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July 20, 2016


Your wardrobe has seen various trends come and go, but the basics are the ones you’ll always have. Your favorite pair of black trousers or a plain white button-down, are key pieces you know would never let go out of, no matter what the latest fashion trend may be. With few of these key pieces in hand, you’ll always know what exactly to reach for;







So here are 5 tips for timeless pieces that can be paired with almost anything you have. If these fashion basics are still missing from your closet, it is high time you get them right now, for they would be an investment worth making!

July 16, 2016


My family are feeling for our dear friend who is overly worried about her son. She has only one daughter and she herself is a single mother. Her daughter has an obsess problem after she shifted from her former school to the current school. She used to have a normal body weight for her age, but once moved into our neighbourhood and into a new school, her weight slowly started to increase.

They have been to many doctors and yet her weight continues to increase. They have tried all kinds of advice to reduce her weight. She was made to exercise and her food intake reduced. Even with all these, she found it difficult to cut down the fat. At an age when a young person should be enjoying an active outdoor life, she hardly goes out with her friends. She can’t walk fast and her friends have to wait for her. She has broken many chairs because of her weight and most of her outgoing friends have given up on her.

Accordingly to one medical specialist, he finally suggested a bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery for her after having treated her for many months without much improvement. This is something new to us and no wonder the mother is really worried. In order to comfort, we did some searching on the internet and shared with the mother whatever information we can gather from Medical Departures.

Bariatic surgery is usually the last resort surgery to remove excessive weight and this might help her for a start. There are many types of weight loss surgical procedure and one of common ones is the gastric bypass. In this surgery the stomach is divided, creating a small pouch at the top, and joined to the small intestine further down. This creates a bypass of the stomach and a significant part of the small intestine, so not only does it take less food to make you feel full, but less food is digested by the small intestine.

Their doctor has recommended them to an experienced doctor and they are in the midst of check up and test and whether the girl is fit for surgery or not has yet to be confirmed.

July 14, 2016

 photo 11203841_1_zpsdpch91zm.jpg

Who influences your fashion style today? I know some sorts of celebrities does, right? me either, sometimes I find some inspiration through these icons that we peeps are used to lookup too as they have, maybe, a great fashion sense or perhaps you find yourself in them that’s why we ended up mimicking them as much on what they’re wearing.

Today, let me tell you this awesome online shop that Ive recent stumbled upon to which the where all the lovely and elegant Cheap Formal Dresses Australia were selling over. Yes! you heard it right that they did have these cheap finds to consider that may also looks like your fave celebrity. And Yes again, that’s why I really pleased myself to have look and even buy myself one dresses to this shop as they give out only the best for their consumers and at the same time the pricing are indeed reasonable that wont surely breaks the wallet as you buys one for yourself. You can even check them up for your to see on how great and stunning of their each dresses there.

 photo 11203829_1_zpsufwuvzut.jpg

And for all the lovely ladies their who loves to attend some sorts of formal parties as they able to, no worries too, because the shop offers an Formal Dresses Online for you to choose from with. They’d have all the type of dresses actually from engagement dresses, weddings, formals, casual and even for a promenade of your teens, name it and they have it all.

July 7, 2016

 photo rare-raf-simons-colette-meets-comme-des-garcons-vans-11_zpsxszf3gws.png

Wants the most rarely finds you could have for your fashion? if so, why not then having these awesomely made slip-on shoes that are made by the high-end brands these days which they’d called Ultra-Rare Raf Simons x colette meets x COMME des GARÇONS x Vans Slip-Ons. Yes! as you can see 4 brands are collaborating with this one piece and I must say this is a truly a masterpiece and I know too, that most of you dope guys are dying yourself just to have one of this as it was an limited edition that these 4 brands had cooked for us this season.
 photo rare-raf-simons-colette-meets-comme-des-garcons-vans-2_zpsadhv71rw.jpg

I really pleased to the designs and how they came up on collaborating because on the usual scenario only 2 brands evolves are in one collaborative pieces not just 3 or 4 like this one and I think this was the only pieces over the industry that hits the record for the collaborative pieces. That’s why no doubt why mostly of the people are eyeing with this shoes already.

About the price? well, as expected it has a great price in it which can make you stress out as you learn..hha Yes! because it’s really beyond our budget for a single slip-on for like this one, imagine it does cost 1,500USD for this babies? oh! life really so unfair!

July 7, 2016

 photo kim-jones-nikelab-sneakers-2_zpsnjiagfnl.jpg

It’s rarely for me to see Nike doing collaboration with the other brands or names as their brand, I know, is really independent and wanting their trademark to be in each of their items as they need to release any new in the market. But today, I have found out that Nike is now fondness on doing so and anytime soon now we might see other brands collaborating with them too.

Actually, I did now as its official that Nike is collaborating with Kim Jones for one awesome kicks. And you can able to see the peek on above photo though we didn’t know if they revise it for more betterment or not as it does only the first base, I think so, for the piece they’d cooking off for as all. But let’s see soon if this shoes will be part on their collaborative pieces or they did just decided to eliminate it.

But to be honest, I dont like the features they’d used to this shoes as well the material, I think I just liked the airmax better that to this, Sorry! but I dont like their ideas for this one.

July 2, 2016

 photo tumblr_mej0gctMFc1rccn07o1_1280_zpsa0fs9buu.jpg

If you want to wake up bursting with energy and remain in a mood of positivity that facilitates productivity throughout the day, you should know that getting healthy is the way to make it happen. Unfortunately, many individuals lead unhealthy lifestyles and don’t know which changes to make for the purpose of attaining greater levels of physical and mental well-being. To get on the path to greater wellness now, start implementing the following health techniques:

1. Address Your Health Issues.

Oftentimes, people realize that something is wrong with their mental or physical function yet are afraid to attain a diagnosis. Yet failing to determine which disease is present within the body will preclude you from addressing and resolving the issue. As such, it’s important that you attain an accurate diagnosis for any condition you may have. To do so, you can utilize testing kits from companies such as Diagnostic Automation. This company offers numerous kits, including the ELISA reader.

2. Eat Better.

Most Americans consume a diet that contains too much fat and not enough fiber. Additionally, the majority of U.S. citizens eat foods that lack the nutrients necessary to help the body fight disease. If you’re serious about feeling your best, be sure that you don’t conform to these lackluster eating habits. Instead, start adding nutritionally dense, fiber-rich foods into your diet. The best way to get started is by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your meals. To keep track of what you’re eating so you can continually tweak your diet, you can use online food journals such as

3. Lift Weights.

Although many people know that exercise is an important key to health, what many individuals have yet to realize is that weight-lifting should be a part of their workout program. If you don’t know how to lift weights, consider the value of working with a personal trainer. She or he should be able to put together a fitness routine that will help you start reaping the results that come from weight-lifting. Some of those results include better posture, faster metabolism, and improved digestion.


Individuals who are serious about optimizing their lives should know that getting healthy is a wonderful way to make it happen. To ensure that you can step into a deeper dimension of wellness, be sure to start making the behavioral changes outlined for you above.