Chic Prom Dresses For You

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Apart from your wedding day, your prom night holds a special spot in your heart. It is an unforgettable event that you will remember for the rest of your life. This is the reason why teenaged boys and girls take this occasion very seriously and prepare for a long time. Some buy ready made outfits while others opt to go to a dressmaker or tailor. If you want to look your best, shop at online stores that offer a wide selection of designer prom dresses. This way, you would be able to choose the dress that you really want and will go well with your taste and personality. has all the beautiful prom dresses anyone could ever imagine. You can see them all at

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Their prom dresses are categorized into prom dresses 2015, short, sexy, plus size, red, black, vintage, and prom dresses 2014. Their collection of long black prom dresses at all look stunning. Aside from prom dresses, also sells wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, wedding accessories, and shoes. They are popular worldwide and evidence of this are the number of customers they have from over 230 countries.

Finding the Perfect Shapewear For Your Body

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Women have different body types which is determined by shape and proportions. All have natural curves no matter what their size or figure. The problem is that a lot of women don’t know their body shape because it tends to change with age especially after childbirth. When you know your shape, you’ll be able to wear the shapewear that matches your figure and accentuate your assets. Thus, you’ll feel more comfortable, and confident enough to show off your nice curves no matter what age or shape you are.

The most common shape is the Rectangle and is characterized by shoulders, hips, and bust that have a similar width. Women with this shape should wear booty lifters, padded panties, waist cinchers, and push-up bras. The Hourglass shape is naturally curvy with balanced bust and hips and a thin defined waist (common among women age 18 to 35). Shapewear that gives support and enhance the natural curves such as highwaist shapers and shapewear slips should be worn. Apple shape tend to carry weight around the middle with a larger waist, rounded shoulders and large bust. Women with this shape should wear shapewear that will slim the waist while emphasizing the bust, like strapless shapewear and high waist shapers. The Inverted Triangle has a wide, upper body with narrow hips, ample bust that measures wider than hips, thin legs with a flatter bottom, and straight waist silhouette. Women with this shape should wear body shapers, booty lifters, and waist cinchers. The Pear-shaped woman has a larger bottom half, slim shoulders with small to average bust, narrow defined waist with flat tummy, and wide hips with round booty and thighs. What she should wear are thigh shapers, bike shorts, and strapless bras that would highlight her flat tummy and enhance her hips and bust.

What to See in London

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London’s unpredictable weather may be considered awful by a lot of people but we cannot deny the fact that it’s one of the most interesting cities in the world. It’s bustling with people of different cultures and is a leading global city of fashion, politics, finance, and trade. Because it’s one of the biggest cities in the world, it’s also one of the most visited. It boasts of many popular attractions that any tourist shouldn’t miss. Getting around is also easy because of the London Underground, one of the world’s most extensive subway networks. Keep in mind though to wisely choose the hotel you’re going to be staying in so as to have a truly fun and hassle-free vacation. Not only should it be within walking distance of various modes of public transportation, it should also be near many tourist destinations. You can book your hotel in advance at to save you time, money, and effort.

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The Big Ben is one of the must-see attractions in London. This 150-year old clock tower houses a 13 ton bell and takes its name from the man who first ordered the bell, Sir Benjamin Hall. You shouldn’t miss the London Eye as well, a giant ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames also known as the Millennium Wheel. This observation wheel allows a magnificent view of London during a 30-minute ride and is considered the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom.

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Don’t leave London without visiting Westminster Abbey, a large, mainly Gothic church located in the City of Westminster. It’s one of the most notable religious buildings in the United Kingdom and has been the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English and British monarchs. Another famous tourist attraction is the Tower Bridge, a combined bascule and suspension bridge over the River Thames. It consists of two towers which are tied together at the upper level by means of two horizontal walkways which are designed to withstand the forces of the suspended sections of the bridge. The Tower Bridge has become an iconic symbol of London.

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Tourists especially those who are enamored with the British monarchy should not forget to go to Buckingham Palace. It’s the London residence and principal workplace of the monarchy of the United Kingdom. Located in the City of Westminster, the palace is often at the centre of state occasions and royal hospitality. The Forecourt of Buckingham Palace is used for Changing of the Guard, a major ceremony and tourist attraction. The palace’s state rooms have been open to the public during August and September since 1993.

Personalised Jewellery – The Perfect Gift

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Personalised jewellery is the perfect option for gifts for your loved one. Jewellery is a fantastic choice for any gift. You can choose something that suits the particular recipient and the occasion. For example, you may have one friend that’s obsessed with earrings but doesn’t like rings and bracelets rattling around her hands, but another that doesn’t even have her ears pierced but wouldn’t be seen dead outside without a necklace. Then there’s the occasion to consider. Pieces that were perfect last summer, for example, may be completely useless when it comes to what suits clothing this year. Personalised jewellery is so diverse that it’s easy to find something for anyone, but the real challenge is finding something perfect that no one else will have. After all, the most beautiful necklace in the world is worthless if you turn up to the Christmas party to find that your colleague is wearing exactly the same thing.

Whether you are purchasing for yourself or for someone else, personalised jewellery is a fantastic route to go down. After all, there’s no point buying someone a gift if they will never wear it. It’s also a great way to let that special someone know just how special they are. Perhaps you have decided that the time is right to propose. What better way to do it than with a bespoke ring? Nowadays it doesn’t always have to be a sparkling band with a diamond. If your partner is entranced by a different sort of gem, or a different style of ring, you don’t need to let that hold you back. All you need to do is find a top jeweller that takes commissions and is able to work with you to produce something really exciting. Engagements aren’t the only situations where you might want to go for a personalised ring, either.

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Finding Jewellery to Fill A Jewellery Box UK

If you’re looking for jewellery for a birthday, Christmas, or maybe to fill your own jewellery box UK, then Xanthe Marina is a great designer to choose. Her extensive travels have influenced her pieces, so that whether you want something inspired by the Caribbean, the Middle East or perhaps from right here in Europe, she will be able to help. Her range encompasses many different types of pieces, from necklaces to rings to earrings, and she has been featured in such illustrious publications as Tatler, GQ and Vogue. Xanthe is passionate about creating unique pieces for her clients, and to that end she has some unusual pieces already available on her website, such as silver lace jewellery and reverse earrings. There are even some one off pieces that you can purchase, safe in the knowledge that you are the only one with that particular striking piece.

However, personalised jewellery is where Xanthe really shines. Her attention to detail and knowledge about the different components of a piece means that you can be confident that she has the knowledge required to help you create the perfect piece. She will direct you to the different gems and metals available, for example rose gold jewellery UK ensuring that your input is central for the piece. Her experience in this field also means that she understands everything that needs to be taken into consideration when designing a piece, for example skin tone and season. She understands just how special a bespoke piece can be and is committed to designing jewellery that really catches the eye. She also knows just how vital correct aftercare is to ensure that your jewellery remains beautiful for years to come, and as such she has put together a comprehensive list of FAQs for you to refer to when you are looking for the best way to keep your pieces pristine.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a bespoke item, why not visit the website at You will be able to get a good idea of Xanthe’s style as well as finding the elements of the design that appeal to you. If you’re buying your item as a present, you will also need to consider the sorts of pieces that the recipient likes, their favourite colours and gems, and what their general style is. Once you’ve decided on that, it’s time to contact Xanthe on or via phone on 07768 263198 and discuss your requirements. When you are considering personalised jewellery, Xanthe Marina is a fantastic choice. Whether you are looking for a simple gold or silver item or a heavier piece with a large gem, she will be able to discuss your needs to ensure that you come away with a beautiful bespoke item.

Great finds from Dresslily

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Got all of these for free. One cotton shorts that is perfectly in summer and an running shoes that can goes well to the shorts. Actaully, the kicks is very versatile because I can paired it off in any bottom I have such as: in khaki pants, chino shorts neither in my jeans it is really goes well in every thing, also, the kicks is very light and comfortable as I wears it. All these finds are can be found in the online site I used to worked with before which the, if I dont mistaken though.. They sent these out on my way in exchange of my honest review and thoughts regarding on my own shopping experience from their online shop. Though, it is a bit odd to shop in their shop that time because It feels  like the site is kinda clattery where all  the items are not in categorized which made quite confused on which in which the items were belongs, I mean the items for girls and men are in one section at times. Hence, it’s kinda hard for me to pick my finds. But anyway, they’ve improved it already and their online shop is now looking fine.

I do recommend their shop as you looking for some quirky finds that can still make you fashionable and yet the prices are really reasonable that couldn’t hurt your pocket that much.. Go check their site today and pick all the finds you’ll find great to have for yourself…