beautiful headgear adds pizzazz to any outfit whether it is jeans or an evening dress.

Practical Choice

These soft and luxurious hats are lightweight and comfortable. They are made to keep one’s head toasty warm in cold climates, and breathable knit or silk blend lining prevents sweating. One size fits all so no guessing is needed to determine a person’s hat size. Professional fur cleaning maintains its beauty and shape for years to come.

Pelts From Around the World

High quality chinchilla, black or silver fox, lynx, mink, rabbit and sable pelts are used from countries like Denmark, Russia, China, Finland and the United States. Natural fur in breathtaking natural colors of black, gray, brown, white and silver are available. Some styles feature fur dyed in colors like purple, pink or blue.

Various Styles to Choose From

There are many styles to pick from when deciding on a fur hat. There are berets, derbies, floppy hats, brim hats, caps with bills, slouch hats, trapper hats and knit fur caps. One or more different pelts are often incorporated into the design as well as coordinating colors.

Top-Notch Designers Offer Gorgeous Selections

Top fur designers like Em-El, Adrienne Landau and Lenore Marshall in New York City use only the finest furs for their merchandise. Family owned and operated Pologeorgis Furs has been in business since 1960, and this company worked hard to make fur fashionable. Glamourpuss NYC was established by two women who took their passion for design to a higher level by opening this business in 2009. They strive to produce versatile furs to accommodate both day and nighttime wear.

Websites like offer elegant fur hats at affordable prices. These head accessories are quite fashionable for work and play. Once a person owns one of these lovely hats, they will want to add to their collection to enhance their wardrobe.