Men’s Street Wear Fashion This 2014

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For those who do not know what urban clothing is, it means clothes that you can wear comfortably anywhere, anytime. It can also be called street fashion. It is one of the most popular style of dressing for men. When once it was characterized by baggy jeans, sneakers, and chunky accessories, now it has been reinvented. This 2014, the fashion essentials for street wear that rocks is easy on the eyes and really fun to wear.

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Mixing the old with the new is “in” nowadays. For instance, wear old looking jeans with a long sleeved shirt, tweed jacket, and boots. Dark colored jeans, white shirt, and a colored zippered jacket also looks good. Varsity jackets are so cool this year. Men are advised to wear trousers and colored sneakers, blending the slightly formal with the casual. You can likewise wear a nice suit with a cotton shirt and sneakers that match the color of your shirt. Too boldly colored shirts are a no-no. A simple, plain shirt looks better. However, it must have contrasting details. The right fabric for a shirt is also important. Choose one according to the season.

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Wearing colored shorts is trendy this 2014. Neon shorts are in-fashion. If you do not feel confident wearing neon, pick green, orange, and red instead. Another trend is a more formal and tailored looking short to go with suits, vests, and sports jackets that you can wear at the office. There is also the trend of the baggy, oversized short. Stylish dressing for street fashion does not necessarily mean changing your whole wardrobe and buying expensive items. Simply wear a style that you are comfortable in and clothes that suit your taste and personality. Zalora has a wide selection of men’s urban wear at affordable prices. You will have a field day looking through them. Once you have seen it, tell me what you think about Zalora’s men’s clothing collection here.

Reasons Matchmaking Services Are Necessary

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The perception that may surround hiring a personal matchmaking service has kept some desirable singles away from hiring firms like New York Socials. They believe they may lose their personal dignity if they give in to allowing someone else to find the right romantic partner for them. Getting help, in their eyes, may signify a sense of desperation and insinuate their own failures at dating and romance. Some would rather stay alone that let on that they need some guidance to deliver good prospects to their social lives.

There are good reasons to put both matchmaking perceptions and hesitation to rest. Many successful singles simply do not have time to vet every attractive person they meet. Going through the process of learning more about the right person, and then discovering they are truly not the right person, is a time waster. Independently wealthy singles, some of whom may be in a very closely watched public spotlight, would rather spend less time discovering Mr. or Ms. Right. A matchmaking service performs the proper background checks, with the candidates’ permission, to remove the material obstacles that would stop a date from moving forward. Clients do not have to worry about criminal pasts or other critical factors that might make dating a person an ethical dilemma.

Still, there is the art of the date itself. Some singles have been off the circuit so long that they have no clues about modern protocols in dating. They need to learn about dating approaches and get updates about what is currently accepted etiquette in the dating scene. This may seem a bit redundant for someone who has achieved a high ranking on the socioeconomic ladder, but it is sometimes necessary. Knowing what to do in highbrow circles does not always equate to knowing what to do on a date.

Many matchmaker services offer coaching to help curb this challenge for their clients. For an added fee, clients can call the matchmaker at any reasonable time of day to get advice, answers to burning questions, role playing for practice and other advisory services that help them feel more comfortable on dates. Some clients have been matched with potential love interests from other states, cultures and countries. They want to know the rules of engagements so that they do not offend their dates. Ignorance cannot be bliss in these cases. After all, some clients are not merely dating. They are test driving to find a partner for life.

Style Tips for the Plus Size Man

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A lot of men are overweight. This results from age, long hours at the office, stress, and over eating. Fortunately, for men, being overweight is not necessarily linked with being unattractive. In fact, there are a lot of larger men that women find sexy. Even better, men’s shapewear can help men shed a few pounds and look thinner. If you are a larger man, the following style tips can help you.


Fit Matters


It is important to choose clothes that fit well. Obviously this tip will help any man look great, but it is particularly valuable for men that are larger in size. When you choose your clothing, make sure they do not have wrinkles, bulges, or sagging. These details will make you look sloppy, and they can emphasize the added pounds you are carrying. If you need to, get your clothes altered. When your clothes fit well, you will also feel more comfortable.


Dress Simple


If you have a big frame, you should try to dress simply. The louder your clothing is, the more overwhelming you will look. This means you should try to minimize the amount of patterns you wear. If you do wear patterns, choose ones that are smaller and less complex. A basic striped shirt is much better than a busy graphic.


Wear Light Weight Textures


In general, lightweight textures are preferable to thicker fabrics. The thicker the fabric, the bulkier your body will look. Also, heavy fabrics tend to hold heat in. If you are larger, you probably get hot quicker. You might even struggle with excessive sweating. Therefore, wearing lightweight clothing is probably a better alternative for you.


Shopping for Clothes


When you are shopping for clothes, you need to realize that it is difficult to dramatically change the shape of your body. The good news is that you can visually drop pounds with the right clothing decisions. It is important to own your figure and choose appropriate clothing. Too often, men that are larger shop for bagging clothes and hide their bodies in parachute like ensembles. This is not ideal. Instead, look for pieces that fit your body without drawing too much attention to your problem areas. For example, if you have a larger stomach, you will need shirts that have breathing room around your waist.


Top Styles for Large Men


Certain styles of clothing can help larger men look slimmer. One idea is to switch from belts to suspenders. This is great if you have a round stomach. It helps you pull your pants over your stomach area, and the look takes emphasis off the midsection. You can also take advantage of spread collars. These are usually better for larger men than button downs because they are more forgiving. They will help your neck area look slimmer. Furthermore, it is completely acceptable to wear a hat. This is a great way to add style to your ensemble and take emphasis off your problem areas.


If you are a larger man, try some of these helpful tips today. They are simple and easy to implement. You will feel more confident about your figure and understand how to dress correctly for your body type.

Tags Wireless Earbuds Set the Mood for An Urban Hike

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There are a number of cities in this great nation of ours that somehow have managed to merge all of the comforts of urban living with the more enjoyable aspects of nature. Such is the case with the urban hike, in which it is possible to quickly step away from the demands of urban life and seek refuge in the sanctity of nature. While the purist might allege that a hike should be done without some of the more modern conveniences afforded to us by technology, this is not always entirely practical.

Music is incredibly important for a hike, and you have to plan your soundtrack out in advance to do it right. But you do not want to be one of those people who blast their music out of their phone for everyone within earshot to hear, so it is best to bring a pair of earbuds along as well.

Case in point: A pair of Tags wireless earbuds from Outdoor Tech®can be paired to your smartphone, allowing you to keep your phone in your pocket and stream music as you go on your hike. You can also use the earbuds to take a phone call, or better yet, to ignore it altogether.

Whatever the case may be, few will argue that adding a pair of stylish earbuds to your arsenal of accessories won’t make your next urban hike more enjoyable. But don’t forget to make a playlist.

INOX: Strength in Your Hands

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An athletic man can both be stylish and rugged. He can wear sports gear that is not only functional but fashionable as well and with that a watch that spells strength and durability. No timepiece is worthy other than INOX, Victorinox’s newest watch collection launched so as to celebrate their 130th anniversary. The watch is a testament to the Swiss Army knife’s characteristics of being powerful and reliable no matter what the circumstances are. It is designed and built to surpass unusual levels of stress and has passed a series of extensive and intense battery strength tests which cemented its excellent resistance earning the label a timepiece that is ‘made to last’. It is further reinforced with an original removable bumper protector composed of nylon and silicone that makes it look unique.

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The collection was named INOX as an honor for stainless steel, an invention that did a lot for the success of the Swiss Army Knife (Inox is French for stainless steel). It is such a strong watch since it is made of solid steel. So strong that it can withstand any weather conditions. It is also water resistant up to a depth of 200 meters or 660 feet (20 ATM). It has a single sealed dial, stamped indexes, and reinforced axis. The horns are protected against warping and solidified by a crossbar. The same goes with the crown and the crystal which are protected by an elevated bezel.

INOX is considered versatile because of its durability and its solid yet sleek design. All versions are equipped with a Swiss made Ronda quartz movement. It has a 43 mm diameter reinforced stainless steel case and scratch resistant sapphire crystal with triple anti-reflection treatment. This collection is available with dial and strap in black, khaki green or navy blue. Other notable features are luminous hour and minute hands and date window at 4:30. With all these features, INOX is indeed a companion for life.

Victorinox Swiss Army watches is linking here proud to have their place in the tradition of a family business established in Ibach, Switzerland 130 years ago. They are known for their durability, stylishness, multifunctionality, and their criteria that prioritizes technical know-how to upgrade practical service. These classic pieces are genuine precision instruments that will definitely endure time. In keeping up with their ideal of being innovative, Victorinox have diversified their product range to include not just watches but also travel gear, clothing, fragrances, and cutlery.

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine